Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I don't think that Jenelle is entertaining anymore now that she isn't with that douche bag husband of her and seems to be relatively clean. There goes my daily entertainment. Although...I guess I'm happy she is getting her life together...FINALLY!
* I think that Justin Bieber is a turd. Big A and I have daily discussions about what shenanigans he has pulled so far that day. Honestly, I think he is a privileged rich & famous little boy who thinks he is untouchable. Newsflash turd: most celebrities that acted like you at your age are in and out of rehab or washed up nobodys...or BOTH. Get it together.
* I apparently have strong opinions on celebrities these days.
* Speaking on celebrities. Did you see Britney on the cover of Shape this month? Home girl is getting her groove back.
Take notes Bieber, Britney cut the shit and got her stuff back together.
* I am so incredibly excited about dinner tonight. Big A is taking me out to our favorite restaurant and I can taste the lobster ravioli already. He said that I did such a good job with the cookout and working hard on the pool that I deserve a delicious meal. Can't fight the man when he's right! Haha. He's so good to me.
* I am taking a half day on Friday purely because it is supposed to be 90 degrees out and I want to sit out by my pool and day drink. Haha. And I told Boss Man this. Good thing he is so understanding...and isn't planning on being in the building anyway. Holler.
* I continuously think that we have one more week in May. I have no idea why. I keep thinking that June is NEXT weekend. I'm pretty sure I'm losing it.
* I'm kicking myself for not letting Boss Man buy me breakfast. Now I'm STARVING and I have to pay for it myself. BOOOOO!
* It legit bothers me when people stop in front of my desk and have this big, long, loud conversations. You all have nice offices. And there's like 12,000 conference rooms. Egads people, move along.
* I have a stack of surveys that I'm supposed to input the data into a spreadsheet and I haven't touched them yet today. To be fair Boss Man has been walking around the building discussing which printers we do/do not need and then deciding that they are all fine where they are. And there are blogs. Ya know. Important things.
* Big A let his alarm go off as long as I did in the morning I would probably punch him in the throat. It goes off for  the first time at 5:00 AM and I usually get up around 6:15 (*cough*6:40*cough*). It goes off every 9 minutes during that time. Yesterday was apparently too much for him since he kept shoving me to turn it off. Can't blame the man. I should probably thank him for not smothering me in my sleep over the past 6 years. (But then again, sometimes he doesn't realize that what I'm doing is annoying until I point it out and then he's all, "yeah that was ridiculous"...maybe I'll just thank him myself...)
* These people from the god damn DoubleTree don't call me back today I'm going to go ape shit. Numerous phone calls, messages, emails, etc. have gone unreturned to answer questions about a charge for a hotel room that I did not use. I'm sorry people... I spent a good chunk of money at your hotel for my wedding 8 months ago...I think you could let one room slide. Assholes. (To be fair, it isn't the hotel I got married at, but STILL, they are a chain, they have my money too!)
Alright, that's enough for today. I should probably actually work. Maybe get myself some breakfast. And fix my phone that shut off when I accidentally chucked it on the ground. Whoops. (We might not be making it until August for my upgrade. haha)
Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!



  1. Jenelle might not be AS entertaining now but rumor has it she is pregnant.....I read WAY too many Teen Mom gossip sites. And I agree that Brit Brit looks amazing!

  2. Bieber is a turd! I can't stand him! I wish that ex football player would have beat the crap out of him a few days ago. Maybe he would have learned a lesson. Also, I do the same thing with my alarm. it goes off at 5:30 and I just hit snooze until about 6:30-6:45, haha! And you do deserve a delicious meal out! Hope dinner is amazing!

  3. Can't stand Bieber, I just don't see his appeal. Jenelle will be a hot mess again, mark my words.

  4. I never thought I was one for celeb gossip either- turns out I am though, haha. I agree Bieber needs to go fall in a hole and not be allowed to speak to the media for the next five or so years... I wonder if the Jenelle pregnancy rumors are true.. hmm

    People always stop in front of my desk for chats too! What.the.heck. What's extra special about my desk is it's kind of tucked back in a corner and so they stop and chat there (makes no sense!) and then I'm trapped.. ahhg people!

    p.s- I figured out the no reply issue- it's because I use WP. I did add my email to my about page though- thanks!


  5. I don't hit the snooze but I turn on the tv when my alarm goes off and then I lay in bed FOREVER!! I could not get up today b/c it was dark and rainy. 5 is so early. Yay for Fri half day. I have Mon and Tues off!!! :)

  6. Bieber is a douche, but loving B Spears!


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