Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap / 100th Follower Giveaway Information

This weekend was a good one. Nice and calm. We like that.
Friday night Big A and I went down to a Mexican restaurant that we love and had some food & margaritas. I ordered the fajita taco with steak, and OMG I was in LOVE with this steak. I'm not a huge red meat person, and usually it doesn't like me either, but OMG if I could marry a food it would probably be this one. Seriously, amazing.
Saturday, Ma Dukes came over and kept me sane while I ran some errands, mainly grocery shopping. She reminisced about the days where I used to grab random stuff and throw it in her shopping cart without her noticing. Which would result in her actually buying these items. Haha.
Yeah, apparently it was time for payback. I caught the Elmo sandwich container and the chocolate chips right away. I caught the dates (were they dates?) and the tomato container when we got to the checkout line. However, she got me with the Matzo Ball mix, which I almost bought.
Thankfully she is a lot nicer than me and grabbed it off the conveyor belt before I bought it. We did however explode into a fit of giggles to the point that I was unable to tell t he cashier that yes, I do have Stop & Shop card, and just threw my keys at him. It was a good time.
Her sneaky collection of items.
Saturday night, Big A and I did a whole lot of nothing. We ate frozen pizza and watched TV. I know. I know. We are wild and crazy.
Sunday was spent doing stuff around the house. My family was coming over for dinner to celebrate a belated Birthday/Christmas with my Nanny and Aunt, and to see the house! I cleaned the house, Big A did stuff outside, and then we got to work actually putting some stuff up on the walls. FINALLY.
I set the table all pretty and got to work making dinner for everyone: 

My most favorite thing that I could WAIT to put up on the wall. We got it for my shower, so I've waited 6 LONG months to get this up on the wall.
We put up a bunch of picture frames too, but we are just waiting to get our wedding pictures back so that we can fill them. Right now they are filled with random people so, I'd rather not be displaying them in my house for much longer. Haha.
We had an amazing time with everyone and it was nice to see Big A switch into host mode. Getting a fire going. Asking people if they needed drinks. Helping clear off the table. He's getting better. He can be's just a slow process! Haha.
And that's our fun and exciting weekend! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!
Now...don't forget tomorrow is the 100th Follower Giveaway. Just a few little somethings to say thank you for being around. Here's the information:
100th Follower Giveaway Information
Oh man, oh man, oh man are you in for a treat!!!
I have Leah from, The Lovely Life of Leah, and Megan, from Elliot Wife, Elliot Life helping me out with a nice little giveaway to help me say thank you to each and every one of you who listen to me complain, whine, bitch, and moan day in and day out.
And seriously, I couldn't think of more amazing people to hosting this giveaway with. I talk to Megan and Lead LITERALLY on a daily basis. They know most of my deep dark secrets. You might remember me mentioning them a million times, they are pretty awesome. They are SO awesome, that they both actually sent Big A and I a wedding gift! I mean seriously, how sweet is that? (They know the key to my heart...presents...haha I kid. I kid.)
But you don't want to hear about that do ya? You want to know about the loot. And here it is:
One lucky winner will receive:

* One homemade sparkly Starbucks tumbler
* $15 Starbucks gift card (what good is the cup with nothing to go in it?)
* $25 Target gift card
* 1 pack of Luxe Hair Ties from Shop Leah
Come back tomorrow to enter the giveaway. I'm thinking open from Tuesday through Sunday. And winner announced Monday.
Eek! So excited. I almost wish I could enter my own giveaway... but alas I can't.
Good luck lovers!


  1. YAY! dang, these prizes are awesome. I want to enter too!

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend. I can't wait to live in a place big enough to host dinners again. I always think that is so fun! Can't wait for the giveaway!

  3. This sounds so awesome! I WANT THAT SPARKLY CUP DAMMIT.

    Also, you and I had the exact same Saturday night except we ordered in pizza. High five for couch potatoing.

  4. Dang! This sounds like an awesome giveaway! Too bad I can't enter, haha! And just so you know, you are pretty amazeballs too!!! Glad you guys had a great weekend! And I can't wait to see the wedding gift we got for you guys up on your wall :)

  5. I am loving that tree on your wall-- gorgeous!

    Good luck with your giveaway, lady!


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