Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh man... what a long effing weekend.
Some good. Some bad. Just a long weekend though.
I need a few more days to recover from it, but apparently that isn't happening.
And apparently we are getting snow tomorrow, so... EFF!
Anyway, Friday was pretty low key. I started a quick little lamp update project.We have had this lamp that we haven't used since we moved into our apartment 3 years ago. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but it just sat there forever. We didn't have any lights that were installed in our living room at the house so we had to get creative.
We put up some lamps on the side of the fireplace, but we needed a bit more light. The lamp we were using was functional, but not stylish. So I found a cheap lamp shade I loved, but it was too big for the lamp. Enter previously unused lamp and some cheap spray paint. Voila!
Such a big difference for a few bucks. It isn't the best paint job in the world, but it looks good enough. And I am really digging how it looks with the room. Once we get everything else set in the room, it is going to look AMAZING!
When Big A got out of work, he and I just hung out for the most part. Nothing crazy. He works Saturdays so we usually keep Fridays low key.
Saturday I met up with Ma Dukes for some errands. We had some stuff we needed to do to get ready for our dinner that night. Big A and his dad have birthdays that are a month apart. My FIL turned 60 on March 1st and Big A turns 30 on April 2nd, so we had a nice dinner with family and a couple close friends who are like family with Big A's folks.
I bought myself a brand new curling iron because I wanted to do the big loose curls. Because apparently I think I am a big girl and can manage my hair.
I'm not.
Anyone seen this video? Check it out. Just remember when you want to laugh...karma is a bitch. And I knew this one would come back to bite me in the ass... I bought new curling iron. Spent some time getting used to it and then realized it wasn't doing much. At this point, I should have noticed that my fat hand had somehow hit the off switch, but I was in a rush and decided to just get out my old curling iron.
The thing was turning into a POS that made my hair smell nasty every time I used it, but I had been careful. However, like I said, I was rushing.
First section of hair, I started smelling something really bad. I took my hair out of the curling iron and it didn't look pretty. It looked melted. But I was hoping it was just badly crimped. So I tried brushing it...
Eff me.
Yeah. That was smelly. The entire house stunk.
Luckily it was the under part of my hair so you can't even notice. I got some scissors and cut the little bit of the ends that was still burnt, but attached. And then sprayed about 10,000 products into my hair until I couldn't smell myself anymore.
Yeah, I just dropped a good amount of money on my hair last weekend. I'm pretty sure Marizzle is going to kill me when she sees this.
Don't worry. The curling iron is going on the trash can, and I'm pretty sure that I won't be placing any product on my hair before curling again. Funny thing is that the girl in the video was using a TreSemme product and so was I. There's been some speculation that the mixture of that and leaving the curling iron on for too long was the culprit. But she later when back and recanted the TreSemme part, so I think they might have been pissed.
So that was fun. Naturally Big A walked in the door about 10 seconds after I did it. While I was still on the phone with N wanting to cry. Haha. He was like, "Your hair looks pretty" and I almost punched him in the face.  Then realized he had no clue what happened, so I said thank you and then explained what happened. Haha.
After that little incident, we met everyone for dinner and had a great time. I am truly lucky that my family and his get along so well. It really is like we are one big happy family. It's amazing.
When dinner was over, we went to celebrate Mrs. C's 30th birthday. Her and her husband (and family) have been through a lot in the past week and I am so glad that she was able to have such a fun night out. She's definitely a special breed of awesome and she deserved ever single second of fun that she had.
Sunday Big A had some errands and car things to do, and I apparently got bit by the Spring cleaning bug and deep cleaned our entire house. I'm telling you I vacuumed the couches, underneath and behind everything, all the baseboards, dusted, cleaned the watermarks off the table ( looks better, but not perfect), did laundry, opened the windows to let in fresh air, if it could be cleaned it was. The place looks amazing. And big. Funny how that happens.
Mr. Fresh was staring intently at the window wondering what this unknown thing was. Which kind of broke my heart, seeing as  how it was an open window and fresh air and the guy couldn't get his face close enough. He definitely needs some Spring...BAD. We all do. We need to get outside, get some exercise, get some sun. NO MORE SNOOOOOWWWW!!!
I finished off the evening with some dins with the fam and then some good old Kardashian trash TV.
And that's it.
My lovely productive, semi disastrous, family filled weekend.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well.


  1. OMG your hair!!!! I am glad it wasn't a huge chunk right from the middle!!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. Oh goodness!! Your poor hair. My dad did that to my hair once when I was wasnt too cool!! And snow, dont even get me started. I'm not too fond of this. Only good part is the (hopefully) snow day!

  3. OMG I just laughed my ass off and sent that viceo to everyone at work without realizing that you did it too! Hahahahaahahahahahahahah I am so sorry and I love you pieces but that is hilarious. Thank god it's in a hidden place!!!

  4. The lamp looks great! And I am sorry about your hair! That sucks. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend!

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did not do that. When I saw the video a week or so ago I laughed so hard. I mean who does that!??!?!? I can't believe that happen to you. So sorry. Glad it is hidden. You should return the curling iron. I'm sure CVS/Target/etc would take it back. I've returned opened things to them before.

    I really want a curling wand. I hear they are good. I'm sure they would be less likely to burn you too.

  6. The lamp before and after looks great!! Like a high end brand new lamp!!
    I might have laughed my ass off about the hair but poor you!!! I would freak right the fuck out if it was me!


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