Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap: A little shopping, a fun wedding, and dinosaur noises

Oh man, what a weekend.
Friday we didn't do much. A couple of beers, The Office series finale, and some take out. We are a wild couple of kids, I tell ya!
Saturday, I met up with Mumsie for our normal routine of Starbucks and shopping.
Although, we were on a mission this time. I needed to find a dress to wear to the wedding we were going to that night. Yeah...Last Minute Larry over here. BUT... to be fair, I do my best work under pressure.
I had looked on Friday, but the only dress that I found was this one and I didn't love it enough for the $60 price tag. I mean... I know that $60 for a dress isn't bad, but I only loved it about $30 worth! Haha.
Luckily, Mom and I are professionals so we were able to find not one, but TWO dresses (We have another wedding to go to in June. It is a beach/day wedding so that is a totally different attire than an evening/yacht club attire. I have no idea why I'm so big on those types of "rules" when you can normally find my in dirty jeans and flip flops, but whatever!)
The green one looks completely different on. I would NEVER have tried it on if my mom didn't make me, but I am SO glad that I did.
I ended up getting both dresses for $80! Not too shabby if you ask me. AND there was this woman in the dressing room who stopped me on my way out and told me I would be a FOOL not to purchase both of the dresses because they looked amazing and were obviously meant for me. Now...I don't know if TJ Maxx planted that woman there, but if they did they are geniuses because I was planning on buying them before she said something, but I was DEFINITELY buying them after talking with her.
I headed home after that to start to make myself look somewhat presentable. Natural beauty takes time ya know!
I then realized that I had remembered the time wrong on the invitation and it was at 6:30 NOT 5:30, so I was pretty excited to gain an hour. Took some of the pressure off.
Big A and I got ready in record time and looked quite dashing if I do say so myself. He went out and bought himself 2 new shirts before he came home. One matched my dress almost perfectly and the other one will look amazing with my green dress. I'm pretty sure that is another sign that we are soul mates.
I had a little fun reminiscing when I put my wedding jewelery on. The earrings and bracelets when perfect with my outfit, so I figured what the hell. Not sense in having them sit in a box for the rest of time. I found my hair clip that I wore too and threw that in my hair as well. I think it looked pretty good. I was excited to wear them all again and remember our special day.
Ignore my outdated bathroom. It's on the mile long list of house renovations that need to be done.
We met up with our friends D & K and headed out to the wedding. We were a bit nervous about traffic and getting lost, but we ended up getting there with almost an hour to spare and sat out by the water and had a couple beers.
And I made Big A take pictures! HA!
The wedding was gorgeous. I loved the little gazebo thing that they got married in. The water was beautiful. And it was so nice to see two people so in love getting married. I love love!
After the ceremony, we headed to the reception and the food was Ah-MAZING! Seriously. You know how some wedding food is OK, or pretty good? This food was ridiculous. The appetizers were amazing. Then they had a buffet, which I'm not usually a fan of because it can cause some lines, but they had this thing planned! There was Chicken Picatta and then Prime Rib. Veggies, rice, potatoes. Then there was a separate section for salad with all of these different options. And then ANOTHER station for pasta. Alfredo AND tortellini in a red sauce. AMAZING. I definitely stuffed my face full of food because I was STARVING!
The night was fun. We chatted, we drank, we danced. It was a great time!
We ended up driving home because we had a lot to do on Sunday and it was hard to find someone to watch Mr. Fresh overnight. Well...that's not true. My brother was going to watch him, but I felt bad that he would be stuck at the house all night!
We all hung out for a minute or two when we got home and then K & I decided that we were exhausted and told the boys it was time to say good night. Haha.
Sunday morning... oh Sunday morning...
Sunday I played a little game called "Living in the Land of the Lost" remember that show? Except, in this game it was the complete loss of appetite and doing anything other than lying down on the couch moaning for someone to please put me out of my misery. And the only dinosaur noises were the ones coming from me in the bathroom.
It was horrible. I didn't think I drank that much, but apparently I can't hang like I used to. I hated myself, and my life, for about 96% of yesterday. I went to bed feeling fine on Saturday night, I NEVER would have guessed that I would wake up so sick.
By about 3:00 I was able to stop throwing up, and actually eat some food. By about 8:30 I finally felt a bit like a human again. Big A got a good laugh out of some of my statements that I made yesterday:
I'm never drinking again.
I hate myself.
Please just put me out of my misery and smother me with a pillow.
Why the hell do people do this to themselves?
Why would anyone drink alcohol EVER? This is the worst!
If I had a time machine I would go back to last night and punch myself in the face.
It was a good day.
Thankfully, I'm feeling back to tip top shape today. Although the thought of alcohol still makes me want to toss my cookies. Blech.
So let's recap:
* Boring Friday
* Bargain shopping for dresses
* Fun wedding
* I'm not 21 anymore
And that was that. Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend and that I'm the only one who lost my lunch (and breakfast...and dinner...and everything...)


  1. You look amazing in your dress! And Big A did an amazing job with his shirt matching! Sounds like you had a great weekend, minus the being sick part. Glad you are feeling better today!

  2. Cute dresses! You looked great in the blue!! Oh and yes the drinking is harder the older you get. I hardly ever get "drunk" anymore. It is not worth it b/c you feel like crap so much longer than when you were young and could just bounce right back.

  3. LOVE the dresses. I hate that dresses look awful on the hanger. We probably pass up some many good ones! Good thing your mom spotted it!

    Wedding jewelry :) perfect occasion for it

    hahah I love the list of things you said yesterday. Sounds like me. I think that all the time when I'm hungover....why do people drink alcohol? WHYYY??!

  4. Love that blue dress, you look great in it!! Sorry you had such a rough Sunday.

  5. Cute dress! Sounds like Saturday was a blast but that stinks that you were so sick Sunday. Hangovers are the worst!

  6. LOLOL your "quotes from Sunday" are hilarious and I know exaaactly how you must have felt. I've been're right - we just can't drink like we used to! Getting old SUCKS. You're looking great! I love the dresses you picked and you def. looked great in the blue one!

  7. You looked great in that dress!!! 28th birthday was that way. I hated myself the next day!! I didn't eat for a solid 20 hours....well, i ate and immediately got sick. I wish i was 21 again. haha.


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