Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* The only time I've been posting lately is when it is a link-up. There's nothing exciting going on here, so what else am I going to write about?
* Taking care of a pool when it isn't pool weather annoys the hell out of me. Why am I doing the work without being able to use it? Explain that to me.
* If my boss actually asked me to do three important things today and I haven't started any of  them yet. I don't feel well. I blame it on that.
* If one of the things he asked me to do, he has been asking me to do for MONTHS and he told me that I must have am-damn-nesia, because I always forget what I damn well please! Haha. Oh Boss Man. You crack me up.
* If it is a bit curious that I complained about losing my staple remover yesterday after searching EVERYWHERE for it, and when I came into work today it was sitting on my desk in plain sight. Hmm... now I'm wondering who stole it. I'm going to have to start locking up my whole damn cube!
* I can't believe that tomorrow is August. Which means we have been married for almost 11 months. Which is almost a YEAR! Eek! Where has the time gone?!?!
* I also can't believe that the Patriots Preseason started next week. Whaaaaaaat?!?!
* I kind of like the new Gmail layout because I can easily delete all of my junk mail. Except, I missed an email from Target saying that their Clearance is on Clearance. That's just not cool Gmail.
* If I have 12,000 different types of mixers, but Target has a milkshake machine on sale for $14 and obviously I need it. Because I drink milkshakes all the time? My ass definitely doesn't need any milkshakes.
* I'm super excited about starting the upstairs of the house. It's going to be some work, but it is going to look great! It will probably drain our savings, but whatever. We need it.
Alright, I'm outta here. Have a lovely hump day friends!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Dream Big A, I know it wasn't smart to leave Mr. Fresh in the car with it running while I ran into the store, but you didn't have to talk about how stupid I was and how I deserved for someone to steal my car and my dog. You're not very nice. (Please note that said was all a dream)
Dear Mr. Fresh, I'm really not digging that random growth that you have on your paw. I'm really trying hard to stay away from googling random things, but I would really like to know that you are OK. Let's hope the vet can get you in soon and that you are a good boy and let them look at it.  You're breaking my heart little man. Please be OK.
Dear Rainy Day, you don't really help the whole getting out of bed thing. Especially when I could be home in bed snuggling with my doggie watching Lifetime movies. Which I think is definitely what I he needs.
Dear Nail Lady, I'm not impressed with the job you did last time. I still have scabs from you making my cuticles bleed, the outline of the nails looked like a child painted them, and one of my nails is broken halfway down, which is going to feel SUPER when it finally breaks. I'm bummed that you suck, but I don't get a choice of who I get when I go in. :(
Dear Weekend, never leave me.
Dear Work, I have no desire to do you anymore. BUT... I would still like to get paid. Pleaseandthankyou!
Dear People, does no one say bye on the phone anymore? Seriously. I hate talking on the phone as much as the next person, but C'MON! Just say bye!
Dear Sprint, I am SO excited that I am FINALLY eligible for a new phone next week. Although... now I'm all nostalgic about my phone. Eh... I'll get over it. I need phone suggestions people!
Dear Internet, you know I couldn't avoid looking up what Doggie's problem could be. I would like to A) say fuck you for having every single result come up be about cancer. But... B) have none of them look even remotely like what he has, so thank you. Everything I'm seeing/reading is leaning towards skin tag. Let's hope it is something that simple and easily fixed.
Dear Self, do NOT go home sick. You are not sick. You are just lazy and want to go home. Stop telling people you don't feel good. Although... now you don't really feel good. SEE! Karma is a bitch. If you actually get sick then I am punching you in the face.
Dear Pool, I'm so excited that whatever issue you have is over. You are so nice and clear and clean. I wish I had looked into your problem sooner because it took me about 5 seconds and about $10 dollars to fix you. Now you are pretty. Just in time for it to be rainy and freezing. BOOOO.
Dear Weather, I am SO glad that it is no longer 1,000 degrees out. However, I'm sure we could come up with some middle ground to this bullshit. I drove home with the heat on in my car last night. I slept in a sweatshirt. This is craziness. Figure it out.
Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending it doing absolutely nothing because I have NO plans and I am so excited about it!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

