Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap: The Blizzard of 2013

I apologize for the delay in posting folks.
I am alive and well. We did survive the Blizzard of 2013 WITH power the entire time (holler!).
It's just, apparently today is the day that I am supposed to have 3 hour phone conversations with everyone and their mother... so it has been hard to write.
They closed my office on Friday, which was nice since I originally had the day off. So, I didn't have to use a vacation day, but the bad news was my plans got cancelled. The snow was starting already around 10:00 so it was smarter to just call it a day and stay home.
Friday afternoon Big A came home from work and it was a mad dash to get everything ready. My car went into the garage. He somehow managed to fit his truck underneath the house. It was a garage a billion years ago, but since they changed the standards it isn't considered a legal garage anymore.
Which makes sense since it could barely fit the truck. But whatever. I was asked to take a picture. Haha.
Big A left early Friday night to head out plowing and didn't get back until almost 1:00 AM. He slept for a couple of hours and then headed back out again. Pretty much all day on Saturday. And then went and did some clean-ups on Sunday. It was nuts.
I sat at home and made sure the couch didn't float away. I did a great job at it. Haha. YAY me!
Poor Mr. Fresh didn't know what to do with all of this snow. It says that we got about 20.5" of snow, but that was at 9:00 AM Saturday morning and it was still snowing then I believe. Plus, the fact that I was in it up to my hips tells me that it might have been a little bit deeper. But maybe that's just me.
I let Mr. Fresh go to the bathroom on the driveway because it was the only place that was low enough. Big A was super sweet and borrowed his dad's snow blower yesterday to make a little area for him outside. The snow is higher than Mr. Fresh is tall. It's pretty comical. I'll have to get a picture of it.
Here's a couple I did get:
Most of the fence around the pool is covered:
It's hard to see in this picture, but those are our stairs going down to the driveway. The snow it almost up to my hips. It's insane.
You can't even tell that there's a hill here. It's all covered in snow and the wind pretty much evened it out. Haha.

I got a little bored this weekend and decided to drink a bit of the Blogger kool aid.
First, I started out by ordering the Lenore scarf from Kiki La Rue. I've been dying for it forever and they finally posted a couple online since it had been sold out. So I scooped one up. So far I'm impressed with their customer service. Hope the product is just as good.
Second, I decided to try something a little different and do the whole "one nail different" mani. I kind of like it. It takes black nails that originally looked a bit goth and made it a bit more fashionable. I went for a sparkly raspberry color to give it a little pop. 

And that's about it for my weekend. I'm pretty heartbroken that I'm not still sitting on my couch watching a bunch of movie by the fire, but I guess I had to return to work sometime, right?
They are talking more snow for this weekend and I'm really hoping it isn't true. We got our snow. We made a bunch of money. I'm all set. We have nowhere to put anything.
Maybe if it melts a whole bunch, we could have another 3-6 incher in March and then let's bring on the Spring! Cool? Cool.


  1. Girl, I know what you mean about Kiki La Rue! I love that company already so much too and have only ordered one thing. They send you a koozy with your order, it's so cute! Your garage under the house is awesome, totally a bonus! Glad you made it to work today, I can't even imagine how cold it must be :<

  2. Glad you are alive. And send that snow my direction please! We got a little bit today. Like 2-3 inches. Enough to make my drive to work a fun one. And I would say that you occupied your time well, haha!

  3. I was secretly wishing for a snow storm this weekend in Ohio to extend my four day weekend, but it didn't happen :( glad you survived and had power the whole time!

  4. 20.5" THAT'S INSANE!!!! We get a couple inches around here and everyone is calling in to work. hahah That would be fun to have that much snow (for a little while). I'm shocked every time I see someone else post a picture of all that snow. Is everything closed?!

  5. I'm really hoping we get at least one big snowstorm this year, we've just gotten little bits of snow here and there. Just enough to be annoying.

  6. I haven't done my nails that way, but keep wanting to try that. Also had to google that Lenore scarf and LOVE it. Plus... only $16?? That's amazeballs. :)

  7. Oh my word!! I am glad you guys are OK! That is a lot of damn snow. I mean, I know how many inches they said, but it looks like so much more in your yard.

  8. I need to try that with my nails. And umm, I am beyond jealous of your weekend. An excuse to do nothing?? Yes please!

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