Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

Just when I think it will never get here... Friday arrives.
And I want to SMOOCH it.
Yeah, yeah, I say the same thing every week. BUT, people are totally allowed to gush about the loves of their lives.
Some people have a husband, a dog, and kids.
I have a husband, a dog, and the weekend.
So there...
Anyway... time for Friday's Letters with Ashley!
Dear Rain, eff off. My lunch time walk was cancelled yesterday due to training. It will NOT be cancelled today just because you're an asshole.
Dear Money, where do you go? Why am I constantly finding myself in a state of having a whole bunch of money or nothing. Oy vey. I need an adult.
Dear Self, keep going with your working out and eating right. You WILL see results. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your smokin' hot body! Stick with it. Even though it is hard.
Dear Self...again, it is so sweet of you to give yourself a peptalk.
Dear Face, I don't know if anyone has told you, but we are 27. Not 14. I'm married. I own a house. I pay a mortgage. I have a big girl job. It reaaaaaalllly isn't cool of you to continue to look like shit. Especially since our insurance thinks that this problem should be done by 23. So, figure it out. I'm doing my best, but you're kind of being a bitch.
Dear Bloggers, I think sometimes we forget what the real important thing about blogging is...having this HUGE community of women to identify with. To share stories. To empathize. To laugh with. To cry with. To form friendships across the country that you NEVER would have had before. Creating a specific Twitter, Blog, Website to be a snarky bitch and talk shit about kind of defeating the purpose. So...let's put all the BS aside and all be buddies. Sound good? I'll bring some graham crackers and apple juice and we can all have a good time.
Dear Teen Mom girls, I really have to wonder how much of what they show and what I read is true. On the one hand, I think that maybe you are getting a bad rap for ratings. On the other hand, you could be letting everything go to your head. Who knows. (Although Jenelle...I have to say...your husband is an idiot. In the words of Jerry Springer, you need to drop that zero and get yourself a hero. Maybe a real man who doesn't take selfies all day and who knows a thing about English and grammar)
Dear Twitter, I'm embarrassed to admit that I am addicted to you. Not that I tweet or anything. I just enjoy reading all of the bullshit. Between the "celebrity" drama and the Blogger drama. You sure are interesting. Although...I never really got the whole fighting online for the whole world to see. Makes for an interesting work day though, I suppose.
Dear Big A, some day we will agree on what we should do to the house. Or what we should buy. Some days I think that you allow me to pretty much do whatever I want so I should cut you some slack. Other days I think that you are pretty damn expensive and we would have 8,000 tools and no money if you were able to run free. Haha. Oy. All a part of learning I suppose.
Dear To Do List, none of the items on you are fun, so I don't really feel like doing you today. Please disappear.
Alright, that's enough for today. I have a shit ton of things to do to make up for being in training all day yesterday and I don't want to do any of it. Ugh.
Happy Weekend Lovers!


  1. Hahaha I SO hear you about the weekend. I just love to retreat into my home and do nothing for 2 days straight. Apparently I missed all the blogger/twitter drama - some of those people legit seem like sociopath's.

  2. hahhah 'Dear self again' too funny!

    'In the words of Jerry Springer, you need to drop that zero and get yourself a hero.' you crack me up!!!

    I needed this laugh today. :) thank you.

    My husband does have 8000 tools. I think he buys multiple of the same ones, but he swears they do different things. Well a good portion of the power ones look the same to me. Soooo

  3. I am glad it is the weekend too! And I completely agree with you on that whole bs blog crap. I didn't join this awesome community to listen to people talk crap about each other. I feel like some people are stuck in High School still. And yes, Twitter is very entertaining!


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