Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for another So What! Wednesday.
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I've been highly unproductive this week. I think the fact that I was SO productive the past couple weeks has worn me out. I think coasting through this week is JUST fine.
* I read a story about a woman who got fired for storing urine in her desk and all I could think of was damn she's crazy, while everyone else was talking about how she had a problem and needed help. The woman was trying to have a baby with her husband and she saved all of her urine. She tested every "batch" of urine with an OPK AND a HPT. Whaaaat?! And she was on baby websites all day long. Now, I could probably have more sympathy for someone who was struggling, but she had JUST started trying. She crayzay.
* I'm annoyed that Overstock keeps sending me coupons. It just makes me want to buy something. And I can't. So stop it. BUT, I love when they send them to me when I need something so I want unsubscribe.
* I'm super excited that I won $42 on scratch tickets the other day. I've been randomly buying $1 scratch tickets and hadn't had any luck. These ones, BAM. AND I scratched them without Big A so the money is miiiiiiine! Haha.
* I'm nervous about our reservations for our Martha's Vineyard trip. First of all, I'm going there by myself, well... with Mr. Fresh, who barks non-stop on the boat. I have only driven on the boat once and it wasn't in my mammoth of a car. So, that should be fun. Second, we couldn't get the time we want on the way back. We could only get 9:00 PM. If we can't get an earlier time, Big A is gonna make me switch it to Saturday and I don't waaaaaannnaaaaaaa! Wait List don't fail me now!
* I was all proud of myself for going grocery shopping and prepping my breakfast and lunches, except I only did 3 days and that ends today. Sooo... I'm apparently going to have to get my act together when I go home tonight.
* I rationalized not working out with the fact that I was eating OK. Except that I added in a whole bunch of ice cream, frozen yogurt, candy, cookies, etc. this week. What the hell is wrong with me? Haha. Bringing Sexy Back should be interesting tomorrow. Ugh.
* Sometimes I wish that my workplace had some more people my age. And then I remember that I don't really like people as a rule, so I'm not sure it would make a difference.
* Getting dressed for work every day is a struggle. I generally hate my work clothes. But I refuse to buy new ones because I hate spending money on clothes I won't wear all the time. So, I guess I just need to get over? Naaaah... I'll continue to complain. Haha.
Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday. I have date night with Big A, which involves picking up our new car and fixing my car window (don't be jealous), but we should still have fun...I hope... Haha.
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  1. Stopping by from the link up...

    You had me laughing with "And then I remember that I don't really like people as a rule..." That is so me! I always forget when I am in new situations and then when I get home and think about how people bugged me, and then I remember "Oh yeah, I don't like people." So hard to make friends as an adult!

    Thanks for the laugh :)

  2. That women stock piling urine in her desk is crazy! OMG! And I am the same way with clothes. I hate spending money on stuff I don't wear very often or might not fit in a few months. It's annoying, haha! I hope you and Big A have a great date night!

  3. Okay wow, urine in the desk? WTF. That must have smelled like R. Kelly's house.

  4. Just found your blog!!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up!


  5. I get to help my husband bleed the brakes on his truck so don't feel bad :)


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