Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I was actually super happy to be stuck behind the 80,000 year old man driving down my road today on my way to work. From the time I got up to the time I left the house, not a SINGLE car went back. For awhile, I thought that I was the only asshole who had to work today. Although... come to think of it, he was 80,000 years old...he was probably going to breakfast or something. God dammit!
* I am extremely jealous that most of my family is going to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow and I have to wait until Monday. I know my weekend will be fun, but NOTHING beats the Vineyard! (And no Stalky Stalkersons! Big A will be home for most of the week while I'm gone and then we have a house sitter for the couple days he will be there!)
*  I'm trying to figure out if I have enough time and money to get my nails done before vacation or if I should just fix them myself. I did the gel manicure myself and while I love the way they come out, they apparently don't last well when playing in pool chemicals. Some day I wish I could just be a girl and not mess up my nails!
* I told Big A that I'm getting him a babysitter while I'm gone. Haha. We have never been away from each other this long. The most was barely over 48 hours. I'm not seeing him until late afternoon on Thursday. That's a long time. :( Now I'm sad...
* I'm nervous about driving on the boat by myself. I've only done it a couple times before and it wasn't in my behemoth of a SUV. And I've never done it alone with a dog before. That's going to be a long, fun, hot, boat ride.
* All I'm talking about is vacation. Did I mention I'm going on vacation? This is the longest I have been off in SO long. And before our honeymoon, I hadn't been away for more than a long weekend in...I dunno...I wasn't with Big A then so it has been awhile.
* Once again I started writing this post AGES ago and ADD got the best of me again! Haha.
* I have so much to do this weekend, but I'm still going to be spending my day tomorrow sitting by the pool. Look, these Summer days are numbered and I'd rather run around like a chicken without a head one day then miss me some pool time. Especially since someone told me I looked tan the other day and I'm pretty sure I've never heard that in my life before...well...unless it was said in sarcasm!
* I'm supposed to put together the invitation list to this huge meeting we are having next month and I am procrastinating like a motha! This meeting is the bane of my existence. It would probably help if I were actually involved in ALL of the planning of it, but I miss every single freaking meeting for some reason or another. It's like I have a mental block to remember that it's happening, or a divine intervention that keeps me from going! ACK!
Alright lovers! That's all for today! I'm going to miss doing So What! Wednesday next week! But... not enough to miss sitting on the beach
I won't be live posting again until probable the 15th. Until then, they are all scheduled or guest posting. Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!


  1. Hope you have an awesome vacation!

  2. So jealous! I would love to be going on vacation right about now! And I promise I am working on my guest post. I am hoping to get it to you by tomorrow! Have an amazing time on vacay!

  3. I got to work 15 minutes early today... I want the whole week off too! How do we get one of those jobs? lol

    I hope you have lots of fun on your trip! I nominated you for a liebser :)



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