Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* The only time I've been posting lately is when it is a link-up. There's nothing exciting going on here, so what else am I going to write about?
* Taking care of a pool when it isn't pool weather annoys the hell out of me. Why am I doing the work without being able to use it? Explain that to me.
* If my boss actually asked me to do three important things today and I haven't started any of  them yet. I don't feel well. I blame it on that.
* If one of the things he asked me to do, he has been asking me to do for MONTHS and he told me that I must have am-damn-nesia, because I always forget what I damn well please! Haha. Oh Boss Man. You crack me up.
* If it is a bit curious that I complained about losing my staple remover yesterday after searching EVERYWHERE for it, and when I came into work today it was sitting on my desk in plain sight. Hmm... now I'm wondering who stole it. I'm going to have to start locking up my whole damn cube!
* I can't believe that tomorrow is August. Which means we have been married for almost 11 months. Which is almost a YEAR! Eek! Where has the time gone?!?!
* I also can't believe that the Patriots Preseason started next week. Whaaaaaaat?!?!
* I kind of like the new Gmail layout because I can easily delete all of my junk mail. Except, I missed an email from Target saying that their Clearance is on Clearance. That's just not cool Gmail.
* If I have 12,000 different types of mixers, but Target has a milkshake machine on sale for $14 and obviously I need it. Because I drink milkshakes all the time? My ass definitely doesn't need any milkshakes.
* I'm super excited about starting the upstairs of the house. It's going to be some work, but it is going to look great! It will probably drain our savings, but whatever. We need it.
Alright, I'm outta here. Have a lovely hump day friends!


  1. Gah! One of my biggest pet peeves is someone taking stuff off my desk and not returning it! I swear I lose a highlighter as day!! Grr!!

  2. Damn thieves! It's those damn office elves that come out and just happen to put it back, haha!

    And I like the new gmail set up too! But that sucks that you missed your Target email. I have been spending way too much time and money there, so I am glad I didn't get that email, haha!

  3. Oh and a big HELL YES! on football season starting soon! I can't freaking wait!

  4. My 'neighbor' at work steals my stapler constantly and it drives me crazy! And so exciting that we have almost been married 1 year!

  5. I def miss pool weather in my life!!


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