Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Linking up with Shannon for another So What! Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What! if...
* I attempted to walk down the hill this morning instead of going down the stairs and had the conversation with myself that I'm FAR too OCD for that and my day would be chaos because of it. Walked back up the hill and down the stairs. It gets a little concerning when even I think I'm fucking nuts!
* I forgot about cooking dinner last night because I was watching the Kardashians and when I finally went out to turn the grill on there was a torrential downpour. Whoops! Lucky enough it was just a quick Summer shower and was over pretty quickly. AND the steak came out divine!
* I've been posting more regularly in my "secret" blog than here. In my defense a bunch of posts have been written for months, but I dunno, there's something about being able to write whatever you want without caring that is so FREEING.
* I'm starting to get anxious about vacation. I always freak out the entire drive there because I'm afraid that we are going to miss our boat. And then there's that whole thing where the Border Collie barks at everyone for an hour, so that's fun.
* My nails are all chipped and gross but I can't be bothered to do anything about it. The gel is hard to remove. Hell... I suck at re-doing regular nail polish. I just don't wannaaaaaaaa.
* I'm having a hard time working on hot 90 degree days. I want to be out in the sun sitting by my pool! Is that too much to ask?! Although, if Big A heard me say that, he would probably punch me because he has a hard time working on hot 90 degree days because he's in a shop working on cars and it sucks. So, shhhh don't tell him.
* I'm freaking out about a wedding that we have to go to this weekend. Big A has to work, at least part of the morning and it is a 2:00 PM wedding in Brewster which is about 2 hours away. I'm thinking that the traffic to the Cape on a Saturday is going to suck and we are going to miss the ceremony. I'm thinking I should maybe e-mail the bride and let her know, but we don't really talk much, so I think that would be weird.
* Once again I started writing this forever ago and got distracted. Oy. Some day I'll be able to focus on one task and keep on it until it is done.
* I'm super impressed with myself that the pool is so clean. I mean... I know that it means something WILL go haywire, but for now it looks pretty. Now, if I could only keep my house clean too. Whoops.
* Speaking of a clean house... we had two laundry baskets full of clean clothes in our office for a couple weeks that we never folded. So I just washed them again. They were wrinkly. Except, that was on Sunday and I still haven't folded them. Whoops again.
* I NEVER want it to be cold again. I want it to be Summer FOREVEEEEER!
Alright, that's all for today. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!


  1. I cannot focus on work this week either. It's too pretty out to be inside working. I should have been a teacher so that I could have my summer's off.

  2. I try not to complain to my husband about how cold the AC is in my office, he's a mechanic too and comes home drenched in sweat every day in the summer. I really want to live in a place where there isn't much of a winter....maybe someday!

  3. Are you going to Brit's wedding!?

    A secret blog? Very fun! I need a "vent" blog! Haha!


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