Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back...Yeah!!!

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Welcome to Megan and I's VERY FIRST "Bringing Sexy Back" link-up. It's time to drop those pounds, but also time to bring back feeling sexy. Because that's what the most important we FEEL.
Let's start out with my back story...
I've gone up and down with my weight for a long time now. I remember when my dad used to tell me when I was about 15 or 16 that I needed to get myself into a healthy workout and eating routine now so that it followed me through life. Being a woman, all I could think of was that he was telling me that I was fat. Which I wasn't, so...being a teenager...I ignored him.
Don't you hate it when your parents are right?
I went up and down a bunch of times. Being skinny came without any work or effort. Usually it followed some stressful event in life, but as soon as things were better I would gain it all back.
When Big A and I got engaged, I knew I wanted to lose weight, but it wasn't until we got our engagement pictures back that it really hit me. This was me:
I remember trying so hard to find something that made me look skinny. And I sucked in the entire time to try and seem skinner. The pictures were beautiful but I hated myself. I was miserable and my relationship was suffering because of it. Big A was supportive, but I'm sure it was hard to love someone who didn't love themselves.
In January, Kristen started a Firm Friday link-up and I jumped in with both feet. You can read my first entry here. I was so embarrassed that I went back and added the "before" pictures later. Hoping less people would see them.
My before pictures:
And these were my stats:

Weight: 182
Thigh: 25"
Waist: 40.5"
Arm: 13.5"
I went every single day to the disgusting gym in my building at work and started the Couch to 5K program. I didn't really know what I was doing. Eventually, I dropped some weight, felt good about myself, got a real gym membership and spent 5 days a week at the gym. I dropped down to 163. (I managed to get to 158 the weekend of the wedding, but I knew that was stress not work, and it didn't last long).
Then I got comfortable. I felt great about myself. My relationship, my new marriage, flourished because I loved myself. But then...I gained some weight back. The weather got cold. We bought a house. We moved. Everything was crazy.
So, when we got the house I knew I needed a treadmill. No excuses. It was in my house, I HAD to use it. But, I didn't really. I used it here or there. But nothing crazy. I knew that if I continued on that road then I would be back to where I was and I refused to do that. I wasn't even at my goal weight when I stopped, so I definitely wasn't going to give up now.
So here I am. Starting again. Hoping to finally make that lifestyle change. Because, that's what it is. A lifestyle change.
This is how far I've come. I know it is only a 10 lb difference, but it still feels a lot different. I wish I had taken pictures of myself when I was in the 160's but I thought I was going to hit my goal. So I was waiting...I won't make that mistake this time.

This was my first workout. I alternated 5 minute intervals of speed walking and then walking on a steep incline. I plan on mixing that up with starting the Couch to 5K program. Along with some workout DVDs and some other workouts I have found. I get bored easy, so I want to keep it fun.

The bottom picture is of a cheap gift I bought myself when I first started this all. It's a tape measure. I had a hard time taking my own measurements accurately. With this, you hook the tape into the slot on the side and press the button under the lettering and it tights around your body. This way you know exactly how many inches you are.
Some other tricks up my sleeve. I started the Jillian Michael's JumpStart cleanse. I'm on the second week. It definitely helps your body detox all the gross stuff. And you don't have to eat anything special on it. Another thing that helps is a kitchen scale. I use it to keep my proportions right.
Case in point...the bottom two pics. The first one, the entire plate is filled. Who knows how many calories it was. The second, I weighed it out. I thought I would be starving, but I wasn't. I know 664 is a lot for a meal, but I had a salad and a glass of milk with it too.
So here are my "before" pictures:
Ignore the shitty picture quality and that my face is bright red, I just got off the treadmill.
And my stats:
So, tell us why you're here. Why do you want to lose the weight. What do you want out of this? Take your before pics and your measurements and keep up with us every week. I know it helped hold me accountable and I was amazed at the amount of support that I had that really helped me keep going when it got hard.
Just make sure you grab the button at the top and link up below! Megan and I will be visiting each and every post!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday.
This week I am saying So What! if...
* My "not drinking until wine night" (Saturday) plan lasted about 24 hours. The plan was to quit shoving beer and wine down my throat to avoid the extra calories. And then it lasted all about one dinner with N. I did SO good, but after we ate I thought, " little glass won't hurt". It was a tiny glass so I don't feel so bad, but apparently my will power is lacking.
* I skipped my workout to bring Dogbert to the park yesterday. It was SO nice out and I just couldn't leave him in the house any longer. Poor guy has barely been able to walk outside all winter. We needed fresh air. So I burned like 100 calories instead of over 300 (which is usually my minimum goal), but the dog was happy.
* I think that aforementioned dog can understand every word I'm saying. Every morning I'm running late, and every morning he slaps the side of his food bowl to tell me that it is empty. He never eats it right away though. So this morning, I fill his bowl because I can't deny the dog food and he sniffs it and walks away. So, frustrated, I say to him "you don't even eat it, why can't you wait until Big A gets up" and no joke... he walks over, takes one bite, and walks away. Which he NEVER does. He eats all or he eats nothing. Punk. He was eating it about 5 minutes later when I was walking out the door, but still... I swear he can understand me.
* My first three "so whats" are about calories and my dog. Important things in my life.
* I am glad that Big A has a nice big garage to work on his car. I mean, it is still obnoxious because he is ALWAYS out there and I'm still sitting inside by myself... BUT at least I know that if I want to see him then I can just walk out there. Better than him being somewhere else. I'll never tell HIM that though.
* I can't believe that Big A is going to be the Dirty Thirty in less than a week. It's crazy. I still feel like he's 24, since everyone usually stays the age that I met them in my head. I can't believe it has been that long. Craziness. Feels so adult and mature. Good thing he has a hot wife in her 20's to keep him young! Haha.
* I have a lunch meeting today and I DO.NOT.WANT.TO.GO. Shocking, right?! I signed up for this committee and decided to be a co-chair too. I don't know what my problem was, but all of a sudden I thought I should be involved at work. Ugh. Why don't I remember that I don't like to do anything? So, now I have to drive an hour with one of my co-workers to said meeting. At least it should break up the day. But...I should probably prepare since we have to present. Whoops!
* I have had our taxes done for weeks but have yet to submit them. I usually just do mine online and submit it with my pin, but I don't think Big A has one, so I have to print something out (I think?!) and every time I remember it is at home, so I can't. Whoops.
Alright, that's enough for today. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link-up.
Also, don't forget what starts tomorrow...
You can read about it here.
Get your measurements and starting weight recorded and Megan and I will see you back here tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Accident Prone and Bringing Sexy Back

