Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I defrosted chicken yesterday so that I could make something healthy, but then ended up making spaghetti and meat sauce. I just didn't want chicken. And it was cold and rainy. Whatever. Now I have defrosted chicken and I don't want to eat it tonight either.
* My patience level is completely non-existent. Seriously. It doesn't exist. I think I need a vacation. Or at the very least to check myself before I wreck myself. This ain't gonna be pretty when someone finally pushes the wrong button. Yikes.
* I would legit go take a nap in my boss' office right now if I thought for a second that I could get away with it. In fact, there's a long list of things that I would do if I thought I wouldn't get caught.
* I'm annoyed that I have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks for our couches. Seriously, this is getting old. I want them now. I also hope that they fit through the door. Haha. (What happens if they don't? I mean, what do you do?)
* Every time I hear my phone go off, I think that I got a text and get all excited. And then I realize that it was just some random junk e-mail and I get disappointed.
* I wish I had a hidden cubicle that no one knew about. I could go hide in there and not have to talk to anyone.
* This week's So What! is kind of whiny!
* Speaking of wine... I would like to chug a bottle right now. It would probably help with my nap.
* I wish I thought of Suri's Burn Book. Hysterical. Definitely makes my day!
* I had plans to make a photo book of all of our wedding pictures, but have yet to do so. It's sooooo much work. And there are sooooo many pictures. I also vowed to take more pictures so that we could have more for our regular books, but failed at that too. But then again, we don't really do anything, so how many pictures of us in out PJs watching TV can you have?
* Big A and I are supposed to go out to dinner tonight, but I'm sooooo tiiirrreeeedddd. I wish I could just get them to do take out and bring it home. Well... have Big A bring it home. I'll be on the couch, as usual.
* When Big A told me that I should get on the treadmill more because it would probably give me more energy (which is true) all my girl brain heard was "you're fat, workout...fattie".
* I'm drinking out of the sparkly Starbucks cup that Megan made me and I never want to drink out of something non-sparkly again. Ever.
* I think that sometimes a simple "thank you" or "excuse me" would go a long way. Call me old-fashioned. Whatever. I may be an asshole, but for the most part I have good manners.
That's all for today. I spent too much time writing this and not enough time stalking YOUR blogs.
Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!
Oh and for those who asked for bigger pictures of the centerpieces, here you go. Sorry about the watermarks, I forgot to do it when I was at home and had to steal them off the photographer's website.



  1. I seriously feel like over the past few weeks, my patience has just become non-existent. I can't pinpoint it! Being cranky sucks. I fully support the work nap. I remember I worked with this girl Liene who was Russian when I worked at Banana Republic in high school. I couldn't find her one day and homegirl was straight up napping in the handicap dressing room! Brilliant.

  2. Once you go sparkly, you don't go back, haha! I use my cup every single day. I always have tea or water in it! Glad it is getting great use! And I need a nap today too. I could probably crawl under my desk and no one would know. Maybe I should try it!

  3. I love that centerpiece! It's so cool.

    And before I "retired" I dreamed about turning our supply closet into a tv room. I sat right by it and just imagined how fabulous it would be if there was a couch and tv in there.

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