Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!!!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I didn't post yesterday. I wasn't feeling it. I feel like I'm going through a blogging slump, pretty much like every other Blogger I follow. It will come back to me though.
* Since I didn't post yesterday, you didn't know it was Big A's Dirty Thirty!!! I spent the day running around trying to sneak things by him to surprise him. I got him in the morning. But I got bagged when I snuck something in his truck after work. Can't really surprise someone who has a job that requires them to walk out to where their truck is parked often. Whoops!
* I am so glad that I finally found these lounge chairs (because everywhere else was UBER expensive) but I'm pissed because they are ugly and the cushions cost almost as much as the chair...sometimes more...
Someone help me!
* I get violently angry every morning when I still have to put gloves on to drive to work. It is April. It is Spring. I should not have to wear gloves because my steering wheel is so cold because it is 30 degrees out. If Mother Nature had a face, I would punch it. And the forecast of "possibility of snow and maybe a warm-up heading your way" isn't OK. I want, "Just wait Bitch, next week it will be so hot you won't know what to do with yourself". Please and thank you.
* I was annoyed that I actually ate healthy last night. I took Big A out to dinner and had a hard time picking what to eat and defaulted to the crab stuffed haddock because the last time I got it somewhere it was covered in this yummy sauce. This one... super healthy. No sauce. Fresh veggies. It was annoying.
* I am counting down the days until Big A and I go away at the end of the month, but after everything that Mr. Fresh went through last week, I'm a bit afraid to leave him. He's still been a little weird and having trouble getting back into his normal sleep patterns (i.e. spending half an hour pacing every night when we go to sleep, waking up uber early, etc.) so I would hate to leave him when he's still off. He's got 23 days though, so fix it Dogbert!!!
* I was noticeably annoyed that people were coming to ask me random questions before 8:00 AM. I know I start at 7:00, but there's no reason for us to be dealing with all of this right now. I'm not fully awake yet and we have the whole rest of the day to deal with it.
* I've spent the majority of my morning looking for pool furniture...whoops.
* I was also looking at hot tubs...from Walmart. Pretty sure that I am not going to buy a hot tub from Walmart.
* I giggle when Big A talks about his plans for the lawn and what he is going to do and how he really needs to "get started on it". It isn't that I think he can't do it...or won''s just I've never seen him care about a lawn before. It's a bit strange.
Alright lovers. I'm outta here because someone is bound to notice that I have done NOTHING productive today.
PS: Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Bringing Sexy Back. Can't wait to hear how all you ladies are doing!!!


  1. Hey I came from Shannon's link up:-) I am SO with you on it still being cold! WTH!?!? I'm pretty sure it's APRIL! Ya'll must have recently gotten a pool? We moved the first week of March into a house with a pool and I'm OBSESSED with getting to swim in it - so excited!

  2. I love that you're mad because you ate crab stuffed haddock. First world probz, yo.


  3. As I type this, I can here the wind like freaking out and it's kind of annoying. Ive been seeing so many people in shorts or t-shirt and here I am bundled up in jeans, two sweatshirts and gloves...NOT cool!!!! Let me just say, I love the lounge chairs. maybe not that color/cushion but I love those kind. We have some that are wonderful. Let me find out where we got them and I'll you know!!

  4. Happy belated Birthday to Big A!! And my Husband is the same way when it comes to our lawn. Well actually, we are both obsessed with making it nice. And I look at patio furniture all the time, that is kind of the same as pool furniture, haha! And I know you didn't want to eat healthy intentionally, but I am proud of you for eating healthy. I have been having issues with that this week. Damn Starburst jelly beans!

  5. I'm HATING that it's cold! I pumped my own gas this am and thought my fingers were going to fall off.

  6. I wrote basically the same thing about the weather. Mother Nature needs to get her act togther. For realz.

  7. My hands were so cold this morning when I drove to work. Need warmer weather ASAP! My parents have a hot tub outside - they got it when I was in high school. They haven't used it in years b/c most of the summer they are on the Cape. It is a lot of work to keep it clean since the water is so hot. But it is fun to have especially would be for you since you have a pool!

  8. Aw caring about his lawn...a man of my own heart! I am a turf expert you should tell him if he has any questions to just ask me! :)

    Yes, pool furniture is CRAZY expensive! We are looking for some new stuff too but it's impossible to find something that is nice and not going to make us broke!


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