Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Letters

Haven't done a Friday's Letters in a couple of weeks.
Dear Work, would you like to explain to me why you are so freaking crazy? Or whose ridiculous idea it was to plan EVERYTHING at the same time. I mean... really? Woof.
Dear Boss Man, thanks for approving my overtime for this month. I'm looking forward to my large paycheck. I am NOT looking forward to working through my lunch breaks, missing my daily walks, and working until 5:00 PM. Boooooooo.
Dear Healthy Eating, you're going pretty well. I just wish that you could somehow incorporate salt, butter, ranch dressing, ketchup, and cheese, because I need at least one of those on EVERYTHING. But those calories suck. Figure it out.
Dear People, why do you have to be so weird? Seriously? Can't everyone be fucking normal? I mean... not completely normal, that doesn't exist, but I just don't get why everyone can't just pipe the fuck down. (I heart Jenna Marbles. I'll admit it!)
Dear Weekend, you are busy. Very busy. And so is the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Soo... I'll see you in June?
Dear Big A, I still believe I should get a Mother's Day present from Mr. Fresh. Just sayin'. Especially after cleaning up after him when he was sick. Also, I know our dating anniversary doesn't count anymore, but no girl has ever turned down diamonds.
Dear Co-Workers, I have enjoyed you all being out of the office for the past 4 weeks. And I will enjoy you being out of the office for the next 2. And when you come back... don't take it personally if I am a grump. I take that back. Take it personally. It is your fault that you are loud and interrupt my calm environment. And ask me dumb questions. And touch my shit. And yeah. Go away.
Dear Post Secret, thank you for always being so amazing. And letting me find this little gem.
Except change her to him. Mr. Fresh would be offended if I referred to him as a girl. Especially since he still has all of his man hood.
Dear Warm Weather, please stay forever. I <3 p="" you.="">
Dear Blogger, why have you been such a pain in the ass lately? You drive me nuts. If you were a person I would punch you in the face.
Alright. That's all for today. Have a fabulous weekend lovers!!!


  1. I loved that PostSecret too! That needs to happen

  2. Ive never heard of Post Secret, but that picture is so true! hahah
    When we were little & would go on family vacations we would call home and let the answering machine pick up then we would tell our dog how much we missed her! hahah

    I have never heard of Jenna Marbles until I watched Vinny's new show last night & she was on it.

  3. Love Post Secret! They always have the best secrets! That would be pretty cool to be able to text your pets, haha! And Blogger has sucked lately! Hope you have a good weekend!


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