Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Letters

Oh man, what a week. Thank goodness it is Friday. Although, we have a busy weekend, so we might as well just fast forward to Monday.
Saturday we have a 2:00 PM wedding. It's in Brewster which is about two hours away from us and Big A has to work part of the morning. So I have no idea when we will get there or how bad the traffic will be. We might be those assholes who show up after the ceremony. That would be embarrassing, I would hate to do that.
Speaking of weddings, I just want to say a special congrats to Miss, or should I say MRS Britt! She married her fabulous man yesterday! I couldn't be happier for the two of you! Have a great time on your honeymoon and bring me back a present! (I kid, I kid)
This Friday's Letters is just going to be a random mash-up of pictures I found in my phone. Because, I lack original content today.
Dear Megan, I am very sorry to say that part of your wedding gift to us met its ultimate demise the other day. The frame with our wedding invitation in it fell off the wall when I shut the front door. Which pisses me off for two main reasons: 1) We NEVER use the front 2) It was one of the few frames on the wall that I actually had put something in. It couldn't have been the one with the random Asian couple who everyone keeps asking us how we know. C'mon people, the frames come with pictures, and you all know I'm lazy. Put two and two together.
Sorry Megan!
Dear New Car, you are fabulous. Now that Big A has done some of his magic, you are a thousand times better. But let's talk about your alcohol problem. I found this nip under the center console... you've got some 'splainin' ta dooooo!

Dear Coworkers, I apologize for calling you all scavengers for stealing food from meetings. I never knew how good free food was. This was my free breakfast this morning. Delish!

Dear Wildlife, stay the fuck out of my pool. Seriously. I found 3 dead frogs in there yesterday. We've had a couple mice too. And this wonderful snapping turtle. If I ever find a snake, I'm filling the damn thing in with cement. So... cut it out.

Dear Mr. Fresh, I'm glad that you can appreciate a cold adult beverage on a hot Summer day like your mother. Just remember, no drinking and driving.

Dear Fate, I was supposed to hit it big with all of these scratch tickets. $17 wasn't what I was expecting. And then I used the $17 to buy more scratch tickets...aaaaaaand.....nothing! Ugh.

Dear Mr. Fresh Again, this is what happens when you have too many adult beverages. Don't worry, your good 'ole mom probably has plenty of pictures like this.

Dear June / Mother Nature, you've been a rainy one. That's for sure. I'm over it. Yes, the grass looks green, but it needs to be cut every 37 seconds, but we can't because it is RAINING. And I can't use the pool. And my tan is going away. I shall will the Summer weather with bright cheery nail polish. Because how can you be crabby with bright and cheery nail polish?

Sensationail Gel Color in Kitten Heel. Love.
Dear Work, I know that when you do big changes like we are right now, there's always going to be some speed bumps, but please, PLEASE don't be a clusterfuck. AND don't mess up my paycheck. Thanks Sweets!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! We have a wedding and then my brosiff's bday BBQ. Hoping Mother Nature gets her head out of her ass and cooperates.


  1. ahhh hahah thats pretty funny that you found some alcohol hidden in your car.

    I can't handle getting animals or any sort out of the pool. Frogs creep me OUT. We just had a dead squirrel in the deep end a couple weekends ago. Never a turtle that's kind of neat!

  2. That sucks about the frame! I am always worried that the same thing is going to happen with ours because they are on the wall with the garage door. I am going to have to look into if they offer replacement pieces. I will let you know if I find anything.

    And seriously wildlife? Ewww! Haha! I would call it quits if I found a snake too. Heck, I would have been done after the dead frogs and mice, haha!


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