House To Do List

Two posts, one day. I know. Pretty amazing.
But, I just wanted to post this before I forget so I have a place to keep track of everything that we want to do to the house. At some point we are going to have to start working on it again, so at least I'll have the list somewhere.
I was surprised that it didn't seem too bad. We joke that we have 30 years to finish the house and by then we will want to do it all over! Haha. Some stuff is super easy, and some stuff involved MAJOR renovations that we don't know if they are even possible of it we can afford them.
Here it goes:
House To Do List
  1. Build patio/deck
  2. Decide about area around pool. Grass or pavers.
  3. Paint cabana.
  4. Plant bushed in front of house in front of cabana.
  5. Clean up plants in front of the house.
  6. Plant flowers around light post.
  7. Plant garden. (Fence in area)
  8. Add stairs to pool. (Long term to do)
Kitchen/Dining Room:
  1. Paint Door - Black.
  2. Paint trim - White.
  3. Re-finish Cabinets - Maybe white or dark mahogany?
  4. Replace tile floor - Something darker and not too slippery.
  5. Figure out more storage and counter space (Long term to do).
    1. Replace counter-top
  6. Buy a new fridge.
  7. Buy a new stove.
  8. Get a new dining room table & chairs.
  9. Remove tile and replace with back splash.
Downstairs Hallway:
  1. Replace tile to match kitchen or wood floor. (Leaning towards wood)
  2. Paint trim/doors - white.
Living Room:
  1. Buy new coffee table and matching end table.
  2. Buy new TV for over the mantel.
  3. Paint trim - white.
  4. Stain platform of bay window, top of railing, and mantel a dark mahogany.
  5. Buy curtains.
  6. Make pillowcases with accent colors.
  7. Refinish floor.
Downstairs Bathroom:
  1. Tear down tile and repair walls.
  2. Buy new toilet.
  3. Buy new mirror/vanity.
  4. Decide on whether we want to keep shower or not. If not, make into a storage closet or spot for washer/dryer.
Downstairs Bedroom:
  1. Paint trim - white.
  2. Refinish floor.
  3. Replace closet doors.
  4. Reorganize with all of the items from upstairs.
  1. Paint trim - white.
  2. Refinish floor.
  3. Replace closet doors.
  4. Paint built-ins?
Stairs/Upstairs Hallway:
  1. Install railing.
  2. Replace carpet.
  3. Paint walls.
  4. Paint trim - white.
Upstairs Bathroom:
  1. Rip down tile and repair walls.
  2. Paint walls.
  3. Tile shower area.
  4. Paint trim/doors - white.
  5. Paint vanity.
  6. Buy new mirror.
  7. Install shelves in closet.
  8. Replace floor with non-slippery tile.
Upstairs Bedroom 1:
  1. Install carpet.
  2. Paint walls.
  3. Install wainscoting/bead board on wood walls.
  4. Paint trim/doors - white.
  5. Replace handles / locks on storage doors.
  6. Replace closet doors.
Upstairs Bedroom 2:
  1. Install carpet.
  2. Paint walls.
  3. Install wainscoting/bead board on wood walls.
  4. Paint trim/doors - white.
  5. Replace handles / locks on storage doors.
  6. Replace closet doors.