I spent my morning drooling over pictures of the hotel we are going to for Big A and I's weekend away. Big A turns the Dirty 30 next week and when I asked him what he wanted to do for it, he said nothing. No party, no friends, no cake, nothing. He wanted me to pretend like it was any other day.
Umm...yeah...I know it is his birthday and everything, but I don't like that. I LOVE celebrating his birthday. I love letting him pick each and everything he wants and wants to do. Making it all about him for a few days before the mundane life bullshit comes creeping back in.
BUT...who am I to tell someone how to celebrate their birthday? Ya know.
I did, however, convince him to let me take him away for a weekend. It has been awhile since had been away (our honeymoon) and a LONG time before that. So, we were overdue. I ended up finding a Groupon for a nice hotel and that was it, I was sold.
One month from today, Big A and I are off for a weekend of rest and relaxation. And the fact that I think I read that there is a bar IN the pool/hot tub area, might mean that I'm never coming home.
Just sayin'.
In other freak show news, I continued my day from hell like a champ. Walking into things, spilling things, burning things, ya know...the usual.
Sometimes I wonder how I'm so accident prone. It's ridiculous. Last night I was taking a shower and washing my hair when I noticed that I had a bump on the side of my head. It hurt and I couldn't for the life of me remember how it happened. I chalked it up to a fluke and then bent down to pick up my razor...and smashed my head on the shower knob.
That's when I realized...I hit myself all the time. No wonder I don't remember. It is a daily occurrence. I probably just didn't realize it would leave a mark, or still hurt. Much like the giant bruise that I have on my leg from walking into my bed the other night.
Big A has now deemed my Klutzy Kayleigh and we have discussed me living in a bubble. It's probably a good idea.
Other than that... nothing else is going on. Same old ish, different day. Still trying to stay on the healthy eating train and Operation Don't Look Like Shamu is on! Haha.
Megan and I are starting a fitness link-up on Thursdays if anyone is interested in joining. I had a lot of success last year when I had a weekly check-in that held me accountable. I LOVED when I had a good week and I HATED having to admit that I sucked, so it was a good motivator. Sooo...seeing as how I can't be left to my own devices because then I GAIN 10 pounds, we are getting back on the healthy train.
The link-up will be every Thursday and we will talk about any loses (pounds or inches), new workouts we love, delicious healthy recipes, maybe we could even start a competition with prizes. This can totally be everything we want it to me, you just have to tell us what you want.
AND... we finally came up with a name... ready for it???
Don't you love it? We might tweak the button a bit, but here's the general idea. It was inspired by the fact that I just wanted to feel good in my clothes again. I remember getting dressed when I lost all the weight and feeling good about myself..feeling sexy. And when I told Megan about the idea and asked what she thought, she reminded me that she is a HUGE JT fan.
So apparently it was meant to be. Plus...I LOVE listening to that song when I'm working out. It makes me feel fierce and remember what I'm working for.
So, what do you guys think? Love it? Hate it?
If you want to join, get your measurements ready. You will need:
* Your weight
* Arm Measurement
* Thigh Measurement
* Waist Measurement
(You can do more measurements, but that's all I monitor)
 * Your goal. What do you want from this? Your ideal weight? How do you want to feel? Do you have a specific clothing item you want to fit in? We want to know it all.
Then, come back every week to update us. And make sure you visit everyone else who links up. That's what this is all about. Working together, supporting each other.
Alright, that's all I got for today, which I'm sure is more than enough. You got two days to get your stuff together and then this is ON!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update, Monday From Hell

