Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Letters

Oh sweet baby Jesus, thank God it's Friday!!!
I woke up this morning with a killer headache. I went to bed last night with one too. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that I went on a bit of a bender last night and got into the Reisling a little too heavy. But, since this is probably the most sober I've been since I was like 16 (sorry Mom) apparently I just have the hangover without the drinking. Ugh.
Anyway... let's get on with Friday's Letters, shall we?
Dear Friday, I was super excited to see that you were still rainy this morning. But now you are clearing up. Bummer. Although, I'm supposed to clean the stupid pool today so we can close it, so I guess that's OK.
Dear Grocery Shopping, I haaaaaaaaate you. Please do yourself. Thanks!
Dear Saturday,  you are super busy. Wah. I guess I shouldn't complain, I always avoid plans on Saturday, I guess it is time to join the real world for a day.
Dear Nail, it kind of bothers me that you would decide to rip 3 days before it is time to get them redone. Like always. So now I will have 9 nice, pretty long nails, and then one weird short one. Why can't you just let me look nice? Hatechu.
Dear Marshalls, you are dangerous. Just a quick trip and $80 later I'm walking out the door. Although, I did get 3 cute sweaters, a skull tumbler, and a gorgeous giant chalkboard for my weekly updates. I probably should have checked the price tags on the sweaters, but when you are feeling chunky and something looks cute, you buy it.
Dear Money, I wish you would just multiply. I know that I'm getting super close to paying off my bills and having more of you, but right now you are still a bit tight. We have a bambino coming. I need more moola.
Dear Big A,  we have the carpet people coming next Friday and a room that you can't walk across. I know you think they can "figure it out" to measure it, but they are probably going to want to be able to actually measure it. PLUS, we need to clean it out anyway. Sooo... let's get on this. And don't say it's a "me" job. I'll punch you.
Dear Pool, peace out cub scout. Hopefully you will be closed this weekend. I will miss you and look forward to spending quality time with you next year (with le babe in tow, I NEED a water baby) but for now I am over you. I just need to figure out a way to allow Mr. Fresh in the pool area without him thinking that he can walk over the pool cover. He doesn't get that there's a giant thing of water under there.
Dear Holiday Decorations That I Got on Woah Clearance Last Year, I can't wait to put you up in our house! I waited ever so patiently for the holidays to pass and bought you for a STEAL, and now it is time to put you up! Yay! I already saw some cute things that I can't wait to buy when they are on clearance this year. I don't pay full price for things. Sorry. You will be pretty in the house next year.
Dear Upstairs, for almost a year we have neglected you. Honestly, we use you to throw random crap in when we don't know where to put it and if one of us is in the bathroom downstairs and we can't wait. Or the 4 times a year I actually do my hair (since the bathroom downstairs doesn't have electrical outlets, whaaaaat?!) So it is going to be weird actually using you. And having to walk downstairs in the morning. Although it will end the whole "I have a second room to get dressed in, in the morning so I don't have to turn the lights in the bedroom on". Sorry Big A. But then again, you will be up with a baby too, so maybe you will already be awake. Hehehehe.
Dear Baby P, (eek! Your Friday's Letters DEBUT!!!) I can't wait to find out what you are. Your Papa and I pretty much have your name set (we think) for either gender, so now we just need to know. Well...we know...but the doctor said we should wait until the gender scan to announce even though he was pretty sure, and your Papa agreed so I'm not allowed to buy you anything yet or refer to you as a specific gender. Although I have been calling you by your gangster nickname that I came up with. Haha. BUT, we are super excited, so make sure you cooperate more this time. No shenanigans. 39 days!!! EEK!!!
Dear People, I appreciate your advice and caring. I do. I know that it I (mostly) comes from a good place. However, I am so sick of the back-handed judgment or jealousy or whatever it is. Honestly, I have no control over how I feel or how this pregnancy affects me. I do not control the morning sickness, or tiredness, or weight gain, or what my body looks like. I know I have been super lucky, but please don't think that I didn't have my hell times as well. And it ain't over yet. And don't worry, I'm sure that the only reason that I'm having such a good time is that my kid is going to be the devil incarnate. Freaking adorable, but between its father and I's childhood behavior, we are kind of screwed in the karma department. I'm sorry you are so sick and tired and your back hurt and your pants didn't fit so early. I feel for you, I do. But being a brat to me about something I have NO control over, not only isn't cool, but also makes me not want to talk to you. Let's just remember that we are all women and soon to be Mothers and we are all in this crazy thing together. Let's support, not judge. Oh and the "just you wait" comments, can stop too. I know you're (half) joking, but my kid isn't yours and I'm not you. Tell me about all the great things about being a Mom. I'm sure I'll figure out the pitfalls on my own. *Steps off soap box*
Dear Nursery, you are going to be so freaking cute I can't even stand it. I can get started on the base work since the carpet and walls are going to be the same regardless. The accent colors will obviously depend on the gender. I picked out the crib, we already have a changing table and dresser (thanks Mom!!!) that just need to be painted. Oh! I can't wait. You will probably be the most perfect room in the house. And the first to be fully complete. Haha.
And that's all for today. Reminder, don't forget to enter my Diamond Candle Giveaway! I promise that these candles will NOT disappoint.


  1. You already have an idea of the gender?! OMG! I can't wait til you reveal it! And I can't wait to see how you decorate the baby's room! I know it will be amazing!

    And I do the same thing with Holiday decorations! I wait til they are on super clearance and then put them up the following year, haha! Great minds think alike!

  2. Marshalls usually gets too much of my money too!


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