Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back: Excuses are like...

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Assholes. Yep.
Excuses are like assholes...every one's got one.
I really phoned it in this week guys and I'm ashamed to admit it. I mean, I have excuses...
* First, Mr. Fresh got sick.
* By the time he got better it was time to prepare for Easter. Which to be fair, I saw a loss, but that's because I forgot to eat until 9:00 PM on Friday night and then barely ate on Saturday.
* Then it was Big A's Birthday.
* Then I made plans to work out, but they were in the future and I figured I could wait.
* Then I shoved 6,000 peanut butter Snickers into my mouth from Big A's Birthday candy basket.
* Then it was Thursday and I had to admit that although I really AM trying to lose weight, it is hard not to get stuck in the excuses.
So that's where I am today. I lost an entire week that I could have been working out and eating right and I did nothing. I did lose a pound from my work last week, but I probably ruined it.
This shit is hard guys. I know you have all been there. I mean, the first time I felt SO bad about myself and then felt SO good when people noticed a difference that it was my fuel.
Now, I'm at that point where people are like, "You don't need to lose weight".
Which doesn't help me. I was talking to a friend about going for walks at lunch because she is in the building next to me. She told me that she wants to lose weight too, so we made a goal together and said we would stick by each other. And I told her that she needed to be verbally abusive to me to get my ass moving.
Sick story...when I first started going to the gym a billion years ago I would drive by it on my way home from work. I would be exhausted and convince myself not to go. The only way I could get myself to go was to tell myself that I was fat. I would say, "You're fat. And you're going to get fatter if you go home and don't work out. And then no one will like you because you will be 3000 pounds and you won't be able to leave your house without a crane".
And I would go to the gym and kill it.
Now, if anyone else said that to me then I would punch them. Or cry.
But it worked for me.
My mom tries to be realistic about me working out and give me a little shove in the right direction, but I think the problem is that she is my mom. I'm genetically predisposed to brush her off and think I know better. Haha.
BUT...that's not what I should be doing. I should be saying "You're right Mom!" (which would probably make her fall off her seat) and then go workout.
I DID lose a I'm down to 172.

And I'm going to KEEP that loss.

Here's my plan:

* Daily walks at lunch (about 1-2 miles depending on how much time we have)

* Get on that freaking treadmill at home.

* I bought a Groupon for Hot Yoga, so I will be trying that on Monday. EEK! (If anyone has any experience with this. Tips. Tricks. Anything, lord knows I need it. Thanks!)

* Eat better. (Last night I made myself spaghetti squash with a Turkey meat sauce. I still made Big A pasta, but I was satisfied with my meal, I never WANTED the pasta. AND I saved myself a couple hundred calories. Holler!)

and here's the big one...


So... that's where I am. I PROMISE to do better next week, or someone feel free to hit me.

I hope you girls did better this week than I did. Although, I'm sure most people did better than I did this week without trying!

Head over to Megan's blog and check out her progress. Link up below. And we will be reading every one's posts and commenting today.

Don't forget to spread the word. The more people involved, the bigger the support!!!


Add In:

I found this Squat Challenge through Bold Butter Baby and thought it might be fun to do. And by fun, I mean hell on Earth, but might give me a nice bum. I'm going to try and catch up since I have already missed 3 days. Here's the Challenge:
Sorry it is blurry I'll work on that.


  1. Sounds like we had similar weeks. But ya know what? It is a new week and we are both going to kill it! We got this!

  2. ^ What Megan said! You had Easter and your husband's birthday. That's rough for even the most dedicated food tracker. You so got this and you do not need to tell yourself that you're fat to get out there. You are awesome and it's a new week. There is always a chance to turn it around!

  3. I made a lot of excuses lately too. From being on vacation in TX to my bday to Easter. But that is all done now. Oh well it was and then I ate ice cream for dinner last night. Getting back on track now though!! :) You can do it! It is hard but warm weather is coming and that should motivate us all a bit.


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