Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

OK...first things first. The next person to talk about having the day off gets punched in the face.
OK. Now that we have that handled. Oh, and please don't take it personally. I'm just incredibly jealous. And my jealousy comes out as violence. No big deal.
We don't have another day off from work (unless we use Vacation time) until May 27th. I can tell you right now that I'm not going to make it. Although, I VOW to take a week off in the Summer and just work on my tan. Anywhooo.....
The weekend was kind of uneventful.
Friday, Big A and I were supposed to hang out. Nothing big or exciting, just spending some QT, but he got out of work to find out that there was a hole in his gas tank. Fun. Now I'm no expert, but I think that whenever gas is coming OUT of your car, that's bad. So I told him to just get it fixed and over with instead of waiting since I knew he would be having nightmares of leaking gas tanks chasing him down the street that night.
Saturday, my friend C and her daughter came over. And then Jackums and Miss. Moo came over too. It was SO great to catch up with everyone. To spend time with the kiddos. It has been FAR too long since I have seen them all. I did absolutely NOTHING productive. I didn't do any of the laundry I needed to do. Or the cleaning, but I do consider the day a success!
Saturday night, Big A and I went over his parents' house to celebrate his Mom's birthday. We ate some delicious food and chatted. Then his sister needed to head back to Bean Town, so it was just Big A, me and his parents. The boys went into the living room, and his mom and I chatted, gossiped, just caught up. It was such a great time and has been FAR too long since we have been over there to hang out and spend time with them. We definitely need to do it MORE often!!!
Sunday, we were lazy bums. We both had a rough night sleeping so we stayed in bed as long as we could. Then I went to my parents' house for Family Lunch. Which was a BLAST! We had so much fun, and I think that we giggled the entire time. I also discovered that we all have ADD and I never stood a chance. So that felt good. Hahaha.
Big A came over to help me pick up the treadmill from my parents' neighbor. And my brother came to our house to help bring it in. I am SO excited to now have a treadmill and hope to get back on the fitness train ASAP! Big A is slightly doubtful that I will use it, but says it is only really half doubt and half giving me crap to get a rise out of me. Isn't he fun?
After that we suited up and sat out in the freezing cold for four hours to watch the Patriots play the most pathetic game I have ever seen. It was definitely a let down, especially since the Ravens weren't anything special. We just played like shit. So, I'm sad to say that our football season is over. We have all decided to become 49er fans for the Superbowl, rather than watch Ray Lewis win. Not really sure how I feel about a murderer winning the Super Bowl, but that's neither here nor there.
Anywhoo... after the game we came home and warmed up and headed to bed shortly after. The alarm clock rang WAY too early this morning, and it is a nice 19 degree day today.
Don't be jealous.
Hope all of you lovely ladies had a great weekend and let's try to make it through this cold, cold, week!


  1. I am sorry that you are feeling the same pain that felt last weekend. I can't believe it is going to be a Harbaugh Super Bowl. I kind of have a hard time rooting for either team. I don't even know that I will watch. Hope it gets warmer out that way!

  2. Wait. . . you were at the game? And you didn't take any pics!!?? Crazy girl!!!

    I think it is so sweet that you go to your parent's house every Sunday for lunch!

  3. i am sooo happy you got your treadmille! And it has possibly been weeks since I used mine (!!!!) but you getting yours is already motivating me! AND I love your template? Did you do it yourself? I was clicking around blogger the other day like dang, they have realllllly good ones!


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