Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a struggle. On most accounts. I find myself needing a do-over for the whole thing. Only this time, I'm not leaving my house! Exhausted doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.
Friday night was nothing special. I enjoyed a nice little nap after work and the TV to myself for most of the night while Big A was out in the garage. It didn't suck.
Saturday, I went over to my parents' house to help them with the apartment that they are redoing for the tenants that are moving in. Which turned into me being THE least helpful person on the face of the Earth. And when the sander I was supposed to be using wouldn't turn on and then popped and smoked when my brother plugged it in... I left. I figured I had done enough damage.
Saturday night we had Lobsterpalooza 2K13. It was delish. N and I might have gone a little overboard with the food, but there wasn't much left behind. Just some crab legs. Which means we probably should have stuck with 2 lbs instead of 3, but we were hungry and it all looked good.
The boys went outside after we ate and N and I watched that Burt Wonder-whatever movie. The one with Steve Carrell and he's a magician. (I can't remember his last name, nor do I know if I spelled Steve's last name right, and I'm not looking either up.) It was terrible. Absolutely terrible. At least it was a free rental. And at least it wasn't as gross as Evil Dead. We watched that last week. It was good, but gross.
Sunday was a lazy day. My phone officially shit the bed, so I spent 3 hours getting all of the pictures off of it so I wouldn't lose them. Then I drove around forever to try and find a Sprint store, but the one I knew of was gone. And my phone would only turn on long enough for me to get to the Sprint website, go to the store locator page, enter my zip code, press enter, and.... DEAD. Every time.
So I went to the one I knew was there on the Shrewsbury/Worcester line and well... yeah... it was Worcester.
There was this couple there with 3 kids who were all over ALL of the phones. So forget the rest of us who were actually trying to buy something. Good thing I already knew what I wanted. The couple was just sitting there, doing nothing. It looked like they brought their kids there to play or something. It was bizarre. Then the guy that was helping me decided half way through our transaction to turn Pandora on and start rocking out on his phone. Scrolling through songs. Ya know. No big deal. Then, he pulled out a SECOND phone, and started texting. I'm sorry. You're working with a customer. You shouldn't be playing on Pandora and texting your friends. Ugh. Why are all phone guys douches?
AND all of the stuff on my phone transferred over. So, I wasted 3 hours transferring everything over. Awesome right? Yeah. I was thrilled.
Family dinner was lovely. As always.
Then I came home and watched about 2.5 seconds of TV before Big A made me change it. Bummer.
It was rather uneventful after that. Well... other than my crazy dream I had about trying to save a Unicorn/Donkey that was on fire and breaking into someone's house to use their emergency medical kit. The Unicorn/Donkey was thankful and it turns out the people of the house were too. Except I had to leave their house through the back door (which previously led into a parking lot), that had a large rope wall that had to be climbed and I got my shoelaces stuck in it. And I was up crazy high on top of this huge castle in the sky. And they decided to light the rope wall on fire to get my foot unstuck. Which of course meant that the rope wall was on fire and there was nothing but thousands of feet between me and the ground.
Yeah. I don't know what that's about. But I was glad that my alarm woke me up before I plummeted to my death.
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Ones filled with less chaos and no flaming Unicorn/Donkeys. 

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  1. Bahahahahahahaha! A Unicorn/Donkey! Your dream sounds like one of mine. Seriously, I always have the craziest and sometimes creepiest dreams, haha!

    And all that food sounds delicious!! And glad you got a new phone, even though the guy was a douche!


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