Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Accident Prone and Bringing Sexy Back

I spent my morning drooling over pictures of the hotel we are going to for Big A and I's weekend away. Big A turns the Dirty 30 next week and when I asked him what he wanted to do for it, he said nothing. No party, no friends, no cake, nothing. He wanted me to pretend like it was any other day.
Umm...yeah...I know it is his birthday and everything, but I don't like that. I LOVE celebrating his birthday. I love letting him pick each and everything he wants and wants to do. Making it all about him for a few days before the mundane life bullshit comes creeping back in.
BUT...who am I to tell someone how to celebrate their birthday? Ya know.
I did, however, convince him to let me take him away for a weekend. It has been awhile since had been away (our honeymoon) and a LONG time before that. So, we were overdue. I ended up finding a Groupon for a nice hotel and that was it, I was sold.
One month from today, Big A and I are off for a weekend of rest and relaxation. And the fact that I think I read that there is a bar IN the pool/hot tub area, might mean that I'm never coming home.
Just sayin'.
In other freak show news, I continued my day from hell like a champ. Walking into things, spilling things, burning things, ya know...the usual.
Sometimes I wonder how I'm so accident prone. It's ridiculous. Last night I was taking a shower and washing my hair when I noticed that I had a bump on the side of my head. It hurt and I couldn't for the life of me remember how it happened. I chalked it up to a fluke and then bent down to pick up my razor...and smashed my head on the shower knob.
That's when I realized...I hit myself all the time. No wonder I don't remember. It is a daily occurrence. I probably just didn't realize it would leave a mark, or still hurt. Much like the giant bruise that I have on my leg from walking into my bed the other night.
Big A has now deemed my Klutzy Kayleigh and we have discussed me living in a bubble. It's probably a good idea.
Other than that... nothing else is going on. Same old ish, different day. Still trying to stay on the healthy eating train and Operation Don't Look Like Shamu is on! Haha.
Megan and I are starting a fitness link-up on Thursdays if anyone is interested in joining. I had a lot of success last year when I had a weekly check-in that held me accountable. I LOVED when I had a good week and I HATED having to admit that I sucked, so it was a good motivator. Sooo...seeing as how I can't be left to my own devices because then I GAIN 10 pounds, we are getting back on the healthy train.
The link-up will be every Thursday and we will talk about any loses (pounds or inches), new workouts we love, delicious healthy recipes, maybe we could even start a competition with prizes. This can totally be everything we want it to me, you just have to tell us what you want.
AND... we finally came up with a name... ready for it???
Don't you love it? We might tweak the button a bit, but here's the general idea. It was inspired by the fact that I just wanted to feel good in my clothes again. I remember getting dressed when I lost all the weight and feeling good about myself..feeling sexy. And when I told Megan about the idea and asked what she thought, she reminded me that she is a HUGE JT fan.
So apparently it was meant to be. Plus...I LOVE listening to that song when I'm working out. It makes me feel fierce and remember what I'm working for.
So, what do you guys think? Love it? Hate it?
If you want to join, get your measurements ready. You will need:
* Your weight
* Arm Measurement
* Thigh Measurement
* Waist Measurement
(You can do more measurements, but that's all I monitor)
 * Your goal. What do you want from this? Your ideal weight? How do you want to feel? Do you have a specific clothing item you want to fit in? We want to know it all.
Then, come back every week to update us. And make sure you visit everyone else who links up. That's what this is all about. Working together, supporting each other.
Alright, that's all I got for today, which I'm sure is more than enough. You got two days to get your stuff together and then this is ON!


  1. Is it bad that I now have that song stuck in my head? Haha! And I may be dancing at my desk a little, haha! Let's just hope that my boss doesn't walk by!

    Welcome to the klutz club. I have been a member since birth! I run into everything. My desk, doors, my bed at home. Anything and every thing that I can run into, I do. I always have ridiculous bruises on my legs. And somehow I even manage to fall going up stairs. Now that is talent!

  2. I'm into the fitness link up...also, we are the same person. Every single day I hear, "How did THAT happen?" from Carl. Yeesh.

  3. A weekend away will be so nice. HOpefully by then it will be warm!!!!

    I'm a klutz too. I always have random bruises all over me. Haha.

    I like the link up. Not sure I can do the whole measurement thing but I'll think about it.


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