Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back: Week 6

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Welcome to another "Bringing Sexy Back" Thursday! If it is your first time here, then, welcome! Megan and I have been doing this link-up for the past couple weeks to hold ourselves accountable for shedding that dreaded "winter weight" (apparently winter lasted from 2008-2012/2013 for me...) and get ready for Summer!
This week I decided to quit my whining and get off my ass and do something about it. I was moving before, but I wasn't really WORKING. So I made a plan.
Monday: Couch to 5K
Tuesday: Jillian DVD
Wednesday: Couch to 5K
Thursday: Jillian DVD
Friday: Couch to 5K
Sunday: Rest or Make-up Day
And let me tell you. There is not a single day this week that I have wanted to work out. It was a struggle. Especially yesterday. My legs hurt. My body hurt. I had a shitty day at work and all I wanted to do was drink wine.
BUT... I forced myself to get on the treadmill and DO it. I then drank wine, but I felt better knowing I worked out first. Haha.
Tuesday I had a date with my old friend Miss. Jillian. I was pleasantly surprised when her workout didn't KILL me. I mean, the jump squat things are ridiculous, but I substituted some other moves during that time. I kept moving, that's what is important (not her ridiculous move that no one can do).
Here's my favorite. LOVE the kettle bell workout. (I also love the kickboxing one, but it KILLS my back)
And in the interest of full disclosure, this was what was behind my DVD when I was taking the picture. A cheeseburger. Yep. However... I make them myself, so I can control the calories a little more. AND I made a salad with it instead of sweet potato fries (bag salads are so gross. I don't know why I EVER buy them!)
I've been working hard to keep up with my workouts and stay on schedule. There's a certain someone in the house who doesn't approve of my workouts. Apparently he loves me just the way I am.

Yeah. Do you know how hard it is to workout with a dog in your lap?
Also... he hates the treadmill. He steals shit while I'm on it. Or just stands there next to it and barks. It's fun.
Also in the interest of full disclosure...I thought I would get a bit real here. No hiding behind yoga pants. Here's a pic from this past weekend before we headed to the pool. I was proud of myself for how far I had come and how I had absolutely NO issues going to a public pool and walking around in a bathing suit. It was a big moment. I thought of how I was a couple years ago and I would have just stayed in my hotel room under a big sweatshirt. I NEVER would have gone to the pool and I would have totally missed out.

A little comparison. I barely took any pictures CLOTHED let alone in a bathing suit back then, but here's the pic from last weekend compared to a pic from our Engagement party in September 2011. There should be more of a difference, but some asshole gained 10 lbs after getting married. Whatever. 20 months later. Wow.

I know I'm never going to be stick thin. I know I won't ever have tiny little thighs and small hips. BUT.. I also know that I CAN be healthy.

I signed up for the online medical records system that my doctor's office has and it lets you see all of your stats from the past 10 years. I was looking through how great I was doing compared to a couple years ago when it hit me...2008...I was 147 lbs.


My goal right now is 155 and I couldn't imagine myself being any smaller than that. I thought it was impossible. Apparently not. It kind of hit me even more because I remember specifically being 156 when I realized that I was gaining weight. I didn't even realize that I had gained 10 lbs at that point. I don't ever want to do that again. I know I keep saying that, but I really don't.

I don't want to be fighting with my weight my entire life. I want to be active, healthy. I want healthy eating and exercise to be a normal part of my life. I want to be at a point where I am just maintaining my weight. I know I can get there. I need to just stop eating cheeseburgers and drinking so much wine. Which is super hard because it is Summer and that's all I want to do.

My friend KG and I have a mantra we remind ourselves when we hate life and just want to give up:

"Bikini, Bikini, Bikini"

It works. The reason I got on the treadmill last night? Some skinny little bitch posting her pictures of herself at the beach in her bathing suit. (For the record...she isn't a bitch at all. She IS skinny and little, but not a bitch... I'm just jealous. Haha). So I got myself off my couch and got changed.

Bikini. Bikini. Bikini.

There's 24 days until our Memorial Day cookout where we will hopefully have nice enough weather to finally use the pool. Which means I have a little over 3 weeks until there is a possibility that I will be in my bathing suit in front of a large amount of people.

So... I have 3 weeks to lose 25 lbs.

Haha. Just kidding.

My current goal is to lose 5 lbs by then. Small goal. But harder than one would think.

So... 21 days. 5 lbs. Workouts 5 days a week, with 1 wild card day for SOME activity, and 1 off day. I do really need to watch my portions and my eating. I think I'm switching to just salads for lunch. I always get a better workout when I'm eating lighter during the day.

And that's all my rambling for today. Head on over to Megan's blog and check out her post for today. And don't forget to link-up below!

(Sidenote: We had some problems with the link last week, so if you linked up, we didn't know about it. Hopefully we got it fixed this week!)


  1. Good job!! So glad for you that you felt good about yourself in the bathing suit. That is so important. We all hate bathing suits but feeling good about ourselves makes them a bit easier to wear! Keep up the good work and I hope you hit your 5 pound goal.

  2. I have to keep reading these posts because I am in need of some serious inspiration. My goal is to loose about 30-35 lbs, but I have been so lazy about working out.....I know I can do it and maybe participating in this link up will be worth my while!

  3. You look great in your bathing suite! Shit, I wish I looked like that. I would be strutting it instead of hiding under the tankini and skirt bottoms that I usually buy, haha! I think you can meet your 5 lb goal. I will be cheering you on for sure! You got this!

  4. You are doing a great job - congrats on your progess!! Working out is never any fun but afterwards it is totally worth it. Best of luck with achieving your goals. You can do it!


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