Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'm going to rant a bit today.

I know... what else is new?!

But... I'm grumpy and people bother me and I figured what better way to deal with it than writing down all of the ways that people bother me.

Annoying Behavior # 1
Chasing me down.

Dear people. I am aware of my voice mails. I am aware of my emails. I know when you have contacted me. I do, however, have other more important things to do rather than drop absolutely everything that I'm doing and get back to you. If it is an emergency, yeah I'm all over it. Other than that, you will be contacted when I can. Don't email me again. Don't call me again. Don't call me to see if I got your email. I did. I'm just busy. And I'm less likely to be helpful if you're bothering me. Just a tip.

Annoying Behavior # 2
Moving thing on my desk because they are in YOUR way.

Believe it or not, it is MY desk. I have my things where I want them. While I love staring at the pictures of my handsome husband and adorable dog, I have them there so you can't put things on my desk, or lean on it and get comfortable and stay too long. They are there for a reason. Do not move them. If you knock them over, you are too close. I WILL replace the plastic frames with glass ones so that when one of you jokers knocks it over, it WILL smash an then I can throw a fit. 

Annoying Behavior # 3
Ask my help with something and then tell me I'm doing it wrong.

You want my help? I do it my way. I want YOUR help, you do it MY way. See how this works? Last time I checked I was a pretty smart individual who was capable of completing most tasks without someone looking over my shoulder. I will ask for help if I need it. Or rather... I will google how to do something the right way if I need to. Regardless, it will get done. The right way. Want it done YOUR way? Find someone else. Also... to tack onto this... do not ask my help on something that you don't know how to do, and then tell me that I'm doing it wrong. I'm not. 
See also: Coming up with some random crazy idea that isn't physically possible and then asking me to do it. And fighting me when I say it isn't possible. I did not create Microsoft Office, or Adobe, or any other software. Therefore, I am not responsible for its limitations. 

Annoying Behavior # 4
People who can't see past the end of their nose.

Yeah. I'm a bit over the selfishness of people. From now on, if you don't bring anything positive into my life, I have no use for you. I'm over catering to people. I'm over biting my tongue. I'm over playing nice. You want to be a selfish prick, then have fun. Just don't think I'm going to be around for it. And this isn't to one person in particular. It's to a few. If you think it is about you, it probably is. Otherwise, why would you think so?

Annoying Behavior # 5
People telling me what I should/shouldn't do with my house.

Look people. I know you are just trying to be nice and helpful, but you don't think I've thought of all of these things? Don't you think I want a unicorn statue on my roof too?! The bottom line is that the money factor is a BIG one. Next time you want to suggest some huge, expensive project that I just HAVE to do, please hand over the money for it as well. Because now? All I have are all of these ideas that I know I won't have the money to do, maybe ever!


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  1. I agree with all of these! These all drive me up the freaking wall too!


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