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for "So What! Wednesday".
This week I'm saying So What! if...
* I can't remember the last time I posted. I've written a lot, but have yet to hit publish. Eh. Summer slump. We will all be better Bloggers in the Fall/Winter.
* I think "The Conjuring" was pretty much one of the most scary movies I've ever seen in my life. It was just so eerie and spooky. The whole bloody massacre thing I can handle, it's the whole ghost thing that gets me.
* I am absolutely starving, but if I wait until 9:00 AM, I can steal food from a meeting so I'm suffering. Food is expensive! I mooch when I can.
* I almost called out of work today because I was so tired. Honestly, if this was yesterday, when it was POURING rain, I would have. Nothing like catching up on your sleep on a nice rainy day.
* I've all but given up on the whole working out thing. It's been a thousand degrees out. Please explain to me how and when I would exercise. Although, it's been pretty nice lately so I'm trying to bribe KG into going for a walk with me at lunch.
* I started a "to do" list for the house last week and it looks like I only got to item 4 on the kitchen... which was the room I started on. Whoops. Some day. I think once I complete the to do list then I have to actually do shit on the to do list, and that's just too much for me. Haha.
* I get super annoyed when people are visiting here for a meeting or something and they are super loud and disruptive in the office. Honestly, dude, this is our place, don't be yelling down the hallway. Don't be banging on walls and cubes. Don't slam the doors on the copy machine because you can't figure out which is Tray 2 (uhh...duuuh...the second one?!). Go home.
* The only way  that I can usually start to stand someone who annoys the piss out of me is if I meet someone who is even  more annoying. Chances are I won't grow immune to your bullshit. Chances are I won't be able to tolerate you with time. BUT... if I find someone who bothers me more? Then, you're in. For now. Until you bother me again.
* If I have a negative patience level lately. Seriously, I start off annoyed with the possibility of bullshit. So when it happens, I'm all set. Which I think means it is time for me to go back into hiding for awhile. I usually make it to Fall before that happens... apparently not this year. Whoops. If you need me, I'll be at my house... until Spring...
* My house is a complete disaster and I just cleaned it the other day and have been home for about 2.5 seconds since then. I don't know how it happens, but if anyone wants to pay for me to regularly have a house cleaner then I'm yours for life. Seriously. I will bury a body for you if need be. (Juuuuust kidding, Down at Fraggle Rock in no way condones murder or the disposal of dead bodies)
* Now I'm worried that a house cleaner will show up with a note on where to bury a body. Eek!
* I don't know what I would do if I had a job where I couldn't email with my friend and IM with my mom. It would be dreadful.
* Whenever I say things like dreadful, terrible, etc. I say it in an English accent.
Alright, that's enough for today. It's free food time bitches! Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link-up!

I figured since I've been totally slacking lately (and couldn't even be bothered to line up more than 2 posts while I was on vacation and then posted some bullshit "hey I'm back, here's a bunch of random pictures" post) I should maybe get back to real stuff.

Soo... I'm linking up with Holly and Jake for "Finish that Sentence"!
If I had one extra hour in the day... I would spend it sleeping. I never feel like I get enough sleep!

I wish my name... was earlier in the alphabet. I always hated waiting forever for it to be called (except in college when you were considered "absent" if you walked in after your name was called and I could be a good 15 minutes late before they called my name). I always said I would marry someone with a name earlier in the alphabet than mine. Guess I should have been specific. One letter wasn't really what I was thinking...

I think anything chevron is... cute, but I don't know if I would ever have it as my own.

My last nightmare... was about the Wicked Witch of the West chasing me. Who knows what THAT was about. I woke up before I figured out what was going on.

Sometimes... I wish that I won the lottery, or had a house cleaner, or got a huge paying job, or something else would happen that would make my life a million times better/easier.

My last meal on earth would be... Texas Cheese Fries from Chili's, Lobster Ravioli from Dino's, a salad from The Outback, with Breadsticks and Alfredo Sauce from Olive Garden, and a giant delicious bottle (or 12) of Reisling. Moo!

I would much rather... be hated for who I really am than liked for being a fake.

Mayonnaise... kind of grosses me out. I mean, I know you need it for stuff, but most of the time I replace it with Fat Free Miracle Whip (sorry Holly, apparently when you grow up on one you want the other!)

10 years ago, I didn't think... I would be here. With an amazing husband, in a fabulous house, with a great job (that I wish paid me more, but definitely pays me more than it probably should), and a couple really good friends!

Selfishly... I only mind when Big A is out in the garage FOREVER when there's nothing good to watch on TV. Heh.

My favorite show on TV right now... is nothing because everything is on hiatus for the SUMMER! Ugh! But, I'm kind of digging "Newlyweds: The First Year" (come back into my life), and Bridezillas: Marriage Boot Camp (hysterical).

