Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back: Settling

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It's Thursday and you know what that means...
Time for another "Bringing Sexy Back" with Megan and I. Our weekly link-up to hold ourselves accountable for dropping those LBs!
Today I'm going to talk about selling yourself short.
Most days, KG and I go for a walk on our lunch breaks. We do about 2.5-3.0 miles of huffing and puffing around that circle that our office buildings are located on and chat.
We talk about our guys, our lives, and mostly our weight loss and exercise routine. We hold each other accountable. We lift each other up when we are down. We support each other. We are pretty bad ass like that.
We were chatting the other day and I told her that I had finally got to a point where I was comfortable. I had come a long way. I was more comfortable in my skin. I felt good. Obviously I wanted to tone up a bit more, but if my weight never changed I was OK.
And I was telling the truth...for the most part.
The reality though? This isn't anywhere near my goal weight. My body isn't anywhere near where I want it to be. YES, I have come a long way. YES, I am MORE comfortable than I was before, but this isn't where I want to be.
Then I realized it. I was selling myself short. I was settling for good enough.That's not how I want to live my life. That ISN'T how I live my life. So why would I do it now?
Then I got frustrated. Knowing that if I hadn't been so lazy and hadn't settled for where I am now, I would have been closer to my goal.
I wasn't seeing a difference in my weight for awhile, no matter how hard I tried. I would go up and down with the same 3 lbs, but that was it. I was seeing more definition, which was good. I was losing inches, which was good. But there's no way that I'm going to see the body type that I want at the weight that I'm at.
So... rather than work harder, keeping at it, and/or doing something different...I settled.
And that's not fair to me. That's not fair to anyone. I wouldn't do this in ANY other aspect of my life. If it wasn't what I wanted, I would try harder. I would do MORE. I would find some way to change it. To make it different. To make it what I want. I know that I may not ever get everything that I want, but being happy with reality and SETTLING are two different things.
So, I'm making more of an effort. Watching what I eat more. Watching how much I'm moving. I've been keeping up with my squat/plank challenge (except for last night, but I spent two hours cleaning the pool, so no, I was not about to bust out my squats and drop down into a plank) which I am proud of. I'm taking pictures to show the before and after (but apparently you don't see a HUGE difference in a week...go figure...sometimes I'm still looking for that magic potion, that miracle worker) so hopefully there will be a difference.
That's what I got for you guys today. Do you ever settle? Are you settling now? What do you do when you realize that what you are doing isn't what you really want?
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  1. I think you should really give yourself a pat on the back for losing inches! And for being proud of how far you have come! I'm proud of you! You inspire me to lose the weight! I can offically say today that I am down over 10 pounds! Thanks dude!

  2. I've totally been there so many times. The most important thing is to focus on how far you've come and not how much you have left. Because you're doing fucking awesome.

  3. I think it is normal to sell yourself short. I do it all the time without realizing it. But I am glad that you are pushing yourself and not letting yourself settle. Go get what you want and don't let anything stand in the way. You got this! And you are doing amazing!! So proud of all of your hard work!


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