Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for another So What! Wednesday.
This week I am saying So What if...
* I suck royally this week. Seriously. So far, I have sent an employee for a random drug test without sending the paperwork and leaving work, sent one of my bosses to the WRONG airport and had to scramble to fix his flights (which he was SUPER understanding about even though he had to sit at the airport for four hours, he is SO nice), and dumped an entire travel mug of coffee all over myself and my kitchen walking out of the house this morning. Seriously. I need a bubble. Hopefully that was my huge eff up for Wednesday, so I'm all done.
* I continue to stalk Jenelle Evans on Twitter and watched as she defended her sobriety after Monday's Teen Mom 2 episode where she is OBVIOUSLY fucked up in. And apparently next week shows her going to the hospital because of it. But that's "all behind her" and then her husband and her get arrested last night for assault and possession of heroin. Wow. Honestly, I know she does this to herself, and makes it worse by playing the victim (she says she can't help her drug abuse, that is is genetic and she can't help being an addict because it is a disease. Umm...genetics may make the chance of you becoming an addict bigger, but it essentially is YOUR choice to stick that needle in your arm. Once you take responsibility for your actions, it is easier to change them...just my two cents) but I do feel bad for her. She's just a kid. But she's also a mother and she needs to get her shit together.
Her 10th mugshot by 21.

Her hubby dearest. I think he sucks. She needs to drop him.
* I have soooooo much to do today, but I'm afraid of screwing something else up that I'm nervous about actually working. Ugh. Get it together.
* I am so excited that I only have one more work day after this and then it is 3 days of just me and my love. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we totally need this time together. To regroup. To catch up. It's been a LONG, hard four months (twss) and it is time to put it all behind us.
* I can't believe that is has almost been 9 months since we have been married. And next month will mark 6 years together. And that I am slightly nervous about the "7 year itch" myth that floats around. Now, if I could only figure out if it means between years 6 & 7 or years 7 & 8, then I could figure out the appropriate time to be worried. Haha.
* I get really annoyed when my co-lead on the team I'm on at work signs us up for stuff without asking me. I think it is rude. Especially when she won't be here for part of the events and she is basically signing ME up for it without asking. Breathe in. Breathe out. UGH!
* I went to Bikram Yoga on Monday night and was sweating so much (and accidentally poured water on myself) that my clothes were SOAKEN wet and I felt like it looked like I peed myself, so I walked out to my car telling all of the people I walked by that it was sweat and that I peed myself. While I find sweat fucking DISGUSTING, it somehow seemed better than pee. To the point that I apparently needed to tell strangers about it. Oy vey. I shouldn't be in public. Ever.
* I am exhausted at all of the stuff that we have coming up. We seriously have something every single weekend for the next 5-6 weeks. It is insane. We are also trying to fence in our backyard and get all the yard work that we need done. Which is near impossible when you don't have a free weekend. Luckily, the yard was well taken care of, and we don't really have to plant anything (other than our garden and maybe some pretty flowers) so it won't be so bad. Thankfully.
Alright, I've rambled enough. That's all for today. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link-up!
Also, don't forget about Bringing Sexy Back tomorrow. Which will pretty much just be me whining about trying to be good and still seeing nothing. And then pretending like I focus on the positive when you all really know I'm full of shit! Haha.


  1. Sweet jesus. I about lost myself when I saw Janelle was arrested AGAIN. That girl is a hot mess.

  2. I have never watched Teen Mom but of course know about Janelle. So so sad. I only wish all of us didn't care about these train wrecks. I feel like they get a thrill from us reading about them and then keep doing more stupid stuff. Who wants to be famous for that!!

    Sorry about your coffee and other mishaps. I hate weeks like that. I can't seem to get it together to write a blog post right now. I need a vacation too! :)

  3. Hahaha I was dying last night when I read that she got arrested. So ridiculous. Her husband looks so incredibly sketchy. I give Amber kudos for putting herself in jail because she knew if she didn't, she wouldn't change. Jenelle still blames everyone else for all her bullshit. No wonder they cancelled this trainwreck.

  4. I too am obsessed with all the Teen Mom drama. It is so sad that Jenelle got mixed up with all of this, there was a time (prob season 1) where I thought she was the smartest of the group. Boy was I wrong! I really think she needs to get her mental issues under control or she will always be turning to drugs. But yeah, she totally doesn't take responsiblity for anything, which annoys me the most about her in general.

  5. Also I meant to add that I'm sorry you are having a bad week!

  6. She is train wreck for sure. And I am glad that you guys finally get to go away this weekend. You guys are going to have a great time. And good for you for going to Yoga again!

    Sorry about the coffee though. That sucks! Been there, done that. It isn't fun!

  7. Omg! Jenelle is such a hot mess! I follow her on twitter too...which made me think...WHY THE HELL ARE WE NOT FOLLOWING EACHOTHER ON TWITTER??!?! Let's get on that shit!

    You just need to tell people that you did, in fact, pee yourself. Just for entertainment of their reactions.

  8. Jenelle is such a mess. She really needs to get herself straightened up soon, poor Jace.

    I hope you two enjoy your 3 day weekend together!

  9. Good for you for going to Bikram! That shit's hard but rewarding! It's free at my gym this week so I'll be sweating right there with you tomorrow. I need a good sweat. It makes me feel like I did a good job.
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