And, George Zimmerman... is the only one besides Trayvon Martin who knows exactly what went on that night. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I'm going to try to be back to blogging more regularly once the whole vacation mindset leaves and I catch up on the 12,000 things that I need to catch up on. Head on over and link up with Holly and Jake!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaack

Hello Lovers! Long time no talk!
I'm back from a FAR too short vacation. Which is ridiculous since it is the longest vacation I've had in about 10 years!
I'm back to a world of shit at work AND home, so it's like I never even left! I'm already dreaming of getting out of here soon! I just don't know when!
Martha's Vineyard was amazing. As always. I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do, which was such a bummer, but it happens. Every year I feel like I don't do enough. Time just flies by I suppose.
I'm catching up on about 8 BILLION e-mails so I'll just leave with you a piss poor picture collage of the 14 pictures I took the entire week I was there. Yep. 14. That's it. None of them are even of PEOPLE. Just our dog and scenery! Haha
1. Cool pirate ship boat. 2. View from the car deck on the Ferry. 3. A depressed Border Collie on our way home. 4. & 5. BEACH. 6. Doggie's Welcome to MV picture we sent to Big A. 7. & 8. Beach. Duh. 9. & 10. Pictures from the Artisan Fair that my mom and I went to. 11. More beach (this was seriously ALL I did). There's apparently no 12 and I'm not fixing it... 13. The Artisan Fair. 14. Find that Border Collie. Living the Doggie Dream on the Island!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Being a Woman

Next up for a guest post, we have Megan, one of my good Bloggy friends! She's here to tell us what she thinks are the pros and cons of being a woman. Take it away Megan!
Hello to all of K’s followers. I am Megan from Elliott Wife, Elliott Life. You may have seen me around here a few times. I am so happy to be guest posting for K while she is away on Vacation. And I hope that K is having a fantastic time and enjoying herself.  I am super jealous.  

When I was trying to come up with a topic for this post, I was having trouble. Writer’s block if you will. And then it hit me. Why not go over what I believe are the pros and cons of being a Woman in this day and age. 

Let’s start with the cons. Men probably think that we have it easy, but  contrary to what Men believe, 
being a Woman is not all roses and sunshine. One word. Period. Do any women you know ever come out and say “I Love My Period!” No! It just doesn’t happen. I don’t know one Woman that loves that special time of the month. It is an absolute pain in the ass and something that I think most of us would be okay without having to deal with. 

Dating. I didn’t really have to deal with this a lot, but I know quite a few people around me that are still in the dating world and man what a freaking crapshoot. I strongly believe that Disney movies ruined this for us. Every movie shows the girl being swept off her feet and living happily ever after. What they don’t tell you is that you have to go through a string of bad relationships to find that happily ever after. 

Boobs. Now this may not be a con for everyone, but it has been one in my life. I hate having big boobs. You have a hard time finding clothes that fit. Bathing suite tops never fit. And you are constantly running the risk of having one of your girls pop out and say hello. It’s not fun. They get in the way and just add extra weight to your body. 

Speaking of weight, talk about another annoying thing that we are faced with on a daily basis. We are constantly being judged by how much we weigh or what size clothes we wear.  And the bigger you are the harder it is to find clothes that fit and that are cute. What a bunch of crap. 

And staying along the lines of image, the fact that we constantly have to look cute or face being judged by everyone you come into contact with. And how about the fact that you will spend hours on your hair and make-up to not have one person compliment you on it. But then you throw your hair up in a sloppy mess on top of your head or just let it dry and you get a zillion compliments. Apparently less is more, but that’s not what we are led to believe. 

So there you have it. Some of the many reasons that being a Woman is a bunch of crap. But as much as I complain or other Women complain about the things we go through daily, there are also a lot of reasons that being a Woman can be pretty amazing. 

The rights that we have as women are pretty amazing compared to the rights we had in the past. And 
with each passing day, there are more and more things that we as Women are capable of doing and are accomplishing on a daily basis. It’s empowering to be a Woman now.

Cute clothes are also a plus. As much as I hate shopping because I have a hard time finding stuff in my size, when I do find something really cute, it makes me excited to get dressed up in that outfit and go out. I think most of us feel this way. 

