Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today Just Ain't My Day

I had plans of actually posting some content today, but I just got pulled into a meeting.


Legit, today is not my day.

I got pulled over this morning. For the first time in FOREVER. Seriously, it was long before I met Big A. Sucked. Thankfully, all I got was a warning, but of course now I never want to drive again.

Then I got to work and has this huge meeting with the Executives. The posters I hung on the wall with the no-damage sticky stuff all fell on the floor, and ripped the paint off the walls. Thankfully someone put them back up for me. Especially since now I was late since I got pulled over.

Then I ran around for an hour trying to find the woman whose computer we were using for the presentation, only to find that she didn't want hers used. Ummm...you aren't using mine...if I'm without a computer all day then I'm screwed.

So, I get my boss' computer. All is right in the world.

Then, big meeting is over. Executive leave on their company plane. Little meeting starts. I got back to my desk.

I lost the letter that I was supposed to mail out for Big A today. Awesome. Hey, remember when you were so appreciative of me helping you out last night? Well, I'm a fucking idiot and lost the letter. Which wouldn't have been a problem in the first place if I hadn't messed up the letter to begin with. Yay! Your wife sucks!

So I attempt to recreate the letter. To which I spell the town name WAY wrong, in permanent marker, on the only envelope I have. And then remember that the info that was supposed to be in the letter was written on a sticky note with the pre-addressed/stamped envelope.

Sooo... no dice. I have to come clean and do it all over tonight.

Then Boss Man comes and wants to know why I'm not in the meeting. I need to be there because the microphone died. He doesn't seem happy.

Cue waterworks.

I hate when I get all girl and cry from frustration. Sucks. And not to mention totally unprofessional.

So, I suck it up. Grab my shit. And walk into the meeting. Where I have been sitting for the past 20 minutes, and no one has needed me for anyone. At least Boss Man smiled at me and said thank you. Which makes me think he saw me all teary.

Today is just not my day. 

And that's all I got. Figure I'll post this before I have more calamity to share.


  1. AWW :(
    I'm so sorry your day's not off to such a good start. I would totally have busted out crying wayyy even before you did. Tonight you deserve a wine party for sure.

  2. I'm sorry!!! I hope your day gets amazingly better! I wish I could expedite you a bottle of wine and have it chilling on ice for you when you got home. But alas, I do not have the capabilities. Damn! And you don't suck as a Wife. I'm pretty sure Big A would agree with me since him and I are seriously on the same wave length(well with sports anyways, haha!)

  3. Days like this SUCK. I'm sorry so much happened and you got emotional. I hate when that happens. And you do not suck...wine is definitely in order tonight.

  4. Hate days like that! I also hate when I cry at work. It makes me feel like such a sap. But sometimes you just can't control it. Thinking of you and hoping you have a better night.

  5. Sorry to hear that your having such a bad day. Hope it turns around soon!


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