Happy Monday Lovers!
You wanna know what is super fun?
When your husband has his alarm set for radio, and the volume up loud, so when it goes off it scared the shit out of you.
Wanna know what else is super fun?
Realizing that if your husband's alarm is going off and it isn't Saturday, you are now late for work.
Yeah. It was 7:10. I'm supposed to be AT work AT 7:00.
So that was fun. I rushed around only to get stuck behind a school bus that I swear waits for me in the morning because I'm ALWAYS behind it and it doesn't matter what time I leave. The school bus then picks up a kid at practically EVERY house on the street. And then I get stuck in traffic,
I didn't have time to pack a lunch. So that was fun.
I almost tripped over someone suitcase and rather than handling it professionally I screamed like a banshee.
And then someone knocked over a shelf and I thought it was all going to land on her head. She was quiet as a mouse. Once again, I played the part of over-dramatic banshee.
I was then sent back to my desk to prevent further harm to myself or others.
I think this is one of those days I should have stayed in bed. Oy.
Let's do a weekend recap shall we.
Friday night, Big A came home and said that he was working on his car. So, I immediately got cabin fever and forced N to change out of her PJs and meet me out for a drink. She could probably smell my desperation from across town, and I'm pretty sure she agreed out of pity. But, regardless of her intentions, she was a nice friend and came out.
We chatted for a couple hours and then I headed home to make sure that Big A still had 10 fingers and toes. Engine work is tricky business.
Saturday night Big A was putting the motor in his car. He had already asked a couple guys to help so I was told to find myself some plans. No problem here. I asked N if she wanted to come over. Done. Then, figuring that my last 2-3 plans with Jackums fell through, I would see what was up. Done. I had texted Pickles the night before to ask if she wanted to come meet up with N and I for a drink, but she was busy. So, she texted me on Saturday to see what I was up to and then headed on over.
Nice little impromptu ladies' night. Those are the best kinds. The ones that come out of nowhere. We drank way too much and giggled our way through the night until the boys started giving up the side eye for entering their garage, and one by one, everyone went home. Boo.
I woke up Sunday morning expecting the worst. However, I had no headache. Nor queasy stomach. The sun didn't blind me. Hangover avoided. Yes.
So I spent the next hour and a half waking Big A up at 30 minute increments until he finally got up and took me to brunch. I enjoyed my complimentary mimosa and fritters while I waited for my ridiculously delicious french toast. I then blackmailed Big A into taking me to Home Depot to pick out tile for the bathroom. And then proceeded to toddle all around the store marveling at everything I wanted.
I can find something to buy ANYWHERE. It's a blessing and a curse.
Later that afternoon I went grocery shopping, because I like a good punishment. We decided to start rotating where we have family night because my dog and my parents' dog don't get along. Last night was my house, so I took advantage on the fact that it wasn't freezing OR snowing and we grilled.
It was delicious. I made cheeseburgers, chipotle sweet potato fries, zest regular fries, and my mom brought a salad. I had cheese & crackers, veggies & dip, and tomato & mozzarella salad from the night before so we snacked on that too.
It was delicious.
Then everyone went home and I passed out. Apparently I was tired because I slept in this morning and thus began my day from hell. It is now 10 o'clock. Too late to get breakfast from the cafeteria and too early to get lunch.
Today is going to be a great day!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. I'm looking forward to the fact that it can only go up from here (*knock on wood*) and hopefully the rest of the week is better.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Linking up with Ashley from The Sweet Season Blog.
Dear Big A, I know you are stressed with your car and such, but please remember that your wife is not a fun person when she doesn't have enough sleep. Sooo... let's compromise?
Dear Self, how about we write down a master list of all the stuff you want to do around the house. Pick somewhere to start, and go! The fact that you walk around the house with your head spinning with ideas is great, you are getting those creative juices flowing, however... no one EVER got ANYTHING done by just thinking alone.
Dear Friday, you are so quiet. Almost no one is here. It's beautiful. The fun people are back and I bet that we could get a free lunch out of today if we played our cards right. Just saying.
Dear N, I'm SO glad that you get my ADD. I also appreciate you letting me text you random shit and you just (for the most part) getting it and rolling with it. It's so much easier when I don't have to regulate my strangeness. Although... we are becoming a bit too much alike. Sometimes I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Haha. But I'll roll with it.
Dear HBO, I just finished watching Season 1 AND Season 2 of Girls and I MUST know what happens next. Soo...make it come back soon. Also, the fact that you have the entire series of Oz, The Sopranos, AND Sex and the City are going to make my treadmill dates a LOT more interesting. Smooches. (But PS, I still will not be paying for you...sorry)
Dear Self, try not to self-sabotage anymore. You do SO well and feel SO good and then shove a whole bunch of food in your mouth that you really don't like anyway. You have done this before, and you can do it again. You lost 20 lbs no problem. All you need is to do that again and you are at your goal weight. The last 10 is going to be a bitch, so you really need to get your shit together. + pool = need to be in a bathing suit = your neighbors don't need to watch Shamu all Summer. You dig? (Sidenote: During spellcheck Shamu was not considered a valid word, but it would correct it to Shamus? Because a famous whale isn't in the dictionary, but Shamus is?)
Dear Skinny Girl, I appreciate you finally coming out with your wine collection, but you are a bit misleading. I mean, there's a 20 calorie difference between you and my favorite wine. And judging by your margarita, I think it is worth the extra, but...I'll give you a shot.
Dear Debt, go away. Thank you.
Dear Spring, WTF...let's get our shit together.
That's all for today. I'm too ADD to keep writing, seeing as how this has been opened for two hours and I've written this, researched hotels in Florida, looked up wine calories, and written 3 personal e-mails. Eventually, I'm going to have to pretend to work.
Have a fab weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Late Night Post About Life

Sometimes in life it is easier to focus on all of the negative bullshit that's happening. It's easier to get caught up in everything that is going on and everything that you DON'T have, rather than to focus on the positive. I feel like it's also a catch 22. If you sit and complain all the time, then people think you are a whiner.

If you talk about how great your life is, then it can go two ways. One set of people think that you are full of yourself and bragging. You get labeled as an asshole. The other set of people think that you are lying. Trying to create this facade that life is perfect. There's a lot of that in this blogging world. People judge those who talk about the positives in life thinking they are just trying to create this false lifestyle instead of being "real". Which is kind of a joke seeing as how most people are judged the second that they talk about something real. Something that someone doesn't agree with. We see it all too much. I mean c'mon, there's an entire website dedicated to talking shit about bloggers.

I for one can see why people just want to talk about the rosy topics. Wouldn't you rather be judged for talking about mundane topics rather than something that lays heavy on your heart? People will take any chance to grab one single sentence you write in a huge blog post and perseverate on it, turning it into something ugly. It's so easy to get caught up in all of it. The bullshit. I think we have all come to realize that high school never ends. Some people never grow up. That's just life.