Boobs are once again on this list. Even though I hate mine, they can be quite useful. Now let me preface this by saying that I have never used my boobs to get anything, but I know that some Women do and they know how to use them. So more power to those ladies!

And last but not least, what I believe will be the best part about being a Woman, and some of you are 
already experiencing this, but I think being a Mom will be the best part of my life and being a Woman.  And I think that one event will trump all the bad things that go along with being a Woman. 

So at the end of the day, we can bitch and complain all we want about how being a Woman sucks most of the time, but there are many things about being a Woman that make it not so bad and actually a pretty amazing thing. It’s easy to lose track of the things that are amazing about being us, but at the end of the day we need to remember why we love being Women and we need to remember to embrace that more often. 

Thanks again K for having me on your blog!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Post: Essentials for a Home Gym

I'm off on vacation today and for the rest of the beach. While I'm working on making my skin resemble a color a little darker than translucent, I've got some lovely ladies filling in for me.
First up is Britt from Razorback Britt. She's super fit and while I focus on arm curls by bringing the Coors Light bottle from the table to my face, she's the real deal. Today she's going to talk to you about the essentials of making your own home gym. A topic I should probably listen to since my treadmill is currently a hanging rack for Big A's dress shirts. Whoops!
Take it away Britt...
My two worlds intersect with the topic of home gyms. See, I work as a moving specialist at U-Pack and as a Zumba instructor, so people who are moving like to talk to me about setting up home gyms in their new homes. Since K has a new home and has been working out recently, I thought I’d share some of my tips with you!
When creating a workout space at home, you need to first consider your goals. Do you want to work out a few times a week building muscle? Are you a cardio junkie? Do you want a space to supplement a gym membership or a place to replace the gym completely? These goals will help you build your home workout space.
In my opinion, the most wasted item in a home gym is the treadmill. Even if you are a runner, most people prefer to run outside. If you want a treadmill for rainy day runs, I wouldn’t splurge on one, I would buy one cheap. And buy one that folds up so it doesn’t take up precious space when you aren’t using it. You can do your cardio at home with videos, a jump rope, or even just plyometric bodyweight moves.
As you prepare your space, make sure your area is safe for working out. Thick plush carpet isn’t ideal for workout spaces, and neither are uneven floors. Make sure you are safe working out in your space, and make sure you have enough space to move. I wouldn’t turn a tiny closet into a home gym. We have our home gym in our laundry room area, which has concrete floors and ample room.
When buying the equipment you want, you can really save money by checking online classifieds for used equipment. If you want weights, I recommend looking for barbells and dumbells with plates, so you can save space. And if you need a bench to work out, a convertible bench will do double duty so you don’t need multiple ones.
I recommend a mirror so you can watch your form. We bought a used bathroom wall mirror on Craigslist, but you could even use an upright mirror on a stand from your bedroom if you want it to serve multiple purposes.
My home gym essentials would be a set of dumbbells with plates, a convertible bench, a stability ball (great workouts with those here!), and a space to work out to DVDs. I love me some Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. They have great DVDs (get them used on Amazon for cheap!). I only need a square about 3’ x 3’ to do a DVD effectively, so not much room. I put the DVD in my laptop, put the laptop on top of the washing machine, and go to sweat town right there in the laundry room.
Whether you want to supplement the gym, or replace the gym, a home gym will give you great freedom in working out. I am willing to try new things at home because no one is watching. If I want to hoop and holler (that’s an Arkansas phrase for “get loud” for you Yankees) while doing pushups, I can at home. I can work out in shorts and a sports bra (because sometimes you are just too sweaty for a tank top) or workout at odd hours. My home gym gives me freedom in my sweat sessions.
I hope these tips help you figure out what is essential in your home gym. If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment.
Brittney blogs at Razorback Britt. Along with her full-time job and teaching Zumba Fitness classes, she is a doggy mom and a lover of Mexican food (hence all the workouts). She is a southern girl living on 20 acres dreaming that her small town will someday get their own Macy’s. She would also move to Tulsa in a heartbeat (that’s where her favorite band, Hanson, reside).
Thanks Britt! Now while I can't agree with her questionable taste in music (I kid), this girl definitely knows her stuff when it comes to working out.
Check back for more guest posts from some fabulous ladies!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Post from the Archives

Taking the day off from blogging today to work on my day drinking skills. Found this in the draft archive. Apparently I have 21 posts in drafts that I've never hit "publish" on. So enjoy and have a fabulous weekend. I'll be on vacation next week, but I'll have some fabulous ladies filling in for me.
I have a problem with change. That's no secret. I thrive in my little routines. Knowing exactly what to expect in the days. I've never been impulsive.

