Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back: Lessons Learned

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Welcome to another session of Bringing Sexy Back. A link-up that Megan and I put together to hold each other accountable for our weight loss journey.
It's more than that though. I mean, losing the pounds and the inches is important. It IS. Trust me. I fixate on both of them and want to punch myself in the face when I don't see a loss. BUT, the real goal of this IS to Bring Sexy Back. To feel good about ourselves. To feel comfortable in our skin. And there isn't a set weight or inches that will do that. It is all about a state of mind. That's really what we are trying to do here.
Anyway... I slacked this week. I started off strong-ish, but saying that I wanted to make sure I got a good week in before our mini-vacation, but...yeah...vacation brain hit and that was the end of me.
You don't even want to know what I had for dinner last night.
I tried to make myself feel better by looking at my weight loss, but even with the year option on My Fitness Pal, it made me sad. I was down in the 160's this time last year. Which was four months after I started this whole shindig. I lost close to 20 pounds in four/five months and I can't manage to lose more than a pound and a halfish in a month? Bullshit.
Here's what I got. Damn moving. If I hadn't just stopped doing EVERYTHING when we bought the house I wouldn't be here. BUT, we live and we learn.
Let's focus on the positive. Here's a better look. Calories burned. I went from not doing anything to kicking ass. I need to get back to that.
Once again, tracking is better than not tracking. I don't even want to know what I ate before then. There's one day in March I ate over 2,100 calories. Eww.

The better look is net calories consumed. This is what my body gets after I exercise. MUCH better. Maybe I don't suck as much as I thought. Haha.

I have to admit that I'm really not feeling the Bikram yoga. I mean, I go. I feel good. But, I only have a trial package and I know I won't go after that, so I haven't fully drank the kool-aid yet. I did find out that I actually kind of like the yoga part (minus the 105 degrees part) so I'm interested in doing more about that.
With that being said. I need a plan. I need to get back to losing. I know that doing the Couch to 5K helped a lot. My problem now is that is SO nice out that I don't want to be inside on a treadmill. And I despise running outside. I also want to get back into my Jillian DVDs (I almost said tapes...tapes...really? When is the last time I even touched a VHS? I don't even own a tape player, what?). Sooo... here's my plan.
I got for walks with my friend KG almost every day. We try to do over 2 miles and usually end up with about 2.5. So we want to try and do that at least 3-4 times a week. We would love 5, but sometimes we actually have to work. So let's plan 3-4 times, weather permitting.
I also try and take Mr. Fresh for a couple walks too, so I'm going to have to pepper those in too.
Next...a weekly plan.
Monday: Couch to 5K
Tuesday: Jillian DVD / Yoga
Wednesday: Couch to 5K
Thursday: Jillian DVD / Yoga
Friday: Couch to 5K
Saturday: Wild Card: Do SOMETHING
Sunday: Off (or make-up if I skip a day)
So that's that. I NEED to be accountable for that. Because, I'm not even posting my weight or measurements today because I know nothing happened.
I remember when I was losing weight before and someone commented on how "easy" it was for me, and I remember saying it wasn't easy at all. That I was at the gym 4, 5, 6 days a week. It was WORK. So why would I think it was easy now? Do I not remember how HARD I worked before. It wasn't easy. This half-assed bullshit isn't working. Obviously. So it is time to make a change.
What's the definition of insanity? Trying the same things over and over again expecting different results? Yeah... I qualify as insane. I know what works. I just need to do it.
Alright lovers. That's what I got for today. I hope that you all did a lot better than I did!


  1. That March 3rd was a doozie. I would have loved to be with your for that day considering I'm imagining strawberry daquiris with whipped cream and pizza! lol. Look at the positive, your heading back down!!!!

  2. You're still doing so awesome. I was embarrassed to even link up this week because I've just fallen so far off the wagon that I'm not even tracking anymore. I'm doing a hard start on Monday - no if's/and's/but's. So I'll be back next week. yoga. I did it once and felt like I would die and then found out I burnt like 150 cals. So not worth it. I like regular yoga much better.

  3. I am still proud of you! It is hard, but at least you are trying. Next week will be awesome! I have faith in you!


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