Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back...Yeah!!!

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Welcome to Megan and I's VERY FIRST "Bringing Sexy Back" link-up. It's time to drop those pounds, but also time to bring back feeling sexy. Because that's what the most important we FEEL.
Let's start out with my back story...
I've gone up and down with my weight for a long time now. I remember when my dad used to tell me when I was about 15 or 16 that I needed to get myself into a healthy workout and eating routine now so that it followed me through life. Being a woman, all I could think of was that he was telling me that I was fat. Which I wasn't, so...being a teenager...I ignored him.
Don't you hate it when your parents are right?
I went up and down a bunch of times. Being skinny came without any work or effort. Usually it followed some stressful event in life, but as soon as things were better I would gain it all back.
When Big A and I got engaged, I knew I wanted to lose weight, but it wasn't until we got our engagement pictures back that it really hit me. This was me:
I remember trying so hard to find something that made me look skinny. And I sucked in the entire time to try and seem skinner. The pictures were beautiful but I hated myself. I was miserable and my relationship was suffering because of it. Big A was supportive, but I'm sure it was hard to love someone who didn't love themselves.
In January, Kristen started a Firm Friday link-up and I jumped in with both feet. You can read my first entry here. I was so embarrassed that I went back and added the "before" pictures later. Hoping less people would see them.
My before pictures:
And these were my stats:

Weight: 182
Thigh: 25"
Waist: 40.5"
Arm: 13.5"
I went every single day to the disgusting gym in my building at work and started the Couch to 5K program. I didn't really know what I was doing. Eventually, I dropped some weight, felt good about myself, got a real gym membership and spent 5 days a week at the gym. I dropped down to 163. (I managed to get to 158 the weekend of the wedding, but I knew that was stress not work, and it didn't last long).
Then I got comfortable. I felt great about myself. My relationship, my new marriage, flourished because I loved myself. But then...I gained some weight back. The weather got cold. We bought a house. We moved. Everything was crazy.
So, when we got the house I knew I needed a treadmill. No excuses. It was in my house, I HAD to use it. But, I didn't really. I used it here or there. But nothing crazy. I knew that if I continued on that road then I would be back to where I was and I refused to do that. I wasn't even at my goal weight when I stopped, so I definitely wasn't going to give up now.
So here I am. Starting again. Hoping to finally make that lifestyle change. Because, that's what it is. A lifestyle change.
This is how far I've come. I know it is only a 10 lb difference, but it still feels a lot different. I wish I had taken pictures of myself when I was in the 160's but I thought I was going to hit my goal. So I was waiting...I won't make that mistake this time.

This was my first workout. I alternated 5 minute intervals of speed walking and then walking on a steep incline. I plan on mixing that up with starting the Couch to 5K program. Along with some workout DVDs and some other workouts I have found. I get bored easy, so I want to keep it fun.

The bottom picture is of a cheap gift I bought myself when I first started this all. It's a tape measure. I had a hard time taking my own measurements accurately. With this, you hook the tape into the slot on the side and press the button under the lettering and it tights around your body. This way you know exactly how many inches you are.
Some other tricks up my sleeve. I started the Jillian Michael's JumpStart cleanse. I'm on the second week. It definitely helps your body detox all the gross stuff. And you don't have to eat anything special on it. Another thing that helps is a kitchen scale. I use it to keep my proportions right.
Case in point...the bottom two pics. The first one, the entire plate is filled. Who knows how many calories it was. The second, I weighed it out. I thought I would be starving, but I wasn't. I know 664 is a lot for a meal, but I had a salad and a glass of milk with it too.
So here are my "before" pictures:
Ignore the shitty picture quality and that my face is bright red, I just got off the treadmill.
And my stats:
So, tell us why you're here. Why do you want to lose the weight. What do you want out of this? Take your before pics and your measurements and keep up with us every week. I know it helped hold me accountable and I was amazed at the amount of support that I had that really helped me keep going when it got hard.
Just make sure you grab the button at the top and link up below! Megan and I will be visiting each and every post!


  1. You are going to kick some ass! I can't wait to see your results!

  2. Awesome!!! I had never heard of the Julian Michaels cleanse, you have to tell me more! And good call on the kitchen scale. I have one but I only use it to mail packages for ebay true story lol! I can't wait to follow along and see your results!!! I need to get motivated too! (As a cook a quesadilla for lunch because I seriously have no food in my house let alone healthy food)

  3. Never heard the cleanse! Looks interesting! They probably don't sell it in Canada though...story of my life! ha ha You are going to kick butt!! Happy Easter! xo

  4. Awesome! Good luck!

    Is the cleanse just recipes to follow or a product that she sells?


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