Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday...
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I'm just a tiny bit happy that my fuel pump is going in my car. My gas gauge has been broken since the beginning of time and playing "gas roulette" gets old. Big A said he would fix it all at the same time because it is a lot of work and no sense going in twice. But now it is gas gauge here I come!!!
* I have been mentally patting myself on the back for going to Bikram yoga last night. It was ridiculously hard and I had to sit down a few times during the standing part, but I actually made it through. And given the fact that my body still aches...I think I definitely got a lot out of it!
* I hate the fact that I KNOW my new scale is accurate. It isn't showing a loss (yet) and that bums me out. I DID however lose some inches though, so I guess I can't get too down on myself. It's SO hard not to focus on the number.
* I thoroughly enjoy watching all the Teen Mom 2 drama that unfolds on Twitter. I don't comment. I just stalk. My new favorite is Jenelle's fight with one of the girls from Buckwild. Granted the girl shouldn't have tweeted "MTV can have shows about horrible parents and horrible influences and we're just good people having good hearted fun..." but Jenelle also didn't have to comment on the fact that they all get drunk all the time and do drugs. How does that saying go? Something about a pot and a kettle? I won't even comment on the fact that none of the Buckwild cast has kids to worry about. That will just get into a whole thing.
* I am still counting down the days, hours, minutes, until Big A and I go away. EEK! I'm so excited. We definitely need some time to unwind and recharge. And the fact that my ass will be sitting in a hot tub adds a little sparkle to that too!
* I miss my dog when I leave him. Sometimes I think that I am going to be this super awesome Mom who does it all for her kids, but remembers herself (because like every other person in the world without kids I have ALL the answers hahahaha). And then I remember how much of a freak I am when it comes to my dog...and I shut up...
* I legit want to scream at people when they move stuff on my desk. I have pictures, an inbox for mail, a plant, an outbox for mail, etc. and I have it where I want for a reason. Not so that you can come over and move all of my shit so that you can lean on it. I mean, really? We are talking for 30 seconds, you can't stand up straight? Every day I look for more shit to put up there so there's nowhere to move anything.
Seriously...what part of this looks inviting and says, "Hey, move all my shit around and make yourself comfortable. Let's chat about useless bullshit!"?????
Sorry for the scribbles. Couldn't have you getting all my work info. That would be bad news bears.
* I have been at work for an hour and a half and I JUST realized that my bra is poking out of my shirt. Whoops! Good thing I haven't talked to anyone yet. did seem to work out well for Erin Brockovich...
That's all for today. I just heard there's free breakfast somewhere in the building and Shamu likes her some free food!
Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!!!
Also...don't forget to come back tomorrow to link up for Bringing Sexy Back.
Be prepared...we want to see your results, and since next week it will be a month I say we do progress pictures. I know...I know...we all hate them. BUT, it will either be a "holy shit, I kicked ass this month" or "it has been a month and this sucks" which always gives me a nice kick in the behind.


  1. That whole gas gage situation would make me so nervous! I ran out a couple of weeks ago - thank God for AAA plus! They came and put gas in for free!! Congrats on losing inches. Try not to weigh yourself too often. Seeing the weight not change much can be depressing! But keep up the good work!!

  2. Jenelle's twitter feed provides enough entertainment for a lifetime.

  3. I don't think Jenelle has much room to talk, haha! And I hate when people move crap on my desk. I agree with your logic. It is in a certain spot for a reason, so please don't move it! And I am proud of you for going to Yoga. I couldn't do that stuff, haha!

  4. OMG I am so dumb. I thought that's how your post-it notes really looked!

    And don't even get me started on Janelle!!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

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