Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So What! Wednesday


Linking up with Shannon for another So What! Wednesday!
(Sidenote: I just got curious to see how many SWW posts I've actually done...this will be #91! Woah!)
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I spent a bazillion dollars at the grocery store last night. In my defense, I hadn't been in awhile. And I got all sorts of super healthy food, which is typically more expensive. It couldn't be that bad if Big A didn't even blink an eye at it. Haha.
* Big A asked me a couple times how much I spent and I totally just blew him off. But rather than needle me, like I would have done to him, he just waited patiently for me to confess. I wish I knew how to do that. I need to know all information NOW and the more you don't want to tell me the more I want to know.
* I'm excited to read one of the articles that a co-worker wrote because I know he is FAMOUS for messing up spelling, grammar, etc. and no one catches it. A) She's a beast. So... I don't feel bad. B) No one needs my help with articles because of her. C) I'm a bitch. There. I said it.
* I'm SOOO looking forward to Wine Night on Friday. It is always SO much fun. It is at Mrs. C's house, which I'm pretty excited about because we always play the dancing game on Kinect. And it means that I can't get white girl wasted because I have to drive home. Which is great because I have a super busy Saturday/Sunday.
* I have mixed emotions about this weekend. We have a Jackums' baby girl's 1st birthday part on Saturday. Then my momma's birthday at night. Then Sunday is Mother's Day, split between the two families, and then Sunday night I think we are trying to just do dinner or something because it is our 6 year anniversary. I know that we have a new anniversary now, but that date will always be special. Soo... lots of fun stuff, but lots of stuff!
* I haven't worked out once this week. In fact, I haven't worked out since Thursday Wednesday. I've been super active and been watching what I eat, so I haven't completely failed. I'm just so busy and just so exhausted. I know. Excuses, excuses, but I have lost a pound this week... so... I'm not complaining. Haha.
* I seriously want to smooch this woman that I work with for helping me out with a big project. She keeps saying it is no big deal, and not to worry about it, but what she doesn't understand is that with the 8 BILLION other things on my plate, that one would have made me lose my mind. So it IS a big deal. I told her I would buy her a present. I just need to figure out what.
* I question people's printing intentions before I let them map to my printer at work. I'm sick of everyone using it, clogging it up, wasting the paper, not checking the paper, not checking the toner, etc. etc. My job isn't to maintain this printer. And if I'm using it, then I will totally check to see if it needs something. However, I'm not here to clean up any one's mess. So... I ask them before I let them use it. I can't wait until we get our new one. Then I won't have to share EVER!!!
* Every night I hit a "wall" when it comes to being tired. I'm cranky, I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want anyone near me, I don't want the lights on, I don't want the TV on, etc. etc. And it is literally like a light switch. BOOM and I'm done. And every night my poor husband has to deal with his cranky, tired wife. Poor man. He deals with me very well though. As long as he doesn't get in the way of my sleep, then I'm cool.
* I just deleted some one's printing job off the printer because they couldn't be bothered to come load the right size paper and I'm not doing it for them. Yes... I have a problem with my printer. I do not share well with others.
* I have e-mails from days ago that I haven't even read. I can't be bothered. And I can't add anything else to my to do list. My boss already asked me if I was losing my mind. I think I'm over-worked already.
* I'm pissed that it is supposed to rain at some point every day for the next 5 days. I thought the weather and I had an understanding. Nice weather. Sunshine. Warm. Not cold and rainy. BOOOOOOOO.
* I planned a dinner for tonight that needs to be cooked on the grill knowing that it will be raining. Wow. I'm a dummy!
Alright, that's enough for today. It is becoming more of a Whiny Wednesday instead of a So What! Wednesday. Which definitely means that it should be a Winey Wednesday. Lord knows I need it after this week. Work is insane and I've been non-stop at home. I'm exhausted. N asked me the other night how I go to bed so late and get up so early and actually function. For the most part, it is fine. Except during times like this, then I'm just on a countdown to self-destruct.
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  1. It has rained everyday this week here in Ohio and then Saturday its going to be 65 after its been 75 all week....and then Sunday it's going to FROST! WTF!

    My husband always wants to see my grocery receipts....he's a cheapskate!

  2. Aww your dating anniversary is on my birthday :)

    I've been spending so much at the grocery store because of all the fruits and veggies I buy. It's ridiculous.

  3. Groceries are expensive. Especially when trying to eat healthy. And you do have a very busy weekend ahead of you, but it sounds like you will be with some awesome people! And I can't believe how close our dating anniversaries our. Mine and the Hubby's is the 15th!

    And I love what you are doing with your printer. I would totally do the same thing, haha!

  4. I just had a grocery trip like that. I hadn't been in a while, but still when I saw that total up on the screen my heart sank a bit. I was thinking all the way home like what the hell did I buy?! Then it hit me oh yeahhh I have avoided the grocery store for the last month if not longer. hahah

    Doing all that house work will wear you out. I would be cranky too. It takes a lot out of you.

  5. You need to get more sleep! Did you know that you will lose more weight if you get a set amount of hours of sleep every night? There is a lot of research out there about the relationship between sleep and weight.

    On another note you and that printer. . . too funny!!!

    You have so many fun things to celebrate this wkend. You are going to be exhausted!!

  6. 91! dang lady, that's intense! that's like 2 yrs worth!!

    I need to get back on my sww's. they are seriously the most fun to write. and ppl love reading about some venting!

    and ooh you should get the work helper lady a plant for her desk at work. that way 1- she will know you for real appreciated her help. and 2- everyone will be all omg where's that cool plant from? and she's say you, and you'll somehow be the hero in the situation. for real :)


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