Friday, April 26, 2013

Our House: Moving Day

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I'm off today, headed away for the weekend with my handsome husband for a little belated 30th Birthday Celebration (it took him awhile to get some time off).
So... I figured I would continue on with the house recaps so that this whole thing doesn't take 8,000 years like the wedding recaps. Although... it probably will since it will take us that long to finish it. Whoops.
We were working on the house and packing up the apartment down to the last minute on Friday night. Actually, Big A and I got into one of our stress fights (you know that kind where neither one of you really did anything, but you are both so stressed that you are just going to yell at each other for awhile) and he was like, "there's no way we are moving tomorrow".
Heh. Wanna bet?
See...there's something in me that reacts to someone telling me that I can't do something. It just makes me want to do it more. And if it has to do with their doubt of me...then I HAVE to prove them wrong. So I did... kinda.
Saturday morning my mom headed over to my apartment to help me load some stuff in the car. N texted me and pretty much didn't give me a choice, she was coming over, did I need coffee? I'm not one to ask for help...ever...well other than from my family. I am perfectly comfortable bossing them around...and they do it because they love me (even though I know I am a giant pain in their ass).
So, I had a team. Pretty much. We kicked ass. Pa Dukes was over at the house finishing up our bedroom because we hated the first color. So...despite our best efforts...we were able to get everything over to the house on Saturday except for our bedroom stuff. That had to stay since the room needed more time to air out. BUT...we kicked ass. Even Big A was surprised when he showed up (has conveniently "has to work" whenever we move. hahaha).
Big A and his friend J helped bring over some last minute big stuff. And then they all came back to help the next day. Big A's cousin helped too. It is amazing the people that are willing to put aside their ENTIRE weekend and help you. Without even being asked. In fact, I told N to go eff herself on Sunday when she said she was on her way over. BUT, she showed up, with a coffee in her hand.
We are so lucky to have so many great friends who helped us along the way.
The house with all of our crap in it. Bedroom (color is actually a bit darker). And our first sit-down dinner in our house. A BIG thanks to our helpers. My dad, my mom, J, N, Big A, and me. (Ignore the fact that we look a was a LONG day.)
Big A and I took our time finishing up cleaning the apartment and getting our last things out. We had until the end of the month, so we went bit by bit when we could and finally we were done. It was bittersweet. That was the place that we first lived together. Where we got engaged. Where we came home to after we were married.

Where we fought. Where we made up. Where we decided that even when things are bad, it is still better when we are together. I love our house, but our apartment will always have a special place in our hearts.
Here's some final pics of our apartment:
That pic on the bottom of Big A kneeling is almost too perfect, because that was almost the exact spot that we got engaged. Meeeemmmorrrieeeeees.

And then...just like that...we were done.

We have been back a couple times since because Big A still plows the driveway, or we go to the restaurant across the street and it seems weird. It still seems like it is ours, but I know it isn't. It belongs to someone else now. And that's OK.
And we are in the HOUSE!!! Now, it is on to decorating.
We threw some stuff up on the wall, but "our" (meaning me) next project is finishing the living room. We bought new couches. A new rug. Re-did a lamp. Now we just need new curtains and to paint the woodwork and the front door and DONE! So that will be my next recap.
Hopefully sometime within the next 6 months. HA!
Have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday with our recap. Hopefully.
And for the record...I'm not being all "I'm gone for the weekend, please steal my shit." We have someone staying at the house watching Mr. Fresh. I ain't that dumb! Heh.


  1. Aw your old apt is so cute! We never go to our old just has this weird memory associated with it and it doesn't feel like home anymore. Your new house looks amazing - when am I coming over for dinner? :)

  2. That staircase is your old apartment is seriously awesome. I want a staircase like that in my house, haha! And I love your new house. I can't wait to see more.

    I hope you guys have an amazing time on your mini vacation!!

  3. It's always sad leaving a place you lived that was yours! Even leaving the apartment that a friend and I lived in during college was sad. But, you came out on the other side with a nice house to make your own and create memories in!!

  4. I was totally going to try to find your house so I could break in. Glad you warned me about the guard dog and house sitter. Haha!

    HOpe you have a fabulous weekend away!!!

  5. It's always hard to leave a place that has been home but you have a beautiful new home to look forward to. Good luck.


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