Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wedding Recap: Posed Pictures

Oh hey! Guess who decided to get off her ass and finally get back to the wedding recaps?
I figured since we were almost hitting the 6 month mark, that I should get my bottom on the move.
I know have all the pictures put together to finish the recaps. AND the honeymoon recap. So that means that sometime in the next 6 months I can finally show you our house!
I know you're impressed. Haha.
If you want to see the rest of the recaps, just click on the tab that says OUR WEDDING, and you should be able to see more than you would ever want to know about our Engagement, Wedding Festivities, and Our Wedding!
Now... after the ceremony, we had about 5 seconds to breathe before it was time to take pictures. The only thing that I didn't like was that people kept walking through where we were taking pictures and it was hard to keep focused with everyone around.
Plus it was a little uncomfortable to do the 6,000 kissing shots with a crowd. Haha.
Anyway... here we go.
Big A's family, now my inlaws. His sister, mother, and father. LOVE them!
My family. My brother, grandmother, dad, and mom.
Then it was time for the Bridal Party pictures.
Big A looking like a Pimp with all of his ladies.

Queen for a day. (Sorry Pags got cut out on the side. I think it was just from the collage. Although I'll have to go back and check because that would suck if he was cut out of the real picture.)
Then it was time for just Big A and I to take pictures.
Totally stole this idea from someone else.
I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Google looking up some fun ideas for the pictures. Like I've probably said before, I told the photographer that I wanted ART. Not just random, awkward, posed pictures. I wanted something that I would be honored to hang up in my house. Ya know.
I think she did a pretty awesome job! LOVE her. Now I just can't wait to get the pictures so that we can finally hang them up!
Alright loves. That's all for today. There's still the Reception, Photobooth pictures, and the Honeymoon. And then, that's all she wrote!
I can't believe that it was almost 6 months ago. Time FLIES!


  1. I love your wedding photos sooo much!
    LOL on big A looking like a pimp, he's such a cutie!
    I think my fav is the one of you all laid out on the sofa and big a kissing your head. sooo sweet!

  2. Great pictures!! They turned out so nice!! You always want some posed pictures to look back on not just the artsy ones! xo

  3. Love these! You look fantastic! I must say I love you MIL's dress and I thought your Mom looked like your sister- lol. It's really your mom?! I had to do several takes.

  4. LOVE all of them! Your pictures turned out freaking amazing!!!!

  5. Beautiful photos! I can't believe it has been almost 6 months!


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