Monday, April 29, 2013

Big A's Dirty Thirty Weekend Extravaganza!

Is anyone else having a hell of a time uploading pictures today? I just had to upload them to an online album and THEN could put them on my blog and they were STILL all messed up. Sheesh.
OK. Now that I have struggled for the past two hours. Here is my recap of our fabulous trip away for the weekend.
When I asked Big A what he wanted to do for his 30th Birthday. He said nothing. He didn't want a party. He didn't want a cake. He didn't want anything. He told me to just pretend like it was any other day and that was that. So, I did what any pushy person does, I told him that if HE didn't want to celebrate his birthday that was fine, but I wanted to celebrate the day that my husband was born and he had to deal with it.

Aren't I sweet?
So, I suggested that we go away for the weekend. Which, he agreed to. And thank goodness for Groupon because I found this awesome place in Sanbornton, NH called Steele Hill Resorts for almost half price. Done and done.
We fiddled with the dates a couple times since it is hard for Big A to get weekends off since he works Saturdays, but we managed to schedule it for this past weekend and it was amazing. We both took Friday off of work and headed up there around 12.
We had a minor issue with directions. The GPS wanted to bring us through some ATV trails to get to the place. We went up a steep dirt/rock road and passed a couple farms with alpacas, and then another farm with a donkey, and I figured that this wasn't the way to a resort. I mean, there was a DONKEY. We realized that we were lost when we reached the end of the road and it was all woods with a little trail that said, "ATVs only".
Yeah. Luckily, I thought we might lose service at some point so I had the google maps directions just in case, which brought us on real roads to our destination. It seems we weren't the only ones to get lost, so we felt better. We then took care of the main priorities: checking in and finding a liquor store.
Here's the view from outside of the liquor store. Classy.
Friday, we explored a little and then headed to the restaurant for dinner since we were STARVING. Big A and I have a big problem with remembering to eat when we are doing things so all of a sudden we both realized that we were hungry and ordered like 12,000 things to eat. Haha.
After dinner we headed back to the room, watched a little TV, and then headed down to the jacuzzi. I'm pretty sure we walked in on another couple doing couple things, since the immediately moved FAR away from each other when we walked in and then got out of the pool and left. I was a little glad we were going in the jacuzzi and NOT he pool.
Saturday, we got up, hit up some Dunkin Donuts (after I had a minor panic attack that there weren't any around and what would we do for coffee since the coffee in the hotel room wasn't "good enough to feed my butt" which is what I told Big A in my cranky Ineedsomefuckingcoffeerightnowbitches mood) and it turns out there were like 10 of them within a 10 minute drive. Whoops.
After that we drove around and explored more. We stopped at an antique store and bought a couple cool things for the house. We went to FunSpot which is the largest arcade in the world. It was huge. They had all of these awesome, old video games. It was a blast. Big A and I played a racing game and I kicked his butt.
Then I played some slots and was deeply disappointed when I realized that they pay you out in tickets and not more coins. And then some kid stole my tickets. We played some old Atari racing games that were ridiculous, and I managed to place 3rd and 6th overall in their top scores. Apparently I'll never be as good as ASS.
After that, we headed back to our hotel and picked up a pizza from Pizza Hut since we had barely eaten all day. We thought we would eventually go for a late dinner, but the pizza proved to be enough and that was that. We hung around and watched some TV (I know, so exciting) and I took pictures of the place.
Gorgeous, right?! Most of the pictures (except the top right) were from right outside our sliding door. Tough life, huh?
There was a wedding going on Saturday night so we kind of spied on them and Big A suggested we crash the wedding, but we eventually decided against it. Aren't we sweet people?
Later I finally bullied Big A into going to the pool in the other building. It was literally the only things I cared about doing all weekend. I had been stalking pictures of it for almost two months and I was NOT leaving without going in it.
Take a look.
Amazing, right? It had a water slide (and a kiddie water slide) a hot tub, a sauna, etc. It was SO much fun. And even Big A enjoyed himself. A shocker. I know.
We headed back to the room and Big A watched TV while I read for a little bit and then it was off to bed.
We woke up right before check-out time on Sunday, so we packed our stuff up and got out of there. We grabbed some coffee and headed back home. It was such a fun weekend, but we were glad to come home, get Mr. Fresh, and settle back in.
Big A and I really needed this weekend. I mean, I'm not saying that we have serious issues. It is just so easy to get disconnected when there is so much going on. Big A and I have a tendency to take what we have for granted. Most of the time things are SO easy with us. We just flow. We always have. That's one of the reasons that we work so well together. But then, sometimes, things get busy, we don't see a lot of each other, the little time we do see each other is spent catching up on the stupid stuff we have to talk about (bills, house stuff, complaining about work, etc.) and it is SO easy to one day wake up and say, "When was the last time we ACTUALLY spent some quality time together?".
Big A and I have a weekly date night, but even that sometimes isn't enough. We take that for granted too and often times we are in the same house, but not necessarily spending any quality time together.
So this weekend was good. I looked at Big A at dinner on Friday and told him I couldn't remember the last time we had laughed like this. It was a great time and I'm so glad we went. We even hope to go back sometime, it was that great, and only a 2 hour drive.
When we came home, it was back to reality. There was a dead mouse in our toilet. The lawn needed to be mowed. The basement needed to be cleaned. And honestly, I think we were more productive yesterday than we would have been if we had been at home all weekend.
But that was our weekend. If you live anywhere near New Hampshire, I STRONGLY recommend checking it out. The people there were SO nice and the view is amazing. The restaurant was delicious. And they have multiple indoor AND outdoor pools, bars, etc. It was a great place.
And now... we are back to the daily grind. Thankfully we only have a couple more months until vacation again! But it definitely won't be soon enough!!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend and birthday for Big A, glad it was a successful trip! Little weekend getaways are always so important and way more needed than you even think!

  2. I love FunSpot. We used to go there all the time during school vacations. My dad and I would always have air hockey tournaments.

  3. That place is awesome!! And you got Pizza Hut. I am so jealous.

  4. That pool = beautiful
    dead mouse = gross
    Pizza Hut = greatness
    relaxing weekend = well deserved

    So glad you had a nice time away!

  5. sometimes a weekend away is just what you need to reconnect. We get a cabin every February and stay for 3-4 days and it's just what we need!

  6. So glad that you guys had a great time! And that pool looks freaking awesome! I am so jealous that you guys got to go away for the weekend. Glad you had a good time together though!

  7. It sounds like you two had a great trip! That pool looks so nice.

  8. Beautiful pictures.



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