Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Letters

First and foremost...does anyone have any idea on how to get rid of all the Spam comments I'm getting. I don't want to do the whole word verification thing because I know that I HATE it when people have it. Heeeeeelp!
Dear KG, are a rock star. Not only did you fight with the craziness that is my pool for me, drive me to not one, but two, but THREE stores looking for a part, helped me wrangle the suicidal frogs, AND skim my pool in the rain at 9:00 at night, BUT you did it all with a smile. I will buy you a pony. Thanks for being a friend and being there to help without me even having to ask (because you know I won't! Haha)
Dear Grimm, WTF?! Didn't you JUST come back on? And now you are on break for the Summer. AND we have no idea what is happening with Nick?
Dear Big A, sometimes I want to punch you in the face. Sometimes I just want to smooch you. Thanks for always keeping things interesting. You're the best!
Dear House, I don't know when you got so pretty, but I'm digging the plants. We thought we were going to have to do all this work to the yard, but looks like the people that owned it before us were on it. I LOVE the pretty purple flowers!

Dear Pool, I know you are supposed to be a lot of work, but shit god damn, stop busting my balls. I will get the right stuff and then you will stop messing with me. Deal?
See all that stuff at the bottom? That covered the ENTIRE pool. It is a work in process.

See this? This is what I SHOULD be doing.
Dear Boss Man, normally I would find your request for a magnetic safety cone strange. BUT, giving that it is Friday and this week has sucked, I will gladly accept the responsibility to ride around and go look for a magnetic safety cone. And get a sprinkles donut...and an iced coffee...
Dear Lady at Work, when you asked me what I could possibly have to be stressed about I wanted to scream. Or hit something. Or someone. I didn't want to get into the whole explanation, but if you saw my schedule this week at work alone, you wouldn't have asked that question. Forget everything I do OUT of work. ARGH!
Dear Mr. Fresh, I love a good rain storm as much as the next one, but if you could not walk all around the yard at night right before bed and get SOAKED and then jump up ON the bed, that would be swell. Thanks Buddy! (Oh and Happy Almost Birthday Dude!)
Dear Weather, feel free to cooperate this weekend. And by cooperate I mean this whole rain and 50 degree bullshit won't fly. I need sun. Warmth. I'll settle for 70's but feel free to go crazy in the 80's. Smooches.
Dear 3 Day Weekend, I would like to make out with you.
That is all. Hope you all have a fun long weekend filled with sun, burgers, and way too much beer!



  1. Your yard and your house look great!!! And I hope you get your pool all fixed so you can lay by it all summer long!

  2. Oh man, sounds like you had quite the week. Yay three day weekend? And your yard looks beautiful, I love the purple flowers!

    When's your pups birthday? My border collie's birthday is coming up too :)

  3. I have a spam filter on my blog. I don't know if blogspot has them though??

  4. I went and looked under my settings and I think I might know why. I've been blogging since February and havent had any spam comments. Try this: go to your dashboard. Click the list arrow thing and go down to settings. On the left hand side is has all the different options. Under Settings there is the "Posts and Comments" tab. Go there and go down to the "Comments" section. The first choice is "who can comment". The first two choices are "Anyone" and then "registered users". Make sure the "registered users" are clicked. Thats what mine is on and its been fine. Hopefully that helps!

    Anyway...Grimm, I'm SO mad!! It seriously just started again not long ago. And I wasnt happen with the finale. They like just stopped the scene. I just stared at the TV like "ok, now what?" I love your letter to Big A. I have to agree. Your house is so so nice and I love the flowers!!! Werent you and I like just talking about t his whole weather thing? Granted that was a month ago but seriously. Its been raining since Tuesday. I've put my shorts and flip flops away again....


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