Seriously. Almost never. Anything that I have ever done that may seem impulsive has been thought about before. It is just in that moment that I decide to act.

The change I have the most problem with is people. I get that someone people grow apart. Relationships fail. I know that it is a part of life.

Doesn't mean that I like it. I'm just aware that it is a way of life.

But I hold on to those memories. Those friendships. Who those people were. And then all of a sudden I feel like I have crossed some sort of secret dimension. Where we are in the same world, just on a different path.

There was a Dean Koontz book that I was encouraged to read by someone many years ago. Many lifetimes ago. It was called "From the Corner of His Eye". It sparked my love for the author, but also a different understanding of the world.

The premise of the story is that there is this little boy named Bartholomew who is blind. But he understands that with every move you make, every decision you come to, it sparks multiple "you"s who are living on this Earth. Each one representing a choice you could have made and how your life would have lived out if you had made that choice.

The crazy part of the story is that the little boy could tap into the other "Bartholomew"s in the world who did not have the accident that he had. They weren't blind. And he could use them to see again.

That book changed my life. It made me aware that every choice that I make, big or small, changes my life. Sometimes just a little bit. Sometimes more. We are never to know how much a decision will affect us.

I was reminded of this book tonight. When coming into contact with someone who I once new. Lifetimes ago. At least it seems that way. And while I feel like I am relatively unchanged (besides being a bit more sure of myself and maybe a little more mentally sound... hey... I said MAYBE) they seem to be a complete different person.

And while I wasn't around to watch these changes, it really just makes me wonder how this all came to be.

How this person could completely change into a figment of their former self.

And if it was really me who changed.

Am I the one that has changed so much that this other person is completely unrecognizable?

Would the old me recognize this person?

A part of me doesn't think so.

That same part of me mourns that loss of this amazing person who is no longer. The personality, the insight, everything that that person brought into this world seems to be gone.

But, at the same time, it makes me wonder. Who am I to judge? I mean... maybe they are completely happy with this change?

MAYBE... this is who they were meant to be this the person they were always meant to be. Maybe, this is who they are comfortable being.

But that little nagging voice inside f me doesn't think so.

Sometimes people misunderstand my caring for being a bit... how do we say... overbearing, judgmental, abrasive, bitchy even... I'm sure the list goes on.

But, I really just think that I see how people can really be. Who they are capable of being, and while I know I haven't always been the best me that I can be... I expect nothing less than from those around me.

