Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Phone, I hate you. Wish a passion. Seriously. I can't wait for August first. I'm going to get a new phone and then run over you with my car. UGH!
Dear Work Email, you aren't really doing much for my productivity when you NEVER work. First of all, we all know I have no problem playing on websites all day. Second of all, I have to constantly close out, wait for the scan to stop (so they can "fix the errors" *cough* *cough* bullshit *cough*), and then go back in and wait for it to come up. After about 0.5 seconds I've already forgotten what had just happened and don't realize that I have no email up for about 10 minutes. Sooo... if you want me to get shit done, then, work. Thanks.
Dear Google, oh google. While I love how informative you are, I do NOT like the fact that every health issue I look up results in me having some sort of the plague or some shit like that. I convinced myself that I had a thyroid issue by 8:30 AM. Then I realized that I've actually had my thyroid tested by actual doctors (not a website) and it was fine. Sooo.... thanks for nothing.
Dear Martha's Vineyard, I'm coming for you. Don't you worry my love, we will be together in 24 days. It will be magical. I promise.
Dear Self, you are doing SO good with paying off your credit cards. Seriously, job well done. HOWEVER, you need to stop using them. It kind of defeats the purpose. No, you do not need a personalized return address stamp from Etsy. No, you do not need random items of clothing from Marshalls. No, you do NOT need to go out for drinks (OK, maybe you need that one. You gotta LIVE). You are getting to the point where you will have to give them all back to Big A and you know how much you hate him having that power. So... cut the shit.
Dear Mumsie, thank you for FINALLY coming back home. I am not a fan of you being in a different country than me. Don't do it again.
Dear Bills, stop taking my money. I hate you!
Dear Rain, WTF?! Everywhere is flooded and there is no end in sight. OK... that's not true. I think this weekend is supposed to be semi-decent. Maybe. This is pretty much the only tan my Irish ass has ever seen and now it is going away. Ugh. Not to mention the money I'm essentially pouring down the drain from the chemicals for the pool and running it. Blarg.
Dear Letters to My 21 Year Old Self, you probably would have been a whole lot more interesting if my mother didn't read my blog, or my MIL, or my family members. Haha. Oh to be young and stupid again! Although I have to say, I don't think I would do anything different. Every stupid decision (and good) got me to where I am today. And this life ain't too shabby.
Dear Random Neighbors Whose Children Go to N's Center, thank you SO much for your sweet comments about our new fence. We love it too! I was a bit nervous that it would be too functional and not pretty enough, but I'm glad you like it. Sorry you can't see the pool anymore though. I promise that you don't want to see me in a bathing suit though, so... you're welcome.
Dear TV, I know that you always have your shows go on hiatus for the Summer because people are busy. BUT, seeing as how I'm stuck in my house, why not have a few new episodes just to hold me over. OK? OK.
That's it for today folks! Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh I know how you feel w/ the credit card. I pay a bunch off and then spend on stupid stuff. It is so hard not to spend money. And the letter to 21 yr old self - yeah couldn't/didn't participate b/c don't need my mom or my grandparents for that matter reading about that stuff. Haha!

  2. Haha! Oops on the letter to your 21 year old self. But like you said, why change any of it when it got you to where you are now with your awesome Husband? And I have a show suggestion for you. Starting this Wednesday is the 3rd(?) season of Franklin & Bash on TNT. MPG goes shirtless, like a lot. It's worth a watch, haha!

  3. Haha! Sometimes, I wonder how different my blog may or may not be if I knew my mother and mother-in-law and my DAD weren't reading my blog. I def. have to keep that in the back of my mind sometimes.


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