Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap

Last week was a crazy one. Just non-stop stuff and I was exhausted.
Mix that with a sick pup and it all went cray from there.
On Wednesday I came home from work and Big A said that Mr. Fresh wasn't feeling well. He had gone to the bathroom in the house and that wasn't like him at all. He had been out a couple times since then.
He ended up throwing up too so I called the vet, but they didn't seem concerned. They said to keep an eye on him and if he was still doing it tomorrow then bring him in. I was up with him all night long, but by morning he seemed to be doing better so we went to work. Big A came home to check on him at lunch and he was fine! Thank god!
I came home from work and he seemed fine so I started cleaning the house a bit. I heard him walking around upstairs which was weird because he never goes up there. We have two bedrooms and a bathroom up there that we don't really use because they need work done on them. I went upstairs and found out that when we thought he was "fine", he was just going to the bathroom upstairs. Fun.
I tried to give him some food, ground turkey and rice, but he immediately threw it up and he was still going outside pretty often so I called back the vet. The woman I talked to now seemed panicked and told me to bring him in immediately and that I should have brought him in last night. Assholes.
I brought him in and the poor thing just kept getting sick everywhere. The vet said it was probably just a bug, but they could do all these tests to find out for the low low price of $650. I asked her if she thought he needed all the extra tests and she said, "well, you always want to do everything you can, but he is stable". One of the options was to give him fluids because he was dehydrated, a shot to stop the vomiting, and then if we could get food in him the next day, start him on antibiotics.
I asked her if she thought we could try this and if he hadn't made any progress in the morning if I could bring him back and we could do the rest. He was already so sick and so anxious about being there that I really didn't want to force him into all of these horrible things. Getting pricked with more needles and getting x-rays didn't sound like fun.
She said yes, hesitantly, but I knew it didn't have anything to do with his health, she wanted the money. Asshole.
So I brought him home and he stayed attached to my side for the entire night. He was only up twice through the night so that helped. I was supposed to work from home the next day, but I was too tired so I took the day off. We slept in a bit and I was able to get some food in him so that he could take his medicine. My dad came and watched him while I went to a meeting at work that I couldn't miss, but it seemed that our furry little guy was coming around.
This was him on Thursday night.
Exhausted. Poor puppy.
Thankfully he is back to 100%. Big A, Mr. Fresh, and I all collectively agreed that he would not do that again. I have to say I was pretty scared at one point. He hadn't eaten in two days and he couldn't even keep water down. It was horrible and I have never seen him that bad. Thankfully it was just a bug.
Friday I hung at home to make sure Dogbert was all set.
Saturday my mom, N, and Pickles came over to keep me company while I baked for Easter. I had prepped the filling for my Bacon Tomato Cups and made White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal cookies on Friday night because I knew I was still going to have a lot to do Saturday.
Saturday we had brunch and mimosas and I made Chocolate Bailey's Cupcakes with a caramel & chocolate ganache in the middle, and Bailey's Frosting. Then I made Pink Moscato cupcakes with Moscato frosting. Amazing, but they took forever.
I also bought a decorating kit to practice my frosting skills. I wanted pretty cupcakes, not normal plain Jane ones. I'm no Brittany(Or C for that matter. Dude has some serious frosting skills!) but I think I did OK for my first try. I had some icing consistency problems, but I think once I get that under control then I should be good.
Pink Moscato Cupcakes
Saturday night we had Wine Night which was good. We caught up a little before the boys came and crashed the party. Don't they know there are no boys allowed at Wine Night? Haha.
On Sunday I woke up to finish frosting the cupcakes. I needed to put the frosting in the fridge overnight to get it to thicken up a bit.
Then I baked the Bacon Tomato Cups and tried not to eat them all before we got to Big A's parents' house. Haha. They seriously are delicious. Bacon, tomato, cheese, onions, biscuits. I mean, how can you go wrong?
Bacon Tomato Cups
We had a great time with everyone on Easter. My parents and my brother go, so it is nice to see all of our family at once. Most of Big A's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins come so it is great to catch up. Our friend Pags and his girlfriend came (he comes to most holidays at Big A's house...he's family), and then N and J joined us this year since they didn't have any plans.
It was so great to see everyone, but I am thoroughly exhausted. I should have been smart like N and taken the day off. But...I'm not smart. And now I am exhausted. Haha.
I got no other pictures of the weekend because apparently all I care about is my dog and food. Eh...whatcha gonna do.
Tomorrow Big A turns the big Dirty Thirty so I'm looking forward to a fun night of spoiling my man!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!!!


  1. Oh my god I'm so glad Ruby's boyfriend is okay because that is no bueno. Dogs being sick stress me out so bad because they can't freaking talk!

    Also, cupcakes look bomb :) Muy impressed.

  2. I'm so glad your dog is doing better. We've been very lucky that ours hasn't been really sick in the two years we've had her, it's so scary when they can't you whats wrong with them.

  3. I am so glad that Mr. Fresh is feeling better. I definitely feel your pain on that one. I think I told you about when Louie went through that. He didn't have the throwing up though and that was one of the main reasons that they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. So glad that the medicine helped him though and that he is himself again.

    All of your food looks delicious! Oh my gosh! My mouth is water. And you are right. Tomato, bacon and cheese? What could be better? Nothing, haha!

  4. Poor puppy - glad he's feeling better! And those cupcakes look delicious.

  5. Glad the pup is doing better. Sounds exhausting for all three of you.
    You are quite the little baker!! I wish I enjoyed being in the kitchen.

  6. awwww poor mr. fresh :( I am sooo happy he's doing better. Yikes, I know you were super scared. And (random transition) your cupcakes look straight amazing. like probably you should mail me one if you have any left over. and if you don't the recipe (that I will for sure prob. never make) would also be okay! Speaking of recipes, Bacon Tomato Cups... what the what? I also need these mailed and /or the recipe. I want to have mad skilz like Brit too, but your frosting technique looks legit! I say you got this!

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