Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So What! Wednesday

It's been awhile, but I'm back to linking up with Shannon for "So What! Wednesday!"

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I have had 5 days off and been back to work for a hot minute and already want more time off. Wah!

* I had some less than lady-like things to say this morning when I realized that my driver side window was stuck shut. Although, it could have been could have been stuck open (which I have a tendency to forget to shut my windows...and then blame it on Big A...whoops!)

* Big A and I were home by 11:30 on New Year's. To be fair, that was good for us. We didn't even plan on going out. And when we did decide to hit up a party, we were only going to stay until 10. So, we weren't as lame as we anticipated. We came home, and celebrated the New Year in our new house. (We even broke out our Wedding Toasting Flutes...Big A's idea...he's a smarty!)

Our Toasting Flutes
Prep for New Year's Eve

* I still wonder why I am crazy enough to watch the football games outside, in the snow, in the dead of Winter. It was 24 degrees. And windy as hell. At least we won, right?!

* We pretty much let Mr. Fresh do whatever he wants. I mean, he is a good dog, (when he isn't eating tea lights...) so he doesn't need much discipline. And so what! if he likes to stand on the furniture and watch out the window, at least he's a good guard dog, right?!...Kinda...

* If this is my most favorite cup to drink coffee out of now. My brother got it for me for Christmas and I use it all.the.time. If it was socially acceptable then I would bring it to work with me too.

* Big A and I got almost NOTHING done in the house yesterday, even though we were supposed to work on it all day. Big A's phone died so he needed to go get a new one, and that was a process. I figured I would wait for him to get started (aren't I nice?). He came home and put up the new lights that I bought in the living room. After that... we kind of did nothing. Whoops!

* I would still prefer to live the life of leisure then work anymore. 2013 is the year I win the lottery. Holler!

Hope everyone is having a hopefully not too painful day back at work! I know today is going to be a struggle for me, and then by the time I get used to it, it will be the weekend. Monday is going to be hard. I don't understand what is up with these 5 day work weeks, but those are for the birds.


  1. I'm with you...going back to work after the holidays stinks! I could totally use another few days off to lounge around and be lazy :)

  2. I would love the rest of this week to do nothing too! But I'm taking a long weekend in a month for our 5 year anniversary so I can try to cope till then!

  3. ugh yes I'm so not happy being at work either. I have had to work a few days here and there over the holidays but it's totally different when I'm the only one here vs. everybody's back. Good news is we're going out to lunch @ Wolfgang Puck's today. yay! Healthy eating starts um.. tomorrow! for real!

  4. Boo for going back to work! Yay for using your wedding glasses. Awesome idea!

  5. Yeah, I could have definitely used another day off. I am thinking that I should have now. And we didn't do crap yesterday either. I barely moved my lazy butt off the couch. I think you need one of those days every now and then or else you go crazy!

  6. That cup is awesome!!! Mine would be filled with Diet Coke or Pino Grigio, but the sentiment still applies!


  7. love the tasting flutes - glad you remember to use them!


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