Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had ourselves a busy little weekend. Seriously. I'm rocking a sick raccoon-eye sunburn on my face and I could probably use another day or three to rest. This whole homeowner thing is no joke!
Friday, we kept it simple. A little takeout food and a little visit with N & J.
Saturday was super busy! Pa Dukes and my Brosiff got started on fencing in the back yard. I can't wait until it is done! Then poor Mr. Fresh will never have to be on a leash at home again!!!
Mumsie and I did a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some extra supplies for the boys. Then we picked up lunch a beer. Essentials.
Can I do a little sidenote for a minute? What is up with the women at Home Depot? Most of them, I saw walking around in their high heels, their skinny jeans, hair done, make-up done. You are at Home Depot. Seriously. I'm wearing scrubby clothes that sometimes involve jeans with giant holes in them because those are my shit-kicking clothes. Ya know... the ones you wear when you are doing home improvement activities...that don't involve skinny jeans or high heels. I just don't get it.
Mumsie and I fed the boys and then got to work stripping the paint off the picnic table. A few years ago, we got a free picnic table from a friend. I worked hard to sand it and paint it, but never quite got around to sealing it. Which, is kind of a big no no when you live in New England and the table is outside. (And when you leave it in the basement your douche bag neighbor puts all over her gross crap on it constantly. Don't worry, I went in every day and threw her stuff on the floor until she stopped doing it. Which I know, makes me sound like a douche bag, but trust me, that woman opened that can of worms first).
This is what it looked like when we first got it and then when I redid it:
And then it got destroyed. This is a progress shot from Saturday. Since then has been sanded completely (minus some finishing touches) and the bottom has been cleaned and painted. I just need to stain the top and then actually seal it!
I didn't sit down until about 9:45 that night and then shoved food down my throat. I was exhausted.
Sunday we were up early for our first car show of the year. Ugh. I HATE getting up early on weekends. It is the most pointless thing, EVER!
So we headed downtown where the show was and met up with some friends. Walked around and saw the cars. It was a good time. Except apparently I didn't remember what the sun does, hence the sunburn. In my defense it was a bit chilly out, so who would think of a sunburn? I was wearing a sweatshirt. You shouldn't get sunburns in sweatshirts.
Also... there was a couple women there who need to take a special class with the Home Depot women. Short skirts, nylons, high heels, fancy shirt, hair and make-up a car show. Aren't your feet KILLING you? Plus, it was cold... are you COLD?
I'll never get it.
Anyway...we headed home and puttered around. Checked on the fence progress. I cleaned my car from top to bottom. Vacuuming. Dusting. Armor All. Window cleaning. That B is SPARKLING! It was a little hard with the vacuuming when Mr. Fresh kept jumping in the backseat, but we eventually made it through.
Big A mowed the front lawn. This isn't our front lawn... it is our backyard, BUT isn't he cute mowing the lawn. Haha.  
Then Big A's parents stopped by. And N & J. And we all chatted for a bit. And then everyone left and my mom and Nanny showed up for dinner.
We had tacos in honor of Cinco de Mayo. And they were delicious. AAAAAAAAAND I lost a little weight, which is probably like 12,000 lbs more really because I ate tacos last night and my body is probably confused.
Then Big A and I collapsed on the couch and were in bed by 11. Which is good for us, because usually we are up until at least 11:30, much to my dismay.
Some other fun things I found when looking for pictures for this post. I was cleaning out some of my files and got this message:

Its "children"??? Weird.
And super fitting since I had not one, but TWO sprinkles donuts this weekend. Don't worry. They both made my stomach hurt. I'll learn eventually. A IM conversation with Mumsie. Isn't she helpful?

That's all for today lovers. Eventually I have to actually work. Ugh. I hate work. Why can't I just get paid to stay home and do whatever I want?


  1. Hhahaahhaha your mom is BRUTAL. I also got a sunburn because I forgot what the sun does apparently. I look cool. A has a leg up on Carl, he is lusting after a rider mower but settled for a push :)

  2. I have always wondered about those girls in Home Depot too. Sometimes I think they go to those stores dressed like that to meet men, haha! And I love your picnic table. I especially liked it with the butterflies, but I can't wait to see it once it is done! Sounds like a very busy and productive weekend!

  3. They must be in the same class as women who dress up to workout.....sorry woman my outfit does not match and I'm sweating. If you want to run with your fake tan running down your face, go for it lol

  4. When we bought our house 6 years ago and we were painting and fixing things I would end up at Home Depot with sweats covered in paint. Paint in my hair all over my hands. I think it was obvious I was a first time homeowner. I had to keep going back hahah

    Thats a nice picnic table can't wait to see the new finished results.

    Quite the busy weekend. Sounds exhausting. I remember those weekends though that you are so busy you don't even stop to eat until the day is almost over. Then you crash!

  5. The way you painted the picnic table the first time was so cute. I bet it will look great when you are all done w/ it again. Sounds like you got a lot more accomplished then me this weekend! Oh and I totally had a dream about donuts on Sat night and really wanted one on Sun but resisted and ate bday cake instead!


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