Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

It's a rainy Friday today and I can't say I'm hating it. While I would MUCH rather it be 90 degrees, and of course I finally have time to work on the pool after work... I'll enjoy the chance to slow down for a minute.
Dear Big A, I'm an SO looking forward to our make-up date night tonight. I know that car was super exciting and you just HAD to get your hands on it, but I appreciate you making the effort to make up the time with me. Smooch!
Dear People at Work, I have been here 2 1/2 hours and none of you have bothered me today. I'm not sure if that is a reflection of your behavior or mine, but I have to say, we are all growing and I'm proud of us. (Just stay out of my cube and we will be cool!)
Dear Sprint, I have been a good customer for the past 10 years. You even said so in your hand-written thank you letter that you sent me for our anniversary. So... let's just skip this whole "I have to wait until August 1st to upgrade my phone" bullshit, and just let me do it now... without having to pay $179 to do it early. OK? Thanks.
Dear Mr. Fresh, thank you for being such a good boy last night at the Tupperware Party. However, sticking your nose on people's plates and being attached to the Tupperware lady's leg wasn't the best you could be. Let's pretend that you were properly trained. At least in public.
Dear Big A, thanks for saving me when I lit the grill on fire the other night. Although, to be fair, it wasn't my fault. We ALL knew it was a matter of time. Also, thanks for saying you will buy a new one. You buy the grill and I'll keep cooking on it baby!
Dear Self, resist the urge to google which grill is the best one to buy until you finish your blog post. You CAN focus on one thing at a time. The tick WILL go away. And you WILL survive. (Except you just answered an e-mail, so that's not really focusing on one thing)
Dear MIL, thank you for bringing over the delicious fruit platter last night. I'm even more thankful for it this morning because your lazy daughter-in-law couldn't be bothered to pack her lunch last night, so I just grabbed a container of leftovers and the fruit and threw it in my lunch bag!
Dear Self, you just googled "skull lunch bag" because you remembered yours was gross and you thought one with skulls on it would be cool. Fucking FOCUS girl!!!
Dear Blog, thank you for giving me an outlet to vent. Also, thanks for giving me a place where it looks like I am venting when I am really just having a conversation with my multiple personalities.
Dear N, why the EFF did you have to mention Chinese food? Now I need it in my life, immediately.
Dear Bank Account, you haven't really been matching up with the amount that I need for the shopping that I wish to do. I've been a good girl and pinching my pennies, but c'mon... give a girl a break! Momma needs new shoes, and clothes, and Tupperware, and anythingthatIseeinthestorethatisbrightandshiny!
Alright lovers. I'm off for the day. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!


  1. Im going to a tubberware party tonight!! Any product you recommend?

    Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  2. Haha! I am the same way when I write blog posts. I have like a zillion thoughts and I keep switching away from the post to look them up, haha! And glad to hear that your co-workers aren't bothering you today! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I hate Bloglovin because your posts never show up. No bueno. Was Fresh humpin the Tupperware lady? ;)

  4. I like the letter to the people at work....'we are all growing and I'm proud of us' hahahah


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