Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday.
This week I am saying So What! if...
* My "not drinking until wine night" (Saturday) plan lasted about 24 hours. The plan was to quit shoving beer and wine down my throat to avoid the extra calories. And then it lasted all about one dinner with N. I did SO good, but after we ate I thought, " little glass won't hurt". It was a tiny glass so I don't feel so bad, but apparently my will power is lacking.
* I skipped my workout to bring Dogbert to the park yesterday. It was SO nice out and I just couldn't leave him in the house any longer. Poor guy has barely been able to walk outside all winter. We needed fresh air. So I burned like 100 calories instead of over 300 (which is usually my minimum goal), but the dog was happy.
* I think that aforementioned dog can understand every word I'm saying. Every morning I'm running late, and every morning he slaps the side of his food bowl to tell me that it is empty. He never eats it right away though. So this morning, I fill his bowl because I can't deny the dog food and he sniffs it and walks away. So, frustrated, I say to him "you don't even eat it, why can't you wait until Big A gets up" and no joke... he walks over, takes one bite, and walks away. Which he NEVER does. He eats all or he eats nothing. Punk. He was eating it about 5 minutes later when I was walking out the door, but still... I swear he can understand me.
* My first three "so whats" are about calories and my dog. Important things in my life.
* I am glad that Big A has a nice big garage to work on his car. I mean, it is still obnoxious because he is ALWAYS out there and I'm still sitting inside by myself... BUT at least I know that if I want to see him then I can just walk out there. Better than him being somewhere else. I'll never tell HIM that though.
* I can't believe that Big A is going to be the Dirty Thirty in less than a week. It's crazy. I still feel like he's 24, since everyone usually stays the age that I met them in my head. I can't believe it has been that long. Craziness. Feels so adult and mature. Good thing he has a hot wife in her 20's to keep him young! Haha.
* I have a lunch meeting today and I DO.NOT.WANT.TO.GO. Shocking, right?! I signed up for this committee and decided to be a co-chair too. I don't know what my problem was, but all of a sudden I thought I should be involved at work. Ugh. Why don't I remember that I don't like to do anything? So, now I have to drive an hour with one of my co-workers to said meeting. At least it should break up the day. But...I should probably prepare since we have to present. Whoops!
* I have had our taxes done for weeks but have yet to submit them. I usually just do mine online and submit it with my pin, but I don't think Big A has one, so I have to print something out (I think?!) and every time I remember it is at home, so I can't. Whoops.
Alright, that's enough for today. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link-up.
Also, don't forget what starts tomorrow...
You can read about it here.
Get your measurements and starting weight recorded and Megan and I will see you back here tomorrow!


  1. I love these!!! It was so nice out yesterday and now again today. I'm hoping to get the dog out later today. I dont know about yours but when take hours for a walk or whatever, he goes so slow that we barely get to walk. Just to get a good walk/workout in, we have to leave him at home! And I love how you think the dog knows what your saying. I'm convinced our dog does too. If I'm talking with someone and I "ask" the dogs opinion, he snorts. It's hilarious, its like he's answering. He also knows how to spell, its kind of creepy. His issue though is that he hears us, but doesnt listen....

  2. Ha! Dogbert sounds half human/half dog. :) Wanted to say hi as I hopped over from the SWW link up!

  3. Bahahahah I think Ruby can understand us too. She gives sass back all the time like a teenager. I totally hear you about the park. I can't wait to get outside and let the poor thing out of the house. Excited for your link up tomorrow! I'm making Carl measure me...he doesn't know yet :)

  4. I think my dog and our cats understand me too, haha! They always give me these looks when I am talking them that make me feel like they understand what I am saying to them.

    And yes, you skipped your workout, but you were still being active. At least you didn't skip it to just go sit on the couch. I do that a lot, haha! It's good that Mr. Fresh got to be out and about.

  5. My husband is turning 30 in a few weeks and I do NOT like it! I want him to be 22 forever. I've never dated anyone over 30 and it makes me feel old!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  6. Is it sad that I am actually looking forward to calorie counting again? I just feel so out of control without it!


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