Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters.
Dear Boss Man, can we stop having our Staff Meetings on Fridays? My ADD can't handle them on a normal day, let alone on a Friday. Fridays are for relaxing and doing minimal work. Duh!
Dear Boss Man, can we just cancel Staff Meetings all together? (Is there a job out there that doesn't have Staff Meetings? Well...if they were only an hour or two that would be fine. Not 6 mother fluffing hours!)
Dear Self, please try not to be a dummy today and remember to stop at the store after work. Otherwise that delicious dinner that you want to cook? Ain't happening. Frozen pizza for everyone.
Dear Snow, I'll give you this weekend. Enjoy yourself. Because honestly, as much as I want warm weather, I want the money more. (Sorry people) BUT...after this? I'm all done. Cool?
Dear Big A's Snow Plow Customers, I don't know what you expected to pay for a storm with almost 3 feet of snow, but trust me, Big A went easy on you. Also, those of you who are saying that he only went out once, maybe you should have been his wife who was sitting at home by herself for about 48 hours because he was out making sure that your driveways were plowed while you were sleeping. Ugh!
Dear Phone, the fact that your giant ugly red button is glowing indicating that I have a message, but I DON'T have a message, is bothering me. Cut it out.
Dear House, kindly clean yourself. Thanks a bunch.
Dear Self, please get your gigantic bottom back on the treadmill. I know you're tired. And I know it isn't fun. But neither is being 400 pounds and having to be lifted by a crane to get out of your house after they take the roof off. Just sayin'.
Dear Weekend, please be a good one. I don't really feel like dealing with bullshit, so let's not. OK?
Dear March, oh how I love you. You have 5 pay days. FIVE. Which means that I get an extra paycheck. That doesn't need to go to anything specific. I mean, I know that I will probably use it towards bills, but the fact is I don't have to and I like that. Also, you bring my bonus check. You might be my favorite.  
That's all for today. I'm going to go spend the next six hours trying not to fall asleep. And then going home and enjoying every single minute of this weekend.


  1. HELL YES for extra paycheck month!!! And I don't have staff meetings...just saying...

  2. 6 hour staff meetings?! That has got to be the worst. I would totally fall asleep. Hope your Friday flies by and you have a great weekend!

  3. I love extra paycheck months! :) I was hoping we'd have a snow/ice day today... no such luck!

  4. I don't remember the last time we had a staff meeting. But then again, my place of work is not normal. At all. Sorry that you have to sit through 6 hours. Yikes! And ya gotta love those extra paychecks. I get two of those every year and I love them!


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