Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our House: Hell...I mean Progress

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but our house had a serious amount of wallpaper in it.
When N told me how much the process sucked at her house, I assured her that it was only on a small little wall and that we would be done in no time.
Oops. I must have mentally blocked the severity of the situation because it was on a small little wall in the kitchen...AND all the way down the hallway, in the bathroom, and one of the bedrooms.
Eff me.
So, N, J$, and I got to work. And it took the entire night to get the hallway done. Then my mom and N came over the next day and we got most of the bedroom done. And then my dad got the super easy job of the bathroom. Totally unfair.
2 1/2 days, several hand slices, blisters on my feet, killer thighs, and severe back pain those god damn walls were done. I don't know why anyone would put wallpaper on their walls, but I am pretty sure that it is to torture the new homeowners.

Next, was paint selection (And yes, almost every single wall was some kind of pink at some point). Big A wanted to paint every wall white. I told him that with him being a mechanic and having a dog, white isn't our friend. He still wanted to paint the walls white. I told him to marry and buy a house with someone who wants white walls.
Needless to say, I won. Kinda. We picked the lightest color of every color I picked. So I didn't get exactly what I wanted, but none of the walls are white. (Well...just the ones we haven't painted yet).
The walls were prepped and then we were ready to go.
Well... I should say they were ready to go. I have a severe latex allergy, so I spent my days at the apartment packing while Big A, my dad, my mom, Big A's cousin, etc. painted. I wish I was there painting because A) I don't really mind it and B) packing sucks donkey balls, but whatever.
Here's what we ended up with. I suck and have no clue what colors they are. I could find out if anyone really wants to know.

The kitchen and hallway are gray. The downstairs bathroom and the office are a grayish-green. I wanted color, but colors that you could match with a lot.
Our only downfall was the downstairs bedroom. We compromised on a blue color and it looked like a Smurf was murdered in there. The color was horrible. Disgusting. So, we picked one of the original colors that I wanted for the living room. And then I fell in love with it. I have high hopes that some day we can paint the kitchen and the living room the shade that I want, but I'm going to have to come up with something sneaky.

The living room is like a grayish-blue. I LOVE the color at night, but it is a bit too light for me during the day. I'm trying to darken the room a little bit with the furniture. We will see how it goes.
AND I suck because apparently I don't have a finished picture of the bedroom since it was done like 5 seconds before we moved in. I DO however have a picture of our brand new washer and dryer that I kind of wanted to make sweet, sweet love to. Haha. You can see the room color in the next post about moving day.
It's the little things in life.
We were lucky in the fact that the house really just needs some updating. The original owners (we bought the house from their kids after they passed away) built the house in 1959 and they did an amazing job. They did everything themselves and you can definitely tell that they did everything right and totally had pride of ownership.
We still have some work to do. Decorating. Painting all the wood work white. Updating the vanities in the bathrooms. Not to mention an entire second floor that we haven't even touched yet. (Or a basement that still holds all of my shoes and some of our clothes in the same spot since we moved in...oh...3 months ago...whoops). And then we have fun stuff like getting pool furniture, working on the landscaping, making a garden.
Some of us think we need to do all of this fancy work to the two car garage, but some of us would be wrong. :)
Next up...move in day! It was a shit show for sure, but we kicked some ass.
I'm currently working on one room at a time and the first project is the living room. We got our new couches. I ordered a rug and it arrives today. Next is curtains, furniture, and the wood work. I can't wait for one room to be FINALLY done. Although, I'm not quite sure where I want to go from there.
I have to say as tiring and EXPENSIVE as it is to own a house and do all of this work to it, I LOVE that we have our own place and get to make it ours.


  1. Wow! Look at all the progess you guys have made already? So when is my offical visit planned..;)

    I hate wallpaper. Whoever invented it should be shot! Or at least forced for the rest of their lives to live in a room and remove wall paper!

    I love the color choices you made!

  2. I love this!!! I cant wait to see it all finished. The colors are great and go together so well! Wallpaper...gross!!! I don't know the exact year our house was built but my parents bought it in the 80s so I'll assume it was built in the 70s or earlier. Up until 8 or 9 years ago, t there was wallpaper all over the kitchen/hallway...it wasn't pleasant! It took forever to take it down!

  3. I hate wallpaper and think unless you plan to live in your house FOREVER you shouldn't be allowed to use it because most likely the next owners will hate it.

  4. We had the same issue when we bought our house too! Ugly wallpaper as well! Its a bitch to get off! Ours was nasty flowers and pink trim.....UGH. Good luck! The house looks great! Coming along nicely!

  5. Sorry you didn't win w/ paint colors! I love bright and dark colors and look forward to owning a place someday just so I can paint. I actually painted my current apartment and my landlord will just have to deal w/ it when I move! When I moved in it was in bad shape and he didn't even do fresh white paint so I took it upon myself!!:)

    Hope the rest of re-doing rooms goes well. I'm sure once it is all done you will love it!

  6. I love house updates! Glad to hear your couch came- can't wait to see the finished product! One room at a time girl, don't stress. The paint looks great!

  7. EFF wallpaper!!! Our entire kitchen was wallpapered and a few boarders throughout the house. I recruited my mom to help us. She had some prior experience with that awful stuff.

    Before redoing our house I didn't have much 'on the ladder' experience. Wearing flip flops or barefoot is NOT a good idea. Good Lord did I feel like an old lady during our remodeling process. My back, my feet!

    Have I ever told you I love the way you write?! Seriously! It's like I'm talking.

  8. Love all of the colors. I wish that we had painted more before we moved in, but seeing as how we were homeless, I was just ready to get in there. I can't wait to see how everything else looks. You guys are doing a great job!

  9. Wall paper is the worst and it is a pain to remove. I love all the paint colors you chose, they look great! And I am super jealous of your washer and dryer :)

  10. hahah omg why did the previous owners love pink so much? it's like barbie's dream house! anyway, I LOVE the new colors you & big A picked out. I'm totally a blue/green/gray girl too. I mean not that I have a house or look at paint colors ever. But if I did, those totally would have been what I chose too! oh! and i really like your rounded kitchen doorway deal! totally retro!

  11. Oh my goodness, that IS a lot of pink!! And wow, wallpaper....so glad I didn't have any to scrape off. However, I promptly applied a half wall of beadboard textured wallpaper and chair rail in my kitchen, so maybe I'll have those issues down the road haha


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