But maybe, just maybe there's something more going on. Those people who talk about all of these great things that are happening to them are really just trying to focus on the positive. To count their blessings in life in a world that can sometimes be so ugly and so hurtful. Why do we fault people for that? Shouldn't we applaud those who are choosing to add a little light in the world. A world that feeds off the gossip of anyone and everyone. I mean, we all love a juicy story, but we tear down those who add a little positive, constructive substance? Seems a little messed up to me.

This all came about when I was sitting in my basement just now. I was by myself, Mr.Fresh was roaming around, looking for a good stick in the wood pile to chew on and I was so glad that he had that basement. That he has that space to wander around to find just a little bit of pleasure in one of his favorite activities. I was proud that I owned a house. That I had a roof over my head. Somewhere to grow a family. To create memories. I realized that i was so incredibly happy with where my life was. I get asked all the time how married life is. How the house is. And you know what?! It's pretty fucking great.

Not to say that we don't have our problems. That we don't deal with struggles. But for the most part none of those really matter. Our lives are good. Big A and I were joking, in a morbid sort of way, that we were going to give ourselves heart attacks by stressing over stupid stuff. And even though I knew we were joking and neither one of us are at risk for going into cardiac arrest any time soon (knock on wood), I said, "yeah, maybe, but what a life it has been". And I totally meant it.

There's something so calming and freeing knowing that if something were to happen, if I died tomorrow, then I would die a happy person. I had a great life, I was in a great place. And yeah it would be a shame to have it all end so soon, but at least I can say I loved.

I feel like all too often we are reminded that life is short and uncertain. That we never know what is going to happen. My grandpa always used to say that they day you are born, the day you are supposed to die is written next to that day in a book. We are never to know what that day is until it comes, but there is nothing that we can do to change it. We get one life. So live it.

I'm not trying to be morbid or weird. I'm just trying to take this little moments in life, those days where you are reminded how good you have it, worth something. I want to go through this life knowing that I have LIVED. Really truly lived.

And today I know that's true. Today I know that life is good and I am LIVING.

That's all I'm really trying to say here. Just stop every so often and have that moment. It makes everything seem just a little bit brighter. Makes the bad hurt a little bit less. Makes the unknown just a little less scary.

I did that tonight. And it felt good.

Thursday Thoughts

Thought I'd link up with Jennifer from over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.
Don't know Jennifer? She's awesome. She has two amazing little boys (I stalk IG daily for her WB updates), and a fabulous husband. She's recently "retired" and writes about a whole bunch of things, from Mom stuff, to subscription boxes (which I want so bad, but I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger), TV drama, etc. You name it, she's got it.
1. Girls. This is a show on HBO that N got me into. It is legit, a train wreck. And super awkward. And filled with naked women. Seriously, these girls are naked. All.the.time. Sometimes it doesn't even fit the story line. But, I can't stop watching. Not for the naked women, but because they are just such hot messes. Seriously. They are all nuts. They make me feel a little better about myself though. I may have made some questionable decisions in my life, but not as often, not as many, and not as bad as theirs. Yikes.
2. Teen Mom 2. Continuing on with the hot mess train. Another show I just can't stop watching although I know it is killing my brain cells. Between Chelsea's over dramatic nature (and inability to keep her legs closed when it comes to skeevy Adam), Leah's ping pong relationship with Jeremy and Corey, Kailyn creating problems with her Baby Daddy (although I kind of think he sucks too), and Jenelle...oh Jenelle. I follow her on Twitter, because I just can't reading about the drama. It's a sickness. And I love it.

3. Cupcakes. Yeah. My new project is baking yummy AND pretty things. I'm in charge of cupcakes for Easter so I searched everywhere for recipes. Even made a board on Pinterest JUST for cupcakes. I take my job seriously. Most the recipes involve alcohol. It's ALWAYS better to bake while drinking anyway. Although, I don't really eat cupcakes. I think that's why I make stuff like that. I don't eat it so it won't be a tease.

Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate caramel ganash filling. OMG.
4. The Kiki LaRue Rodeo Drive Maxi Dress. Sooo... I wasn't cool enough to catch the whole Kiki LaRue fad when it started. Therefore, I missed out on this beauty. I love me some sweetheart necklines. I would like for them to bring this back. But not in orange. Black would do. Or almost anyother color. I neeeeeeeeed it. Can I start a petition?

5. A tropical island. Or anywhere warm. That is where I need to be. I am 100% sure that if I had to wear a bathing suit more often then I would be better about working out. And eating right. SEE! I need to go somewhere warm to be healthy. Someone take me away from this place. I slipped on ice this morning. ICE. I wanted to punch the ice in the face. Except ice doesn't have a face, duh. Hate it.
Those are my thoughts for this lovely Thursday. I kept thinking that today was Friday ALL day yesterday, so I pretty much hate today. BUT, TOMORROW is Friday, so I guess that's OK.
Also, still working on ideas for Megan and I's weekly health related link-up. We need a catchy name. Heeeeeelp. Also, we need YOU to link up with us. So... HELP!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So What! Wednesday / 5 Things About Me

