Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back: Week 4 & Progress Pictures

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 Hello Lovers!!! Megan and I are back at it again. This little link-up may be small, but we are COMMITTED. I'm really enjoying reading everyone's posts and feeling the love. It is always better with a great support system.
I have to be honest with you. Up until yesterday, I was a total Debbie Downer. I mean, I was SO upset. I was working SO hard and the scale just wasn't moving. Maybe if I didn't weigh myself every day, but... I didn't give up.
Normally,when I get like that I go on a junk food/wine bender. It isn't pretty. And then I mess up whatever work I did anyway. So, yay me.
This time, I just kept it up. I felt good and that helped. I stepped on the scale this morning and wasn't expecting to see anything. But...check it out.
That's a 1.4 lb loss from last week. I know that isn't AMAZING, but it was just the battle, not the war. Every 1.4 lbs counts!
Now for the fun pics. Progress.

I'm seeing more definition in my mid-section. I know the picture quality still sucks, but you get the point.

I'm not really sure why I think leaning back is flattering, but whatever. If I wasn't standing like a freak you could see that it is a little smaller in the mid-section. And I think my thighs look a little smaller. Right?
I've been trying REALLY hard to get my workouts in. I've also been trying really hard to keep moving. I told you guys that I bought a heart rate monitor and it arrived on Saturday. EARLY! YAY! And while I've used the heart rate portion of it when I'm working out to try to get into the "zone", I use it for the step counter more. It tells you how many steps you took (and your goal, mine is 10,000), how long you walked, how many calories you burned, etc. It is AWESOME.

This is from this morning.
I like it because it really motivates me to keep moving. Yesterday I was stuck in a meeting all day and when I got home I was barely halfway to my goal for the day. So, I took Mr. Fresh for a walk. Hung out outside. Cleaned up stuff around the house. Just kept moving. I ended up reaching over 12,000 steps. The day before, I did 15,000.
Except now I feel exhausted at the end of the day. I think it is more because I KNOW how much I have been moving now. Haha. Blessing and a curse.
Yesterday I missed my walk with Kell-dawg. We go walking at lunch, but I was stuck in a stupid meeting all day. I was going to go to yoga, but no one else was going and it was GORGEOUS out. So I went home and took Mr. Fresh for a walk. Not a hardcore cardio workout, but we got to see the neighborhood more, he enjoyed it, and I still got in about 2.5 miles.
Minus the angry dog that chased us down the street, it was a lovely time.
Public service announcement: If your dog isn't able to happily sit in your yard, unleashed, without barking, snarling, and chasing people who walked by, then put them on a fucking leash. OK? What if I was walking with my kid? You going to have your dog chase my kid down the road? I mean, c'mon, it is common sense people. Nothing bothers me more than pet owners who are unrealistic about their dog's behavior. Mr. Fresh takes off at a moments notice, he's ALWAYS on a leash. He barks at women and children. He's ALWAYS on a leash. (Not that he would ever do anything, but he sounds scary. Not sure what the issue with women and children is either, but whatever)
Sorry about that. Anyway.
I've been trying to keep my workouts from getting boring. Plus, your body works more when it isn't used to the workout. Some walking here. Some heavy cardio here. Yoga. I want to get back into the 300 ab challenge and squats. I'm going to make this weight loss mission my bitch!
And I'll be enjoying my smokin' bod when I'm out at my pool enjoying some adult beverages.
Oh... I can't wait to go swimming too! That's a great low impact workout that burns some serious calories.
That's all for this week. How did you all do? I know last week we were all facing some troubles.
Smooches! Don't forget to link-up with Megan and I!
Oh, and sorry for the late post. I was having some display issues. All my pictures were showing up weird. Took me forever to fix it.


  1. You can definitely see the difference!! So awesome!!!

  2. Bad ass lady!!! You rocked it this week! And you can definitely see some change. And yes, I think your thighs do look smaller! Congrats on the loss! Keep up the hard work!

  3. Congrats to you! Good job this week. I need to get back on my healthy eating kick. I've gone out to eat a lot this week. Grocery shopping and fruits/veggies need to happen this weekend.


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