Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

I don't have any specific to write about. Just some random tidbits to get you through the day.
* Every morning I drive to work down this long ass road. Seriously. I turn out of my driveway, immediately turn down this road and it is basically the only way to go to get back to "civilization", i.e. my work. And every single day it feels longer than the last. Sometimes I think I'm stuck in some weird matrix where I'll be driving forever and the road never ends. Get stuck behind a school bus? Forget it. You're on that baby for 20 minutes, easy. It's the worst.
* I have an irrational fear of drowning in my own pool. I mean... I suppose it is rational on some level, but I refuse to go in it when I am home alone. On Sunday, N came over for a little bit while Big A wasn't home, but she needed to get home to do her "chores" (hehe). It was a gorgeous day out and I would have loved to stay in the pool all day, but I felt like I needed an adult to watch me. I think I'll blame my mother for this one. :)
* My dear husband. Oh, you never know what that man is going to do next. Yesterday he called me around lunch time, which is strange. I call him back thinking the worst and he asks me if we have plans later... which is even stranger. I say no. He then tells me about this "deal" he may have found where this guy wants to get rid of this old car for almost nothing and he wants to go look at it. Later on, I get a text message with a picture of the car with the caption "my new project"...so apparently "we" bought another car last night. Because every family needs 5 cars. Good grief!
* Yesterday I stopped at the frozen yogurt store and got myself a treat after work to reward myself for not throat punching anyone at work. I work well with positive reinforcement...even if I'm using it on myself.
* I'm hosting a Tupperware party on Thursday and I keep forgetting about it until someone else mentions it. I'm secretly afraid that people will show up at my house on Thursday and I'm going to wonder why they are there. My house will be a mess. I'll be wearing or doing something embarrassing. And people will be at my house. Whoops!
* There's this woman at work who keeps asking me follow-up questions to conversations we never had. She will randomly stop by my desk or e-mail me and by like, "oh hey, did you ever get check into renting that elephant from the circus" and I have to explain to her that we never had the conversation. And she's all, "yes we did". Look lady, I pretty much make a profession out of writing in depth "to do" lists, and I'm pretty good at remembering to do my job, that conversation never happened. Weirdo.
* We are getting our new copier at work and are already warning people not to touch ours anymore. And then adding..."it's nothing personal, it's really about confidentiality" which we all know means, "you're the effing problem, don't touch my shit!"
* I get annoyed when my friends get busy at work and don't e-mail me back right away. And no one is blogging. So then I'm bored and actually have to do MY work. Don't you all know that you are here to entertain me? Sheesh.
* I have a hair appointment this afternoon and I keep going back and forth on what I should do. Part of me thinks that I should cut a few inches off since it is getting kind of long and stringy. The other part of me likes my long hair. But then I think that it will grow back in no time and it will feel so much better with a good cut. And then I think that I will be crawling into a corner and crying for cutting my hair. THEN I think that I wish I could just shave it all off and start over with unprocessed hair. Oof. I hate making hair decisions.
* More often than not, it takes me a good hour or so to write a blog post because I get distracted from time to time and google random shit. So far, I have googled questions about pool problems, cute hair cut ideas, and then crazy hair cuts because those are more fun. See:

I don't even know what this is supposed to be

This one is actually impressive. Creepy, but impressive

She has a freakin' LION on her head
Seriously, go google "cray hair cuts". It will give you a good laugh. I could have looked forever.
I can tell you one thing, I'm almost 90% sure that I'm NOT going with the lion cut, but you never know. Haha!


  1. I'm so glad we aren't the only couple with 5 vehicles. And only one is mine! The other 4 (truck, car, vintage Mustang, motorcycle) belong to my husband. You aren't alone in collecting cars. :)

  2. Dude. I want your new copier. Ours has a screen shot of Office Space taped to it.

  3. haha you kinda sound like me!! I don't think id swim alone either!

  4. We have two cars that are daily drivers, an old muscle car, a truck, a car that has never run, an rv and a boat..... Ugh

  5. I think I'm going to have nightmares from those hair cut pics...

    What kinda car did the husband acquire?


  6. Between Blogger and Bloglovin not telling me about peoples post until 8 hours after the fact, I am getting pissed. Anywho, I saw your hair cut already and I think it turned awesome! You look great! And I would have the same fear with the pool.


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