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying, So What! if...
* I have yet to step on the treadmill this week. I sound like a broken record? Haha. It's been a busy week. BUT, I haven't completely sucked at eating, so it could be worse. Plus, I can already tell I "feel" lighter not eating so much crap. That usually encourages me to keep going and get some good workouts in.
* I felt like hot shit when I pulled some crazy moves for a meeting this morning that was a hot mess and made it seem like it was perfectly orchestrated. And then proceeded to eff up a simple print job. can't win them all.
* I have had a countdown on my white board at work for Spring and stopped it at 2 days when we had that dumb storm coming. This isn't Spring...this is bullshit. I will continue the countdown when I feel necessary. And I have explained that to everyone who has asked.
* I got super annoyed when someone entered my cube and drew snowflakes on my white board. There was just a violation of so many pet peeves. Personal space, you drew on MY drawing, you drew ugly snowflakes...the list goes on. (Yes...I'm aware I need therapy)
* My boss was talking about getting married the other day and I asked him if I could be his Best Man. And was totally serious. Some day I will be SOMEONE'S Best Man. I don't really care who.
* I legit squealed with excitement when I unpacked our new area rug for the living room yesterday. damn is it perfect. It's the perfect size, style, color, etc. I'm good. I gave myself a nice little pat on the back when it was done.
* I know it is totally vain, but I stare at my wedding rings all the time. All.the.time. I can't help it. I love them. They are so pretty and shiny and I just remember everything that they represent.
* I e-mailed Leah yesterday and told her to quit her job because it was getting in the way of our chat time. We used to talk every day, ALL day and it breaks my heart that we aren't. Although, I guess I could just be happy for her that she has this bomb new job. But...what about meeeeee?!?!?!
* I bought a little contraption on Saturday that removes the middle of cupcakes so you can fill them with yummy stuff and begged my MIL to let me make cupcakes for Easter. I just HAD to do it. Plus, my new crafty venture is learning to bake not only delicious things (because I already do that now that I can tell the difference between vegetable oil and garlic oil...eww), but now I want them PRETTY. Brittany is my hero and I'm going to make her teach me all her tricks.
* I secretly love that I have been busy as all eff this week. I know it doesn't leave much downtime, and I haven't left on time yet this week BUT, I like to feel like I actually do something around here. As long as I can convince people they would be a mess without me, then I'm golden. This definitely helps.
That's all for So What! Wednesday this week. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!
Also...I got tagged yesterday by Katie over at The Little Things in Life for "5 Things About Me". Katie is one of my everyday favorite reads. Her husband sounds a lot like Big A so we commiserate a lot about being married to crazy car guys. Or dealing with our pups and their strange habits.
Anywhooo...5 Things About Me...
Hmm...this is hard...
1. I find bodily functions HYSTERICAL. Pee, poop, toots, HYSTERICAL. BUT, you will never hear me talking about it in regards to myself. I'm SUPER private about it, which kind of makes me a freak amongst my friends and family.
2. I legitimately have NO clue what I want to be when I grow up and for the most part I'm cool with it. I'm perfectly content in my position right now and don't really have a need/want to change it. Sooo...why mess with a good thing, right?
3. I'm uber-superstitious. Like, almost to a fault. I will NOT get up on Big A's side of the bed, because it's the WRONG side of the bed. Won't pick up a "tails up" coin. And if I have to do something out of my normal routine, I know my whole day will be shot. It's annoying. And Big A makes fun of me for it all the time.
4. I believe that everything happens for a reason. (Let's get heavy for a second) I've only had my heart broken once in my life (for real, I might have felt like it before, but really only once) and it was shattered into a billion pieces and put me into a BAD place in life. BUT, I'm convinced that had to happen so that I could be the person I needed to be for when I met Big A. I'd do it a thousand times again if I had to to get Big A.
5. I'm loose jointed (according to my physical therapist FIL) which makes it super easy for me to hurt myself and my back to get out of alignment. Seriously, I'm such a hot mess it isn't pretty.
That's all for today folks. The blog post that took me 6 years to write. Stupid meeting.
Oh...I'm supposed to tag people. Ugh. I hate tagging people. EVERYONE is tagged. DO IT!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our House: Hell...I mean Progress

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but our house had a serious amount of wallpaper in it.
When N told me how much the process sucked at her house, I assured her that it was only on a small little wall and that we would be done in no time.
Oops. I must have mentally blocked the severity of the situation because it was on a small little wall in the kitchen...AND all the way down the hallway, in the bathroom, and one of the bedrooms.
Eff me.
So, N, J$, and I got to work. And it took the entire night to get the hallway done. Then my mom and N came over the next day and we got most of the bedroom done. And then my dad got the super easy job of the bathroom. Totally unfair.
2 1/2 days, several hand slices, blisters on my feet, killer thighs, and severe back pain those god damn walls were done. I don't know why anyone would put wallpaper on their walls, but I am pretty sure that it is to torture the new homeowners.

Next, was paint selection (And yes, almost every single wall was some kind of pink at some point). Big A wanted to paint every wall white. I told him that with him being a mechanic and having a dog, white isn't our friend. He still wanted to paint the walls white. I told him to marry and buy a house with someone who wants white walls.
Needless to say, I won. Kinda. We picked the lightest color of every color I picked. So I didn't get exactly what I wanted, but none of the walls are white. (Well...just the ones we haven't painted yet).
The walls were prepped and then we were ready to go.
Well... I should say they were ready to go. I have a severe latex allergy, so I spent my days at the apartment packing while Big A, my dad, my mom, Big A's cousin, etc. painted. I wish I was there painting because A) I don't really mind it and B) packing sucks donkey balls, but whatever.
Here's what we ended up with. I suck and have no clue what colors they are. I could find out if anyone really wants to know.

The kitchen and hallway are gray. The downstairs bathroom and the office are a grayish-green. I wanted color, but colors that you could match with a lot.
Our only downfall was the downstairs bedroom. We compromised on a blue color and it looked like a Smurf was murdered in there. The color was horrible. Disgusting. So, we picked one of the original colors that I wanted for the living room. And then I fell in love with it. I have high hopes that some day we can paint the kitchen and the living room the shade that I want, but I'm going to have to come up with something sneaky.

