Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one. As most of them have been lately.
Let's start with Friday.
I left work at 12:00. It was glorious. I saw that it was supposed to be 90 at the end of the week and knew that I was itching to get in that pool. And then when 15 minutes into my day on Tuesday people were making me want to jump off the roof, I knew it was best for my safety (and theirs...because the other option would be pushing THEM off the roof) that I needed some time.
Mixed with the fact that N had a half day, and it was on.
I left work at 12, hit up the liquor store for some nice cold Coors, and headed home to get ready.
N showed up with lunch and some frozen beverages to mix with our beers...which was a Summer favorite last year. Marizzle stopped by for a little too.
It was perfect. The sun was warm, the pool temp was perfect, the beers were flowing (maybe a little too much...). Just what the doctor ordered.
The girlies left and Big A and I grilled some cheeseburgers and had dinner out by the pool. I was ready for bed by 8, but somehow managed to hang in there until about 10:30. Proud of me.
Saturday I woke up at about 9:00, which is uber early for me. It was hot, and I was awake, so I headed out to pick up Mumsie. We grabbed coffee and breakfast and headed back to the pool. We passed my MIL walking on our way to my house so I texted her and told her to head on over. Pickles showed up too. It was another nice girls' pool day. The sun was killah though and despite my best efforts, I still got burned. Not too bad though, I've definitely had worse.
I headed in to shower because we had a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend. It was such a nice day and as soon as the sun went down a little bit, the temp was PERFECT. It was so nice to see everyone and the birthday boy was so touched that everyone was there for his birthday.
In my efforts to no longer spend my days vomiting from the booze flu, I only had a few beers and then switched to water for most of the evening. Which meant that I was ready to hit the road at 10, but Big A wasn't having it. I finally dragged him out of there around 11:30, which wasn't too bad.
Sunday Big A was up early to go help J with some landscaping stuff at my FIL's house, and I was wide awake at 9:00 AM...again. I figure it isn't that bad, since I was asleep by midnight, I got a good solid 9 hours, which I don't get anywhere near during the week.
I got dressed, stopped for coffee, and was at the grocery store by 10:00 AM. Did you know that people are out and about at that ungodly hour? Weirdos.
I did my long overdue grocery shopping (only forgetting one thing on my list) and headed home to meet N. She came and swam for a little bit, but we were both still kind of burnt so she didn't stay long. Plus, we both had stupid chores to do, so it was probably for the best.
Big A came home and we hit up Bradishes for lunch. I'm sure you have heard me mention this place before. It is a shack in our town that opens up from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. The burgers and onion rings are AMAZING. And it is super cheap. We got two burgers, a hot dog, onion rings, and two drinks for like $15. That's my kind of meal.
We headed home and Big A continued his adventures for the day. I fussed with the pool chemicals (and bleached my dress...waaaah!) and then headed to the parentals' house for family dinner. We had a fun night eating delicious food.
I headed home around 9:00 prepped a bunch of food for the week and was highly disappointed when I found out that Keeping up with the Kardashians didn't record. That is just not cool. Luckily I was able to record the 11 o'clock showing, so don't worry, I'll be watching it tonight.
That's all for my fabulous weekend. We have rain today, which I don't mind so much since it was so hot over the weekend and I have plenty of things that I need to do inside the house. Next weekend is pretty free, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be pool weather. Bummah!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and that Monday isn't too painful for you. I've started the new plan of ignoring everyone at work that bothers me. Seriously...just straight up ignoring them. I have some unanswered emails that are probably just going straight into the trash bin. I'm not spending another week all stressed and hyped up like I was last week.
PS...I've been noticing a good visitor count each day/week/month, but only hearing from a couple of you. Say hi why dontcha! Leave a link to your blog too if you have one, I'm always looking for new ones.
PPS...Can anyone else believe the incredible amount of pregnant bloggers? I feel like every blog post I read is of someone announcing a pregnancy or doing a bumpdate...must be something in the Blogger water! Congrats to all the Mommys to be!


  1. Ahhh! You talking about your pool wants me to go swimming so bad!! AH! Can I come over? I promise to drink and act a fool for your entertainment! :) xo

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm jealous of all your pool time - it's either been too cold or too rainy here for me to swim yet.

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Wish I could have been there to partake in the pool action, haha! And I feel the same way. I feel like every day someone else is announcing a pregnancy! Crazy! But yes, congrats to all the new Mama's!


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