Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

If you're like me, you're hating the fact that you are back at work today.
I mean... I know we all got an extra day off and all, but seriously...3 days isn't enough.
Plus, short weeks always FEEL the longest. Which is totally unfair.
I hope all of you lovelies had a nice weekend.
Ours was busy. Crazy busy.
Friday, Big A and I had a romantic dinner of Burger King while sitting in his truck in the pouring rain. After that, we took a romantic stroll through BJ's. Holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes, it was pretty magical.
Or what really happened was it took Big A about 0.3 seconds to be annoyed with all of the people there and me to just beg him to get ME a membership so that I don't have to take him with me anymore.
Yeah...that sounds more realistic.
We stocked up on all of the cook-out supplies that we needed and headed home. To of course, unpack everything in the pouring rain. It was fun. Who needs a shower?
Saturday, was another day of rain, rain, and more rain. It took until almost June for Massachusetts to realize that we never really had Spring. So bring on the rain and the pollen.
Mumsie and I ran around doing errands. A little coffee here, the pool store there, more pool crap, attempting to find curtains. Ya know, the Saturday usual. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't so cold and rainy. It just sucked getting in and out of the car in the rain. And you KNOW that no one knows how to drive in the rain, so everyone is ridiculous. And you might as well park 8,000 miles away because then at least you don't have to deal with the assholes when you are getting out.
Can you tell that I'm totally a people person?
After that, I started cleaning the house a bit and Big A came home. We headed over to Jackums house for a lovely evening with her, her hubs, Baby M (of course), N & J. It was nice to hang out and catch up. Except for Baby M MUCH preferred the boys and I would be lying if I said that it didn't break my heart a bit. I'm supposed to be her favorite.
I don't think she got that memo.
Blurry picture, but super BFFs. She grabbed his hand and wanted to walk with him while holding it. I may or may not have cried...
We didn't stay too late because we knew that we had a big day the next day.
Sunday morning we woke up early and got to work. I cleaned the house. Big A mowed the lawn. We got everything ready for the "P Memorial Day Extravaganza" (because we all know cookouts and BBQs are boring...Extravaganzas are where it is at).
We had a great time with everyone! It was seriously so much fun. We had about 30 people there, which was a nice little group. Everyone pitched in bringing bits of food so we has TONS to eat. Big A and I were SO SO thankful to everyone for helping out.
Little by little people started to leave and I think the last people left around 10:30, which was nice since it started at 1:00, so we were ready to go inside.
I was super smart and made sure to shove lots of food down my throat and chug water like a champ, so I did NOT repeat last week's performance of "K-Dawg can't hang".
I woke up Monday morning feeling FABULOUS. Made myself an iced coffee and relaxed a little before I got to work. I was super smart AGAIN and had pretty much cleaned everything up the night before so I didn't have to worry about gross food sitting out all night.
I spent the day cleaning the pool... AGAIN. We had some pump trouble, but my super handy husband fixed it. I think we need to buy a new one anyway, but at least this one seems to be hanging on until we can. Slowly, but surely it is coming along. I'm hoping it is all set for the 90 degree temps we are supposed to get this weekend.
Check it out!
And that's all I got for you. Sorry for the one picture and one screen shot. We were super busy so I don't have ANY pictures. I kind of wish that I had given someone my camera and told them to go around taking pictures, but whatever...we live and we learn.
Now I'm back to ignoring the large amounts of work I am supposed to be doing.
Hope ya'll had a fabulous long weekend!


  1. Three day weekends are never long enough! Glad to hear that your party was a success, we skipped ours this year due to lack of funds and motivation on my part to clean the house because I've been working so much!

  2. I just wish I was laying out in my backyard.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!! The rain was crazy. It was like 45 on Saturday, blah! Sunday we were supposed to go to the lake but it rained again. At least it'll be warm this weekend!

  4. Sounds like your extravaganza went over well! Glad you guys had a good time! Sorry about all the rain though! I hope it warms up so you can use that awesome pool of yours!

  5. Romantic BK dinner :) sounds good to me

    That's a pretty good size extravaganza!! I take it you guys weren't able to get in the pool this weekend? My parents opened their pool but the water is still too cold.

    Fun weekend! Glad you didn't have to ask your husband to smother you with a pillow this time around hahah


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