Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back

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It's Thursday and you know what that means!!!
It is time to link up with Megan and I to tell us how you are Bringing YOUR Sexy Back!
I've been slacking ladies. Well...kind of.
I've been slacking in the general sense of "working out". I go for my daily walks with KG. I take Mr. Fresh for walks. But other than that... I haven't done anything that was specifically FOR exercise.
With that being said... I also have barely sat down either.
We have been SO busy and I know I said it before, but I almost welcome Monday mornings because at least it means that I can sit for a few minutes every so often.
Although work has been a mad house too, so I'm not too worried about it.
I have still been watching what I eat and actually craving the healthy food, which I'm loving. But, I can't really attribute that to me actually being healthy, it is definitely the warm weather that does it to me. I don't eat as much. I don't eat as much heavy stuff. I won't complain though, makes hanging out in a bathing suit a lot less scary.
I recently came across this blog post written by Skinny Meg. It is about "5 Things That Keep You Fat". She had some interesting points. The thing that got me most was the Harris-Benedict Equation. I did mine and it told me that I should be eating around 1500 calories a day. Which is a far cry from the 1200 I was shooting for. My problem is that it feels like a LOT of food.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I can eat 1500 calories no problem on a bad day. My problem is eating 1500 GOOD calories a day. It was a lot of food for me. I felt like I was constantly eating and I don't like that. I'm not usually one to eat when I'm not hungry (which is only a partial lie...I may snack here and there if someone has something delicious, but I hardly ever get MYSELF something to eat if I'm not hungry). 
Does anyone else have some more information on this? I would love to hear more. I just want to make sure that I am doing this RIGHT.
A new thing I'm starting is this Squat/Plank challenge that I found on a Mama Laughlin group (I know it sounds like I'm all Mama Laughlin/Skinny Meg crazed, but truth be told, those women know what they are talking about. I mean, their before and after pictures speak for themselves). I saw some before/after pictures of women who had just been doing it for two weeks and I was hooked.
I couldn't believe the difference! It was amazing. I have never stared at a woman's ass for so long! I was impressed. So... I obviously had to do it. Except, I did day one, and skipped day two... whoops! I'm going to do Day 2 & 3 today as punishment. I'm sure I'll never skip a day again. I want to take Before pics to for comparison, but I haven't been able to muster up the courage to get my pasty cottage cheese ass in a bathing suit when it is 40 degrees out and raining.
I typed it all up for you lovely ladies in case you are interested:
Lastly... I think I'm going to drink the kool-aid and do an Advocare cleanse. Mateya sent me some Spark samples that I am dying to try, so I definitely will be doing that, and I think that I am going to do the cleanse starting after Memorial Day. It is only 10 days. I think I can do it, I just need to prepare.
That's it for this week. I'm still hanging in there, just trying to keep it low key so I don't burn myself out. I've been feeling like my body is different even though the scale hasn't moved so I'm trying not to focus on the number. (Plus...everyone keeps telling me that I look like I'm losing weight and while it technically isn't true, there's nothing more a woman wants to hear than "you look skinny")
Also... I tried on my "goal" shorts that I bought last year, and those mother effers not only fit, but they actually zipped AND buttoned and I didn't want to vomit looking at myself in the mirror. I'm hoping that the squat challenge will help a little with the chunky thigh area, but I'm not hating them as it. (I just might wear them only when I'm alone haha!) So I'm pretty happy about that.
That's it for today ladies! Sorry it was so late today, work has been NUTS and apparently "I need to go write my blog post" isn't a good enough reason to blow someone off. Whoops!
Now it's your turn. Link up with Megan and I and show us how you are Bringing Sexy Back!!!


  1. I've been doing 1200 cals on MFP too and mine calculated out to 1945 cals/day! So weird.

  2. I did the equation and my actually came out to 1700 calories which is what I have MFP set up for, so that worked. But I do know that eating too few calories is bad for weight loss. If you aren't eating enough to fuel your body than it isn't going to respond to the changes that you are making. But I think you are right that it seems like a lot of calories, especially if you have only been doing 1200.

    And that is awesome that your shorts fit! I am so proud of you! Keep rocking it girl!


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