Monday, September 9, 2013

Diamond Candle Review and Giveaway

A little while back, someone from Diamond Candles contacted me about doing a review and a giveaway on my blog.
What are Diamond Candles? They are an all-natural soy candle with a surprise ring in every one. Their website says:
" We are so glad you are here! If you don't know much about us yet we have real rings worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 in every single earth friendly, all natural soy candle that we make.
The combination of highly fragrant premium quality soy candles, an exciting and fun 'ring reveal' experience (what ring will you find?), and a ring to wear for months and years to come means making something as boring as burning candles in your home something to look forward to. "
As a lover of free stuff AND candles, I knew that this was meant to be. I searched and searched the website for the perfect scent and knew that I wanted something Fall-ish.
I'm a huge fan of Cinnamon candles, so I knew I had to get the Cinnamon Tea. (Although now I see an Apple Slices one that I want too...)
I remember when I was younger I got a candle that had a special prize in it and I LOVED it. You could get jewelry, or money, or a toy. It was so much fun to wait to see. Except for the fact that the prize was down at the bottom of the candle so it took FOREVER.
Anyway... so I ordered up my candle and within a week it was at my doorstep (I ordered right before a weekend). I was super excited to open it up and light that baby.
I was also impressed with the fact that their packaging was all made from recycled materials. I mean, I should have figured with the whole "all natural" thing, but it is still nice to see that some people still try and preserve the environment.
My candle. The top right picture shows where the ring it. It's the gold thing.
I couldn't wait to light it because I've been super sensitive to smells lately (Thanks Baby P). It's been so bad that I can smell the toilet water from down the hallway. Or the trash from in the bedroom. So while I was a little nervous that this smell might bother me, I was more excited to get something in the house that didn't smell gross.
It is not disappoint. The smell was DELICIOUS. Actually, one of Big A's friends came over and actually commented on the smell. So you know it has to be good.
It took a few long days for me to burn it down enough to get the ring (well... enough to dig it out with a skewer and wasn't ready to come out on it's own). I was dying to see which ring I got.
It wasn't one of the real gold, expensive ones, but it was definitely my style. I thought it was beautiful. I loved the suspense of waiting to find out what it was. I want to buy like 10 more to see what I get! Haha.
I'm a huge fan of nice, smelly things, especially living in a house with a dog and mechanic. Things definitely get smelly, and it isn't usually good. So I NEED candles to save me.
And NOW, you can have one too! Enter below to win your own Diamond Candle! I promise, it will NOT disappoint!
Want to know more about Diamond Candles? Visit their website here. Or one of their social media sites: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.
And take a look at all the gorgeous rings that people have found in their candles, here!

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Disclaimer: While I was offered this product to review for free, all opinions are my own.


  1. What a cool idea!! LOVE it!! Totally entering! Thanks! xo

  2. Never heard of this, but its totally awesome!

  3. I have been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about these candles and now I really want one! If you're still looking for fall scents, Bath and Body just put there's out and they are amazing!

  4. What a cool product!

    I nominated you for a sunshine award today :)


  5. omg I totally remember those candles from the 90's with the stuff in them. And yeah I burned the candle maybe 3 hrs then got bored and took to it with a fork and straight raked my prize out. Pretty sure this would happen here if I won. But good to know the scent didn't suck. And omg pregnancy nose is the worst. you can smell freakin everything and it's all gross. broiled chicken. barf.

  6. I want to win this so bad. I feel like it's an even more awesome version of Cracker Jacks, haha! And the ring you got is so pretty!


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