I just want them to be good. Happy, healthy. That's all.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous 4th!
If I get my wish I'll be out by my pool drinking adult beverages and working on my sunburn!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I was actually super happy to be stuck behind the 80,000 year old man driving down my road today on my way to work. From the time I got up to the time I left the house, not a SINGLE car went back. For awhile, I thought that I was the only asshole who had to work today. Although... come to think of it, he was 80,000 years old...he was probably going to breakfast or something. God dammit!
* I am extremely jealous that most of my family is going to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow and I have to wait until Monday. I know my weekend will be fun, but NOTHING beats the Vineyard! (And no Stalky Stalkersons! Big A will be home for most of the week while I'm gone and then we have a house sitter for the couple days he will be there!)
*  I'm trying to figure out if I have enough time and money to get my nails done before vacation or if I should just fix them myself. I did the gel manicure myself and while I love the way they come out, they apparently don't last well when playing in pool chemicals. Some day I wish I could just be a girl and not mess up my nails!
* I told Big A that I'm getting him a babysitter while I'm gone. Haha. We have never been away from each other this long. The most was barely over 48 hours. I'm not seeing him until late afternoon on Thursday. That's a long time. :( Now I'm sad...
* I'm nervous about driving on the boat by myself. I've only done it a couple times before and it wasn't in my behemoth of a SUV. And I've never done it alone with a dog before. That's going to be a long, fun, hot, boat ride.
* All I'm talking about is vacation. Did I mention I'm going on vacation? This is the longest I have been off in SO long. And before our honeymoon, I hadn't been away for more than a long weekend in...I dunno...I wasn't with Big A then so it has been awhile.
* Once again I started writing this post AGES ago and ADD got the best of me again! Haha.
* I have so much to do this weekend, but I'm still going to be spending my day tomorrow sitting by the pool. Look, these Summer days are numbered and I'd rather run around like a chicken without a head one day then miss me some pool time. Especially since someone told me I looked tan the other day and I'm pretty sure I've never heard that in my life before...well...unless it was said in sarcasm!
* I'm supposed to put together the invitation list to this huge meeting we are having next month and I am procrastinating like a motha! This meeting is the bane of my existence. It would probably help if I were actually involved in ALL of the planning of it, but I miss every single freaking meeting for some reason or another. It's like I have a mental block to remember that it's happening, or a divine intervention that keeps me from going! ACK!
Alright lovers! That's all for today! I'm going to miss doing So What! Wednesday next week! But... not enough to miss sitting on the beach
I won't be live posting again until probable the 15th. Until then, they are all scheduled or guest posting. Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Busy Busy Weekend

To say that this weekend was a busy one would be an understatement.
On Saturday, we had a wedding in Brewster, MA, which is about 2ish hours away from our house. Unfortunately, Big A had to work for most of the morning. Luckily, he was able to get out relatively early and the traffic down to the Cape wasn't bad. We made it a little late, but before the end of the ceremony. I definitely felt like an asshole for being late, but there's nothing we could have done. The man's gotta work.
The wedding was gorgeous. It was held at this resort with the gorgeous big mansions. The ceremony was on the beach. They were so lucky that the weather held off for the ceremony. Apparently it had rained prior to the ceremony and it POURED after. Eventually it stopped raining (around the time dinner ended) so we were able to enjoy a nice night while being able to go outside.
The reception had some items I was DYING for when we were planning our wedding and Big A said no. First, they had a candy bar. They had a bunch of different items in their color scheme. Which was a hot pink and lime green. At first, I was a little hesitant about the color combination, but it was VERY tastefully done. I was impressed.
Then they had the cupcake tower instead of a big cake. They had a small cake that they cut and the wedding party had that. I completely forgot about the cupcakes until now, so I didn't have one. Although I'm a little bummed, I do love me a good cupcake once in awhile.
They had personalized napkins and matchbooks as well. They were a nice touch and another pop in color.
Big A said that he just didn't want to pay for any of those items, but we all know I could have done it on a budget. So, needless to say I was definitely jealous!
Dinner was good. The music was great. We danced, laughed, and just had a good time. It was nice to see some of the people that we don't get to see.
We were on the road by 8:00-8:30 which was nice because we knew that we had a long drive ahead of us. I made Big A stop at McDonald's and get me some french fries, which I have decided has become an after wedding tradition. Although, I didn't spend the entire next day throwing up this time. I think the difference is that there was no vodka involved this time.
Sunday morning, Big A and I woke up semi-early and got to work. My brother's birthday is Tuesday, so we had my/our family over for a BBQ and to swim in the pool. Big A mowed the lawn while I cleaned the pool and the house and got everything ready.
My parents were rockstars and got/prepared all of the food which was awesome. We were so busy all weekend it would have been hard for us to do anything. My aunt came and her daughter (my cousin) is here from Ireland with her four kids so we had a lot of fun playing in the pool.
The food was amazing. Although, pretty much all food is amazing when you have been swimming our in the hot sun all day long.
Everyone was gone by 9:30 and I was exhausted. It was an absolutely AWESOME day though. So glad that we got to spend such a great time with family!
I've only got a 3 day work week this week and I can not WAIT to be off for 11 DAYS! (STILL NEED SOME GUEST POSTERS...C'MON...WHO IS INTERESTED?!?!).
Happy Monday Everyone!!!