Monday, March 11, 2013

Our House: Closing Day & Before Pictures

Now that the 8,000 wedding recaps are over, it is time to talk about Big A and I's current project...
A little back story.
When Big A and I were first talking about moving in together (for about a bagillion years before we actually did it...OK that's an exaggeration...we were together 2 1/2 years when we moved in together) he was ADAMANT about buying a house. And for whatever reason, that thought had never even crossed my mind.
I had always lived in duplexes and even though my parents own the one that they live in now (and was my home for about 17 years) it just never crossed my mind to live in any other type of place. Plus it seemed VERY grown-up and HIGHLY unlikely to happen. I was broke. That doesn't get you a house.
So we moved into our apartment and Big A HATED it. With a passion. For the entire 3 years that we lived there. He had never lived in an apartment so we wasn't used to the close neighbors and to be completely honest it was HELL. You can read about our hell here, here, here, and here.
We had moved into the apartment with the idea that we would only be there for a year and then we would buy a house. The problem was that when you are overpaying for a shitty apartment, it is hard to save for a house. And then we got engaged and figured that we would just wait until after the wedding. We kept our eye out and lost an AMAZING house because it was too close to the wedding (but it ended up going for WAY more than asking price since there was a bidding war, so we probably wouldn't have got it anyway).
After the wedding, we started looking for avidly. I joked that I wanted to be in a house by Christmas, which was ludicrous, but whatever, it's what I wanted.
Then randomly we came across this house. Big A had been salivating over it forever, but it was WAY out of our price range. He had actually been driving by this house for years and drooling over the garage. They had just dropped the price and we figured what the hell. We would go see it and at least get some experience on what we did/didn't want.
Well...we didn't really plan on falling in love with the house. The fact that while not exactly perfect, neither one of us had to give up what they wanted. (I wanted a decent size house that we could grow in and Big A wanted a garage the size of a mansion...ya know...priorities)
Here's the pictures they used in the listing.
* 4 bedrooms (well...3 and an office)
* Detached two car garage
* Full basement (There's technically a garage spot there too, but it doesn't meet fire codes)
* Kitchen (Newish cabinets, counters, appliances...except for the fridge that thing is old as sin)
*Living Room
* Two bathroom (One full, and another with a shower)
* Washer & Dryer Hookups (I know this is standard, but it was a pretty big deal for me)
* Fireplace
* Great area (Our apartment was in the middle of two VERY busy roads. It SUCKED)
* Almost an acre of land
* In ground pool (Not something we were looking for, but whatever)
* Large, straight driveway (We have like 6,000 vehicles)
So we made an offer. We figured out what we could afford and we low-balled them. We were counting on the fact that it had been on the market for awhile, they didn't have a whole lot of interest (due to the outrageous price), and it was coming up on winter. It was the kids who were selling the house since their mother passed away and we knew that they just wanted the money and to be out of the house. No one was living there, it was just bleeding money.
It took about 24-48 hours and somehow we came to an agreement. Holy shit. We had just bought a house. Of course, we had to have the inspection, the well tested, the title 5, blah blah blah. But in about 6 short weeks, we owned a freaking house. It felt like forever, but it went really fast.
On December 5th, 2012 we went to the Worcester Registry of Deeds and signed about 8,000 pages (and our lives away). It was amazing.
 This was us on closing day. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! Our realtor took us out to lunch after (she's a close family friend) to celebrate. And then we were off. We grabbed what we had packed already and headed over for some champagne.
Our friends joined us later and we got pizza, drank more champagne, and just celebrated the fact that we did it. We owned a house. We were FINALLY getting out of that godforsaken apartment.
3 years and one month later. (So much for that one year rule...)
And then our heads started spinning because we thought of all of the shit that we had to do. We prioritized what we needed to do to move in the quickest.
Wall paper needed to be scraped. And the downstairs needed to be painted. We haven't touched the upstairs yet. We figured we have plenty of time before we need to use it. (Although I can't wait to move upstairs because the room is bigger and then I'm turning our current bedroom into my own little island. No boys allowed...except for Mr. Fresh)
Here's what it looked like before we moved in:

Then the Hell started. I mean work. It sucked. But it was well worth it.
We JUST started getting back into doing stuff around the house now that it is nice out, so I figured this was the perfect time to start recapping. Eventually we will cross enough off our to do list that we will be good for awhile, but right now our to do list is INSANE.
It's a bunch of weekend projects, which isn't bad, but it is a lot of work. And some still involves painting which sucks because I can't do any of that. Damn allergies. So, I'm going to need to bribe my friends with the pool. They want to swim? They gotta earn it. Haha.
And that's my SUPER long post for the day!


  1. YOU HAVE A POOL?! I'm coming over.

  2. Oh so exciting! We are currently in apartment hell and hoping to be out soon! Loved reading about your story!

  3. What a cute house!!! I love reading about new homes, so this was one of my fav posts for today. Can't wait to see before and afters!

  4. Ohhh house renovations...good times! hahah It can be fun and it's nice to see a house you bought become 'yours' with your own little touches to it. Andy & I bought our house, but didn't move in for a couple months. We worked on it everyday after work and every weekend all weekend long. It was exhausting and we were starting to not like each other's company. hahah Take your time with renovations. Don't make it your life bc it will definitely where on you both.

  5. I am still jealous about this whole pool thing! And I would definitely come over and paint to earn pool time if I lived there, haha! Can't wait to see more of your house!

  6. It looks like such a great house. So happy for you that something worked out quickly! The pool is just an added bonus. Blogger pool party this summer!!!!

  7. Congrats on the house! Buying your first home is so exciting. We bought ours two years ago and we're STILL working on it! haha

  8. Owning a house is the best!! I love knowing its all ours! and its fun to make changes


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