The living room is like a grayish-blue. I LOVE the color at night, but it is a bit too light for me during the day. I'm trying to darken the room a little bit with the furniture. We will see how it goes.
AND I suck because apparently I don't have a finished picture of the bedroom since it was done like 5 seconds before we moved in. I DO however have a picture of our brand new washer and dryer that I kind of wanted to make sweet, sweet love to. Haha. You can see the room color in the next post about moving day.
It's the little things in life.
We were lucky in the fact that the house really just needs some updating. The original owners (we bought the house from their kids after they passed away) built the house in 1959 and they did an amazing job. They did everything themselves and you can definitely tell that they did everything right and totally had pride of ownership.
We still have some work to do. Decorating. Painting all the wood work white. Updating the vanities in the bathrooms. Not to mention an entire second floor that we haven't even touched yet. (Or a basement that still holds all of my shoes and some of our clothes in the same spot since we moved in...oh...3 months ago...whoops). And then we have fun stuff like getting pool furniture, working on the landscaping, making a garden.
Some of us think we need to do all of this fancy work to the two car garage, but some of us would be wrong. :)
Next up...move in day! It was a shit show for sure, but we kicked some ass.
I'm currently working on one room at a time and the first project is the living room. We got our new couches. I ordered a rug and it arrives today. Next is curtains, furniture, and the wood work. I can't wait for one room to be FINALLY done. Although, I'm not quite sure where I want to go from there.
I have to say as tiring and EXPENSIVE as it is to own a house and do all of this work to it, I LOVE that we have our own place and get to make it ours.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh man... what a long effing weekend.
Some good. Some bad. Just a long weekend though.
I need a few more days to recover from it, but apparently that isn't happening.
And apparently we are getting snow tomorrow, so... EFF!
Anyway, Friday was pretty low key. I started a quick little lamp update project.We have had this lamp that we haven't used since we moved into our apartment 3 years ago. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but it just sat there forever. We didn't have any lights that were installed in our living room at the house so we had to get creative.
We put up some lamps on the side of the fireplace, but we needed a bit more light. The lamp we were using was functional, but not stylish. So I found a cheap lamp shade I loved, but it was too big for the lamp. Enter previously unused lamp and some cheap spray paint. Voila!
Such a big difference for a few bucks. It isn't the best paint job in the world, but it looks good enough. And I am really digging how it looks with the room. Once we get everything else set in the room, it is going to look AMAZING!
When Big A got out of work, he and I just hung out for the most part. Nothing crazy. He works Saturdays so we usually keep Fridays low key.
Saturday I met up with Ma Dukes for some errands. We had some stuff we needed to do to get ready for our dinner that night. Big A and his dad have birthdays that are a month apart. My FIL turned 60 on March 1st and Big A turns 30 on April 2nd, so we had a nice dinner with family and a couple close friends who are like family with Big A's folks.
I bought myself a brand new curling iron because I wanted to do the big loose curls. Because apparently I think I am a big girl and can manage my hair.
I'm not.
Anyone seen this video? Check it out. Just remember when you want to laugh...karma is a bitch. And I knew this one would come back to bite me in the ass... I bought new curling iron. Spent some time getting used to it and then realized it wasn't doing much. At this point, I should have noticed that my fat hand had somehow hit the off switch, but I was in a rush and decided to just get out my old curling iron.
The thing was turning into a POS that made my hair smell nasty every time I used it, but I had been careful. However, like I said, I was rushing.
First section of hair, I started smelling something really bad. I took my hair out of the curling iron and it didn't look pretty. It looked melted. But I was hoping it was just badly crimped. So I tried brushing it...
Eff me.
Yeah. That was smelly. The entire house stunk.
Luckily it was the under part of my hair so you can't even notice. I got some scissors and cut the little bit of the ends that was still burnt, but attached. And then sprayed about 10,000 products into my hair until I couldn't smell myself anymore.
Yeah, I just dropped a good amount of money on my hair last weekend. I'm pretty sure Marizzle is going to kill me when she sees this.
Don't worry. The curling iron is going on the trash can, and I'm pretty sure that I won't be placing any product on my hair before curling again. Funny thing is that the girl in the video was using a TreSemme product and so was I. There's been some speculation that the mixture of that and leaving the curling iron on for too long was the culprit. But she later when back and recanted the TreSemme part, so I think they might have been pissed.
So that was fun. Naturally Big A walked in the door about 10 seconds after I did it. While I was still on the phone with N wanting to cry. Haha. He was like, "Your hair looks pretty" and I almost punched him in the face.  Then realized he had no clue what happened, so I said thank you and then explained what happened. Haha.
After that little incident, we met everyone for dinner and had a great time. I am truly lucky that my family and his get along so well. It really is like we are one big happy family. It's amazing.
When dinner was over, we went to celebrate Mrs. C's 30th birthday. Her and her husband (and family) have been through a lot in the past week and I am so glad that she was able to have such a fun night out. She's definitely a special breed of awesome and she deserved ever single second of fun that she had.
Sunday Big A had some errands and car things to do, and I apparently got bit by the Spring cleaning bug and deep cleaned our entire house. I'm telling you I vacuumed the couches, underneath and behind everything, all the baseboards, dusted, cleaned the watermarks off the table ( looks better, but not perfect), did laundry, opened the windows to let in fresh air, if it could be cleaned it was. The place looks amazing. And big. Funny how that happens.
Mr. Fresh was staring intently at the window wondering what this unknown thing was. Which kind of broke my heart, seeing as  how it was an open window and fresh air and the guy couldn't get his face close enough. He definitely needs some Spring...BAD. We all do. We need to get outside, get some exercise, get some sun. NO MORE SNOOOOOWWWW!!!
I finished off the evening with some dins with the fam and then some good old Kardashian trash TV.
And that's it.
My lovely productive, semi disastrous, family filled weekend.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

