Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So What! Wednesday

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This week I am saying So What! if...
* I wrote a super vague, whiny blog post yesterday. Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet e-mails commiserating with me. I wish I could go into more details, but I don't want people all up in my business. Not you guys, real life people. For whatever reason I am so much more comfortable sharing my deepest darkest secrets with strangers. People in everyday life? Not so much.
* I ate McDonald's for lunch yesterday. Yeah. I said it. I was going to get a smaller size of chicken nuggets but didn't see it on the menu and panicked, so I ordered the 10 piece. (Naturally I see it after I order. I think I will just get the Mighty Kids meal from now on) Then I told myself I would just eat until I was full and throw the rest away, but I forgot that I didn't eat breakfast. So I guess that all I have to say about this is "Moooooo".
* I'm already sick of this god damn rain. OK... so this isn't a "so what". It's real. I spend all this time and money on this pool and I get a weekend? I don't think so. Peace out rain. Come back in the Fall.
* If every single day I want to smash my phone against the wall. It sucks. It is possessed by the devil. Does random shit on it's own. Constantly freezes. Tells me there's no more space on it. It blooooows. The other day, it told me that I had no pictures or videos on it. Just for shits and giggles. It took me an hour and about 30,000 restarts to get my pictures back. UGH!
* I legit don't know what I did before Google. Seriously, do you know how many times a day I GTS? It's the answer to all of the problems. Except if it is a medical problem. Then it is the worst case scenario and I think Google is a cynical bitch. There, I said it.
* I love my husband so incredibly much. I do. And I know that I would miss him and it wouldn't last long, but... sometimes I wish I had my own room. With my own bed. I just want to sprawl out. But with a 6'2" man who sleeps like a starfish sometimes, and a Border Collie who takes up the MOST room possible, I usually get shafted in the sleeping area department.
* I have been going back and forth about going back to gel manicures. I love how long they last. I love how they make my nails grow quicker. BUT, I suck at taking it off and think that I just do more damage to my nails. And then I have to grow them out for them to not be shit anymore. I was thinking of just going and getting them professionally taken off each time, but that's time and money. But I hate when my nails are junk. Which is a good reason FOR and AGAINST it. Such hard problems I have. Haha.
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  1. I wish we still lived in the good old days when men and women slept in separate rooms! We would all get so much more sleep! More room, less noise and overall peace..just go in and out of the other persons room when you need a little "something" ha!


  2. I just read a book about sleep and it said that no one should sleep in the same bed, let alone in the same room. I love sleeping with my hubby, but I'm the bed and blanket hog. We now sleep under different blankets and that has helped a little. But now that I'm preggers and uncomfortable at night it's even harder to sleep.

  3. I have the same issue with the bed situation. I LOL'd at the Starfish reference. I have never heard it described like that. My Husband sleeps with what we call death elbows, haha! And I feel exactly the same about the gel manicures. I love how long they last, but I hate how crappy my nails are underneath of them after I get them off. And I don't pay to take them off either, haha!

  4. We have the same problems with sleeping. We also sleep under different blankets and have had some success with it. The woman who did my last gel manicure told me how to take it off at home and it worked. My nails were still soft afterwards but they don't do well with polish and stuff so it may not be as bad for people with normal nails. All you need is pure acetone (you can get it at any drug store for a few dollars). Take half a cotton ball and soak it in acetone. Put the soaked cotton ball on your nail and wrap in a piece of foil. Leave it on for about 5-7 minutes and then the polish just flakes off.

  5. I haven't had a gel manicure in over a year but I'm thinking of getting one this week before going to CA for a wedding. . . I love the way they look and how long they last but they seem to make my nails really weak.

    I could never do them myself. If you are able good for you! Can you buy stronger polish so it will be easier to remove?


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