We all know that Friday and I have a little love affair going on. I mean, it's totally cool and Big A is actually in on it, but there's just something about Friday that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
...and feel a little better about the fact that I am partially hungover today...whoops...
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like an alcoholic when they are a bit hungover at work Monday through Thursday, but with Friday it seems totally normal?
Just me? Ok...
Anywho... here we go.
Dear Big A, I'm going to get all mushy for a moment. I love, love, LOVE the fact that after almost 6 years of being together and 6 months of marriage, we still have moments that make me feel so filled with love and happiness that you are in my life. Times when I am reminded of how much of an amazing person you are and how special our relationship is. Remind me that you really are my best friend, and we can just laugh ourselves silly, hanging out in the garage by ourselves on a Thursday night. You're pretty much the most awesome person ever. Thanks for being you. :)
Dear Boss Man, you're a bit strange today. I mean, you're strange every day, but today is a different kind of strange. I mean, you're hysterical, do don't stop, but I'm wondering what's happened over the past couple lady friend maybe? Here's our first conversation this morning:

Me: Oh just to let you know, I am now CPR, First Aid, and AED certified. I get to shock people.
Boss Man: See, everyone else would be like ooh, I get to kiss someone, you want to shock people.
Me: Eww. I don't want to kiss people. I want to shock people.
Boss Man: That's my girl. Give 'em pain!
And then when I thanked you for handing me my papers from the printer you said:
"You're welcome Easter Bunny"
Dear N, I'm pretty sure it is your job in life to make sure that I do NOT drink 3 margaritas at dinner. And then come home and drink 2 beers. I mean really, you're like the worst life coach ever. (Oh, PS, you're my life coach. SURPRISE!)
Dear Mother Nature, KWicz said last night: "If you put away your snow removal stuff, that might have been premature..." and talked about snow on Monday. I'm here to tell you to stop being such a fickle bitch and pipe the fuck down. I want sun, warmer weather, and happiness. The fact that you have snowed so much that I looked at Big A the other day and said, "Holy shit, did you know we had a pool over there?" because we hadn't seen it in bullshit. Cut the crap.
Dear Self, you so gangstah!

Dear Person Who Shall Remain Nameless, you are a daily pain in my ass and I wish that I could kick you in the shins just once.

Dear Cuz, I am so ridiculously happy for you! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

Dear Rugs Direct, please approve my "price match guarantee". I really want that rug, and I'm going to feel like a boss if I can get it for cheap.

Dear Living Room, please feel special that you are going to be the first room getting finished. You will be beautiful and cozy.

Dear Readers, I know everyone and their mother is talking about this, but Reader is going bye bye. If that's how you get here every day, make sure you head on over to Bloglovin instead. That way you can still make sure that you can read all of my oh so very interesting writing about annoying people and rugs. Because that's pretty much all I got going for me. Haha.
You can find me here: Bloglovin
And that's all for today. Smooches!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Post about Eating Right, Exercising, and Trying NOT to Look Like Shamu

Welp... here I am again...back on the eating right bandwagon.
Did you know that no matter how much you work out and watch what you eat, that if you stop completely and stuff your face with every bit of foot in a 10 mile radius that you actually gain the weight BACK?!?!
Insanity, right?!
Bullshit is more like it.
But, that's what I did folks. I lost 25 pounds, stuffed my face like every meal was my last, and guess what...I gained 10 of it back. In 6 months. Eww.
So, here I am again, trying to get back on track. I mean, it's not like I'm never going to indulge again, it's just that I need to really make this a lifestyle change. That it is part of my daily routine. I mean, I know we had the wedding, and the honeymoon, and buying a house, and sitting on the couch... but now that we are settled and I have a treadmill in my office, I have no excuse.
Plus...I have a pool. I can't be hiding in my house all Summer. I need to be outside with a cold beverage in hand becoming the bronzed Goddess that I deserve to be.

So, here we are.
I started last week...kinda. I bought a whole bunch of healthy food and prepped it all, blah blah blah. I did good during the day, but dinner and the weekend killed me, so there's that. Plus those protein cookies tasted like crap, so I threw them away. Ick.
I started to get serious yesterday. I ate well all day. Re-started the Couch to 5K program. And didn't throw down a bottle of wine. PROGRESS!!!
I made myself some healthy snacks. Low-fat banana chocolate chip muffins. I made them tiny so I feel like I ate more, and they are only 67 calories each, which is nice for a snack.
Turns out Big A loves them too. I tried to tell him that they were relatively healthy and he said, "don't tell me that, then I won't eat them" and then grabbed four more out of the bowl. Uhh... no shit Sherlock, I was TRYING to get you to stop eating them, but apparently that didn't work.
I also started to change my breakfast habits. My egg & cheese on an English muffin wasn't helping. So I make these breakfast cups again that I stole from Elle Noel. They aren't the most amazing things in the world, but they are pretty good for being healthy.

They taste better than they look. Promise. And they are so easy to make.
I managed to stay under my calories last night too. I went over my 1200, which I wasn't happy about, but I couldn't stop myself from eating those muffins. I HAD to make sure they weren't poisonous.
Find me on MyFitness Pal: MrsKtotheP
So, slowly, but surely. Running was a bit hard last night, but nowhere near as hard as it was when I started running last January. And honestly, it was my body that was the problem, not my breathing. It was both when I started. It's amazing what NOT smoking does to you.
OK...that's a lie. I quit smoking for a month. And I have been smoking a little here and there. But no more than 1 or 2 a day. And I haven't bought a pack in almost two months. So I say that's a win. I mostly enjoy a cigarette with a nice adult beverage, so that's kind of my downfall.'s better than it was. Right?
Anywho. That's what is going on now. I wish that there was a link-up like there was with Kristen to keep me honest. Seriously, if it wasn't for the fear of having to say, "Nope, didn't lose a pound, still fat this week" then I don't think I would have been so successful. And the amount of support I received when I succeeded, AND when I was struggling really got me through.
I tried starting my own before and it was like me and two other people, so I'm a bit hesitant to start one again.
BUT... hoping that I can stick on this. I wasn't at my goal before, so this is definitely a set back, but I'm back on track. If I can lose what I lost before in the time that I lost it before, then I should be at my goal in no time.
Alright, that's enough babbling for today. Just a little update on what I'm doing to not look like Shamu this Summer.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our House: Closing Day & Before Pictures

Now that the 8,000 wedding recaps are over, it is time to talk about Big A and I's current project...
A little back story.
When Big A and I were first talking about moving in together (for about a bagillion years before we actually did it...OK that's an exaggeration...we were together 2 1/2 years when we moved in together) he was ADAMANT about buying a house. And for whatever reason, that thought had never even crossed my mind.
I had always lived in duplexes and even though my parents own the one that they live in now (and was my home for about 17 years) it just never crossed my mind to live in any other type of place. Plus it seemed VERY grown-up and HIGHLY unlikely to happen. I was broke. That doesn't get you a house.
So we moved into our apartment and Big A HATED it. With a passion. For the entire 3 years that we lived there. He had never lived in an apartment so we wasn't used to the close neighbors and to be completely honest it was HELL. You can read about our hell here, here, here, and here.
We had moved into the apartment with the idea that we would only be there for a year and then we would buy a house. The problem was that when you are overpaying for a shitty apartment, it is hard to save for a house. And then we got engaged and figured that we would just wait until after the wedding. We kept our eye out and lost an AMAZING house because it was too close to the wedding (but it ended up going for WAY more than asking price since there was a bidding war, so we probably wouldn't have got it anyway).
After the wedding, we started looking for avidly. I joked that I wanted to be in a house by Christmas, which was ludicrous, but whatever, it's what I wanted.
Then randomly we came across this house. Big A had been salivating over it forever, but it was WAY out of our price range. He had actually been driving by this house for years and drooling over the garage. They had just dropped the price and we figured what the hell. We would go see it and at least get some experience on what we did/didn't want.
Well...we didn't really plan on falling in love with the house. The fact that while not exactly perfect, neither one of us had to give up what they wanted. (I wanted a decent size house that we could grow in and Big A wanted a garage the size of a mansion...ya know...priorities)
Here's the pictures they used in the listing.
* 4 bedrooms (well...3 and an office)
* Detached two car garage
* Full basement (There's technically a garage spot there too, but it doesn't meet fire codes)
* Kitchen (Newish cabinets, counters, appliances...except for the fridge that thing is old as sin)
*Living Room
* Two bathroom (One full, and another with a shower)
* Washer & Dryer Hookups (I know this is standard, but it was a pretty big deal for me)
* Fireplace
* Great area (Our apartment was in the middle of two VERY busy roads. It SUCKED)
* Almost an acre of land
* In ground pool (Not something we were looking for, but whatever)
* Large, straight driveway (We have like 6,000 vehicles)
So we made an offer. We figured out what we could afford and we low-balled them. We were counting on the fact that it had been on the market for awhile, they didn't have a whole lot of interest (due to the outrageous price), and it was coming up on winter. It was the kids who were selling the house since their mother passed away and we knew that they just wanted the money and to be out of the house. No one was living there, it was just bleeding money.
It took about 24-48 hours and somehow we came to an agreement. Holy shit. We had just bought a house. Of course, we had to have the inspection, the well tested, the title 5, blah blah blah. But in about 6 short weeks, we owned a freaking house. It felt like forever, but it went really fast.
On December 5th, 2012 we went to the Worcester Registry of Deeds and signed about 8,000 pages (and our lives away). It was amazing.
 This was us on closing day. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! Our realtor took us out to lunch after (she's a close family friend) to celebrate. And then we were off. We grabbed what we had packed already and headed over for some champagne.
Our friends joined us later and we got pizza, drank more champagne, and just celebrated the fact that we did it. We owned a house. We were FINALLY getting out of that godforsaken apartment.
3 years and one month later. (So much for that one year rule...)
And then our heads started spinning because we thought of all of the shit that we had to do. We prioritized what we needed to do to move in the quickest.
Wall paper needed to be scraped. And the downstairs needed to be painted. We haven't touched the upstairs yet. We figured we have plenty of time before we need to use it. (Although I can't wait to move upstairs because the room is bigger and then I'm turning our current bedroom into my own little island. No boys allowed...except for Mr. Fresh)
Here's what it looked like before we moved in:

Then the Hell started. I mean work. It sucked. But it was well worth it.
We JUST started getting back into doing stuff around the house now that it is nice out, so I figured this was the perfect time to start recapping. Eventually we will cross enough off our to do list that we will be good for awhile, but right now our to do list is INSANE.
It's a bunch of weekend projects, which isn't bad, but it is a lot of work. And some still involves painting which sucks because I can't do any of that. Damn allergies. So, I'm going to need to bribe my friends with the pool. They want to swim? They gotta earn it. Haha.
And that's my SUPER long post for the day!